Zhang Hexian

Zhang Hexian
China's "Kung Fu Grandma" has been practicing martial arts since she was four years old!

Despite being nearly a century old, Zhang Hexian is more flexible and lithe than most youngsters you'll meet. That's because the 94-year-old, fondly known as "Kung Fu Grandma," has been practicing martial arts since she was four years old.

Never giving up on the sport, the has honored the discipline through practice for over nine decades. Hexian is a resident of Ninghai County in east China's Zhejiang Province, where many esteemed elders practice kung fu. Inspired to keep her body and mind in top shape, she undergoes a daily fitness regiment to stay tough.

Her son, Feng Chuanyin, told CCTV:
"She wakes up very early and does physical exercises every morning. She usually runs around the village for morning exercise."
Believe it or not, the bad-ass granny has also beaten off her share of thugs and ruffians. However, she's more than willing to offer a warm hug to loved ones or help a neighbor in need. Hexian is one of many individuals who is proving that the aging process isn't the death sentence modern day society proclaims it be. If one commits themselves to proper diet, exercise, and mindfulness techniques, they, too, can enjoy every aspect of their life until death.