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Following in the footsteps of Obama's precedent-setting record signing one executive order after the next, in his first couple weeks as president, Donald Trump is resorting to using the same nonstop, end-around executive orders that willfully defy, undermine and violate our constitutional checks and balances system requiring both Congressional approval and judicial oversight. Moreover, Trump's actions in his first few days in power reflect a dangerous level of aggressive, in-our-face extremism, an unwillingness and hubris to even bother negotiating, compromising or otherwise cooperating with those who disagree or oppose him. Reacting to the Orlando false flag last June, Trump said he'd impose an immigration ban on Muslims. When his future secretary of defense then retired General James Mattis was asked about Trump's reactionary hardline stance, Mattis replied that it would cause our allies in the Islamic world to conclude that:
We have lost faith in reason.... They think we've completely lost it. This kind of thing is causing us great damage right now, and it's sending shock waves through this international system.
With a history of both Democrat and Republican establishment together with mainstream media vehemently challenging, lying and opposing his every move, the Donald is smart enough to be fully aware that his direct assault on Muslims, his unabashed advent of "bringing back" torture (as though it ever really left), including the heinously illegal practice of waterboarding and other enhanced "interrogation" techniques, would be guaranteed to generate massive pushback from all corners of the globe. With his signature he instantly left thousands of Muslims stranded at airports and around the nation and world holding green cards and US visas in a state of shock and limbo. Up to a half million permanent residents in the US from those seven countries are affected. Adding further insult to injury, that same executive order calls for sending more Islamic prisoners to Guantanamo. Yet President Trump went ahead with his over-the-top agenda anyway, almost as if he's following orders from the powers-that-shouldn't-be to intentionally create global havoc and chaos right out of the gate, something the ruling elite's been bent on materializing for numerous decades now.

The president's immigration ban bars all Muslims from the same 7 nations on Cheney-Bush's vis-à-vis General Wesley Clark's regime change list (except this time Yemen replaces Lebanon) from entering the United States. Banning all citizens from these 7 nations - Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Iran - where US Empire wars since 2001 have and still are bombing and murdering four million plus Muslims to date (exception being Iran which Trump may bomb next), is unconstitutional - discriminating against targeted groups based exclusively on nationality and religion. Prior to becoming vice president, even Mike Pence agreed it is "unconstitutional and offensive," though he lacks the moral courage to say so now. The ban is currently being challenged in court on two fronts - 1st Amendment freedom of religion and 5th Amendment right to due process. But unfortunately, on immigration matters the standing president has historically been legally granted wide powers.

Comment: For a very different perspective on what Trump's been doing with the 'Muslim ban', see:

Scott Adams: Trump's 'Muslim ban' is just another 'Art of the Deal' opening bid

Additionally, not one immigrant from those 7 targeted nations has ever committed terrorism and killed Americans on US soil. In contrast over 90% of all terrorist attacks in America have been committed by non-Muslim right wing extremists (though often state sponsored by the US government). Meanwhile, the home of the Wahhabi brand of terrorism that inspires al Qaeda and ISIS is Saudi Arabia that more than any other single nation has proven to be terrorism's biggest financier and sponsor in the Middle East and beyond. Yet this US-Israeli ally along with Egypt and other Gulf State monarchies that also sponsor terrorism were all conspicuously excluded from Trump's list. More evidence that our president, Netanyahu and the House of Saud as an evil triumvirate are still all working together as partners-in-crime.

If Trump truly wanted to increase national security, repairing the open border damage caused by his predecessor Obama, he would have quietly yet openly begun strengthening the vetting process while simply enforcing existing immigration laws. Subsequent resistance would have been minimal. But being the grandstanding, pugnaciously narcissistic extremist that he is, Trump purposely chose to unleash this highly controversial anti-Muslim bombshell that he knew would only polarize, divide and drive an already divided America and world perilously further apart.

But then Trump's puppet masters wouldn't have it any other way. In reality the Trump ascendancy is an elitist function of promoting the antithesis of the previous president in order to masquerade the same unending cycle of neocon imperialism that's controlled US foreign policy all along. As the elite's tool the US Empire created Islamic jihadists as proxy weapons to fight the Russians in Afghanistan throughout the 1980's, fight the Serbs in Yugoslavia throughout the 1990's, and then as stooges in the 9/11 false flag to create the fake war on terror on behalf of US Empire hegemony and the Greater Israel Project. Things don't really change as history just keeps repeating itself until lessons are ultimately learned. And they still haven't been learned.

Comment: Trump's 'puppet masters', if he has any, are of a different ilk than those we've seen through the acts of the Obama, Bush and Clinton presidencies. That said, we have to wait and see where all the his bluster will take him, or where he is steered to go.

Trump has to have realized that his extremist anti-Muslim executive order would create a just as extreme backlash from all his opponents with all too obvious consequences. Producing instant calamitous results, a mere week into his administration, and once again we're now stuck with a thoroughly gridlocked, dysfunctional Washington again with zero chance of ever constructively moving forward from this moment on, least of all for the betterment of the American people. But the puppet masters want an incompetent, floundering government incapable of working in unison to enhance the lives of the average everyday citizen. Bipartisan unity is only exercised when operating as an oligarchy in the best interests of the oligarchs who own them. And unfortunately, Trump is no different. He is neither a maverick nor an outsider, but an antithetical plant to Obama placed in the White House by the ruling elite.

Trump was fully cognizant that his across-the-boards ban on Muslim countries would hand over powerful ammo to all his legions of sworn enemies who've forever branded him a dangerous racist fascist dictator, giving their anti-Trump rhetoric far more credible clout, while undermining and jeopardizing Trump's populist claim to fame. Furthermore, Trump also had to know that aggressively promoting such extreme anti-Muslim policies would only increase hate crimes and the already preexisting prejudice against the 1.6 billion scapegoated Muslims worldwide. Aside from his most hardcore, Islamophobic fan base, few can be pleased by this latest turn of events. But the rash of anti-Muslim and racist hate crimes that swept the country immediately following his Election Day victory was just the beginning. 2015, the year Trump announced his candidacy for president, hate crimes against Muslims surged 67%.

Just like predictable clockwork, two immediate anti-Muslim hate crimes went down as if they were preplanned. Within several hours after signing Trump's anti-Muslim executive order, a mosque and Muslim center in Victoria, Texas was set ablaze and then shortly afterwards another mosque in Quebec City, Canada was attacked by a French Canadian white nationalist posing as what is likely the latest "lone gunman" patsy after killing 6 Muslim worshippers and injuring eight more. Initially the suspect was reported to be a Moroccan national yelling the familiar chant "Allahu Akbar," a commonly heard thread in a number of past false flags involving state sponsored Islamic stooges. The initially arrested Moroccan was later identified as a witness who called 9-1-1 and was subsequently released, and the Islamic expression was likely a victim calling out to God as the bullets flew by. Other eyewitnesses were claiming two or three masked gunmen were involved yet one alleged white racist lone gunman [again] was arrested and charged. The shooting came a day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had welcomed the first Muslim refugees into the country, playing the role of the compassionate multiculturalist leader, not unlike Merkel and Obama. This globalist scripted scene has been played out with disastrous results all over Europe and now North America.

The probability that all these perfectly synchronized, seemingly coordinated, related events unfolded in such rapid order appears preplanned and staged right after the Trump Muslim ban went into effect. It seems far more plausible to be the premeditated outcome of yet another sinister false flag event than purely random or coincidental. Already having the early earmarks of state sponsored terrorism, the Quebec shooting is likely designed to incite global chaos, instability, fear and race and religious wars. It's also another classic example of the Hegelian "problem, reaction, solution" sequence, always leading to increased authoritarian state control. By design, the ever-increasing violent world stage has been meticulously set, and now that the elite's latest installed White House puppet is busily flailing about, doing what he does best to piss off the entire planet in order to accelerate the globalist destabilization and destruction agenda that thanks to Mr. Volatility is now fully operational and on steroids.

Comment: Sometimes a leader must go backward to go forward. The trouble is, however, we just don't know how backward Trump is willing to go - or if he'll get stuck there.

Closer to home in Washington, in retaliation for Trump's Muslim ban, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and all his bandwagon Democrats have already promised to block every Trump cabinet and Supreme Court nominee from here on out, and with the vast majority still not confirmed, this headless horseman running wild is rapidly plunging America and the jittery world into further chaos and unprecedented oblivion. For only the second time in modern history, a Supreme Court nominee that Trump just announced will be filibustered in the Senate. Democrats plan to filibuster the Trump high court appointee as a tit-for-tat payback for rejecting Obama's selection last year. Also as an immediate consequence to the Muslim ban, Senator Jeff Sessions was due to become the nation's attorney general but now has been held up and potentially rejected. To further block Sessions' chances is the fact that one of his protégés, White House senior advisor Stephen Miller, actually wrote the Muslim ban E.O that millions are railing against.

Meanwhile, the drama heated up when Trump's acting attorney general Sally Yates held over from the Obama administration ordered the Justice Department to not defend the Muslim ban based on its unconstitutional grounds, the president promptly fired and replaced her with loyal Trump enforcer Eastern Virginia District US attorney Dana Boente. This only added more fuel to the flames.

A couple days earlier over this last weekend Trump had a cordial and productive meeting of the minds in an hour long phone conversation with Vladimir Putin. But a day in advance of the anticipated phone call, the anti-Russian Senate Republicans sternly threatened Trump that he better not lift the sanctions against Russia or else ol' chicken hawk himself McCain promised:
I will work with my colleagues to codify sanctions against Russia into law.

Comment: How does one reconcile such an audacious maneuver - speaking to Putin (from the point of view of the US Deep State and the current sensibilities of most of Washington) with Trump being a 'puppet of the elite'?

Then after last week's first meeting between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump, both parted firmly committed to globalism. That was basically her message in the form of Donald's commitment to NATO after he'd threatened to disband the alliance, mutual "free" trade agreements once the UK extricates itself from the EU, no let up on the Russian sanctions (despite hurting the spineless European vassals far more than Russia). So she left back to the mother country satisfied she'd tamed the wayward anti-globalist. So much for Trump's "tough" stance fighting against the elitists and standing up for the "America first" common man and woman.

Like Obama before him, Trump appears to be an imposter and fraud, who, just to get himself elected, as an anti-globalist said all the right things and made all the right promises that long-forsaken America's literally been dying to hear. And then once in power, Trump marches to the orders of his puppet masters the globalist controllers. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with Zionist Goldman Sachs bankers pushing tax cuts for the rich, one short of a dozen Jews acting as his closest, most influential advisors, of course fully supported by the financial and geopolitical likes of Sheldon Adelson and Bibi Netanyahu respectively. Donald and Bibi's bullying false bravado was fully present in their responses to Obama's parting shot with the UN Security Council's anti-Israeli settlement resolution, with Trump vowing to reverse it, tweeting a warning that "things will be different after January 20th" while Netanyahu defiantly promised he will never comply with such an order. As a sworn diehard loyalist to the Greater Israel Project, Trump has promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, has very publicly backed expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank (defying UN, 5,500 new housing units just approved this last week alone), has vowed to destroy the Iran nuke deal, and already put the freeze on Obama's last minute $221 million pledge to the genocidal victims the Palestinians.

Comment: See Will Trump Deliver? - Not all actors are as they may appear to be... Also, consider the White House's recent comments on settlements in Israel: Israeli settlements not 'impediment' for peace, just 'not helpful' in resolving conflict- White House

After Iran legally tested another ballistic missile that in no way violated the nuclear resolution, the other night Trump tweeted that:
Iran is rapidly taking over more and more of Iraq even after the US has squandered $3 trillion dollars there.
Because US Empire nearly destroyed the nation of Iraq twice in back-to-back decades of illegal war, and then more recently never really fought but only protected and resupplied the supposed common enemy the al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists that the US created, unlike the US, Iraq's neighbor Iran was invited to righteously assist Iraq in successfully beating back the terrorists this last year. Yet Trump calls that "taking over" after the US invaded, occupied and singlehandedly caused a sectarian civil war in Iraq lasting over a decade now and has since redeployed GI boots on the ground with intent to remain there indefinitely. It's a complete no brainer identifying who the real aggressor has been in Iraq and it's not Iran.

The Empire of chaos and destruction killed over a half million children in the first Gulf War alone bombing water sewage plants and inflicting inhumane economic UN sanctions under war criminal George H. W. Bush only to have junior a few years later murder millions more Iraqi citizens under the false pretense/fake news of WMD's and ties to terrorism. From 1990-2012 the US and UK were responsible for slaughtering 3.3 million Iraqis including 750,000 children. The Bushes, Clintons and Obama need to be held accountable for their genocidal crimes against humanity perpetrated all over the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. It's totally obvious that Trump's ready to just do more of the same dirty bidding, joining the long line of neocons bent on bombing Tehran as the final conquest on their infamous 7 nation regime change (and Trump travel ban) list. In case you haven't figured out, President Trump is no different from any of the other past war criminals who occupied the White House.

Comment: Whoah there! That may end up being the case - but it is still far soon to say with any certainty.

As if that's not enough to show his true bloody red colors, Trump's decision to revive the Keystone and DAPL pipelines while selecting as his foreign policy front man the Exxon CEO guarantees continued earthly raping and pillaging. After all, last September it was the oil looter Trump who insisted that the US should have just "taken the Iraq oil as spoils of war." And to enforce his brute force lawlessness militarily, Trump invited three tough guy retired generals forced into retirement under Obama to become key members in his administration, assuring that the military industrial complex profits from promoting the Empire's next round of manufactured neocon wars of terror. In the first few days in office, do you see any real difference between Trump and the Bush-Clinton-Obama 4-decade old reign of terror that preceded him?

On a side note, there's been some inner squabbling and unprecedented shuffling over the Trump pecking order at the White House - Rasputin-esque, alt-right guru Steve Bannon's suddenly been promoted to not only Trump's chief political advisor, but is now a member of the Donald National Security Council daily briefings as well, at the expense of National Security Advisor retired General Michael Flynn who's apparently been demoted to attend the inner circle only on an "as needed basis." Similarly, General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will also give way to Mike Pompeo, the CIA director also joining the permanent Council for the first time since 2005.

Another disturbing development is the fact that the dust from the inauguration day bedlam hadn't even settled when Trump the very next day rushed straight over to the CIA headquarters to swoon the elite's private army of hitmen loyal to his supposed enemy the Clinton-Bush gang after months attempting to destroy Trump from ever becoming president over the lie that Putin influenced election results. The facts are that CIA operations engineer virtually all acts of terrorism on earth, largely control the international drug flow and money laundering, and are globally the Mockingbird controllers of mainstream media. Former CIA director William Colby once boasted:
The CIA owns all the primary anchors and major news outlets across the land. Just listen to them - if you can stand it - or read the utter drivel on the front page of every newspaper, and this conclusion becomes self-evident.
Is this formidably lethal power of the CIA why the brand new president's first order of business was kissing CIA's ass? Was it a transparent plea for Trump's own life because like Kennedy before him, Trump had also made overtures to abolish the CIA altogether? Or did he just wish to smooth over any ruffled feathers to ensure the furtherance of CIA business as usual under his watch with yet more false flag terrorism, approval of more black site torture worldwide and more illegal wartime atrocities under the false pretense of the neocons' forever war on terror? Additionally, the CIA has been historically responsible for creating, funding, training and supporting terrorist groups like al Qaeda, ISIS and al Nusra, so it doesn't quite add up that Trump would be "supporting the CIA 1000%" if he in fact is at all serious about destroying either ISIS or the CIA.

Is President Trump actually planning to obliterate ISIS or simply continue to use terrorism as the US Empire's secret proxy war tool the same way for almost four decades that all previous presidential administrations under the Bush-Clinton-Obama dynasty have? It appears based on Trump's earliest actions as commander-in-chief, wanting designated "safe zones" in Syria, that he's gunning for the same demands insisted upon by the Obama-Kerry-Hillary ilk. Per General Dunford, this would require deploying at least 30,000 US ground troops, potentially costing significant casualties to physically secure, control and continue guarding a safe or no fly zone, i.e., equivalent to waging all-out war. That Trump is contemplating such a major offensive in Syria itself is extremely alarming. His ordering his military honchos to come up with a plan for safe zones within a month without even consulting his alleged anti-terrorist partner Russia that all along has been dead set against "safe-aka-no fly zones" also casts further doubts over Trump's true motives in the Middle East. His geostrategy seems to have changed from noninterventionism as a candidate to escalating yet more neocon wars as president.

Last Friday Trump made his first trip over to the Pentagon to issue yet another aggressive executive action ordering the military to prepare for World War III, announcing an enormous military buildup that includes nuclear armaments for future war against "near peer competitors," clearly targeting China but even Russia and Iran as well. By now it's obvious that Trump intends to move completely away from his campaign promise to get rid of NATO and change the US hegemonic course adopting a noninterventionist foreign policy as his executive action is now calling for stepping up military action in Syria and elsewhere, including pursuit of encircling China over the disputed hotspot the South China Sea.

Then one more unsettling piece in the Trump chessboard puzzle is Erik Prince, the notorious ex-Blackwater mercenary founder whose sister Betsy DeVos is Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education (devoted to pushing a privatized school voucher system, complete with a creationism and pseudoscience curriculum). Prince has apparently become a key, behind-the-scenes personal advisor to the president and his administration staff on security and defense matters. Last July Erik Prince openly advocated bringing back the murderous Phoenix program under the counterterrorism rubric applying it to the Middle East purportedly to root out ISIS/al Qaeda operatives and their funding sources.

Subsequent to its first development and use in Vietnam, over the decades the Phoenix model has been "refined" and redeployed in every destabilizing, nation-destroying debacle the Empire has engaged in, repeatedly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen to name a few of the more overt operations. But with US Special Forces occupying at least 135 countries around the world presently, the Phoenix model's hidden hand is covertly active in three quarters of all nations on earth, including right here in America. It's a subversive deadly combination of psyops warfare utilizing media controlled propaganda, false flag terrorism using patsies, and secret assassination teams and death squads to round up, detain, torture and/or kill thousands of innocents targeted as insurgent sympathizers. And make no mistake, this modus operandi is geared for neutralizing American citizens on US soil deemed as dissenting opposition and enemies of the state.

It's no accident Trump's talking up black site torture with ABC news while off camera Blackwater's whispering "Phoenix" in his ear. These foreboding turn of events so early in the Trump presidency offer an ominous and foreboding future for humanity. Already we're seeing status quo in Washington prevail that only protects the long existing power structure of planetary controllers that insidiously and incessantly push closer to world war and one world government tyranny. From this angle based on both recent and not so recent history, it appears as though Trump's just another Trojan horse, rising to power on promises to champion the American people against the common enemy globalism, but in reality he is already flagrantly betraying America's struggling middle and lower classes by maintaining status quo global aggressions that exclusively benefit the elite and the neocons' full frontal dominance. Unless he begins launching a definitive anti-globalist offensive soon, President Donald Trump appears just like all the rest before him to merely represent everything nefariously diabolical within the shadow deep state oligarchy that's been subversively controlling America and the planet for over a century.

All the above fireworks currently exploding are really just "wag the dog" subterfuge to take our eye off the bigger storm clouds gathering. With the Dow breaking 20,000 points, happy days are not here again. On the macro-level, as the sole global superpower only demonstrates increasing signs of economic and political instability and mounting civil unrest before the rest of the world, a slightly longer term consequence looms disastrous on our near horizon as other nations lose complete confidence in America's solvency and stability. International creditors led by China and the foreign central banks worldwide continue dumping their remaining US Treasury paper confetti currency at $403 billion as of last October, the largest yearly selloff ever on record, just as the US dollar/petrodollar is about to go bust and the world's largest debtor nation teeters $20 trillion in the red. Compound that with the worldwide bubble of debt derivatives ready to burst at over $700 trillion, and the global depression sits at our doorstep. And of course the powers-that-shouldn't-be specifically chose Trump to be their catalytic bull in the China shop and fall guy who'll be left taking the heat when the elite's doomed-to-fail, house of cards global financial slave system implodes in the coming months. While the economy collapses, all hell's about to break loose with civil war in America and (in Trump's words) global war against "near peer competitors." In the meantime, be prepared, be safe and live life to the fullest.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at