women's inauguration march
© Mario Tama/Getty Images
Protesters walk on Saturday during the Women’s March on Washington.
When I put forth the thesis in the Russian info-sphere that the US is turning into a bigger Ukraine, at first many thought that this was a funny political joke. But what is happening in Washington and other American - and some European - cities these days shows that this is not a joke, but the harsh reality we are living in. If we attentively and impartially look at how skillfully Donald Trump's administration is being shaken, then it is easy to see that the same techniques are being used against him that were worked out on the squares in Kiev, Cairo, Hong Kong, and Moscow. If we delve further into the details, then we can say for certain that an American Maidan is being prepared not only with the same patterns as the bloody color revolutions in other countries, but with the same sponsors. Let's break this down.

A wave of protests against newly-elected President Donald Trump is engulfing American cities. The demonstrations are allegedly being held in support of women's rights, but mainstream American media and demonstrators themselves have clearly said that they've come out to protest against the new administration. According to various estimates, the number of protesters in this "women's action" in Washington totals somewhere at 200,000 people, but the organizers have said that they have a "million women march on Washington." Stop. "March of millions"...does this not remind you of something? This is the same brand-motto that the Russian liberals organize their marches under. And the similarities do not end there.

The role of the instigator of the revolting creative class at the rally was played by Madonna who, by the way, never fulfilled her promise to orally satisfy everyone who voted for Clinton. In Russia and Ukraine, the "protest ringleader" part was also played by rock stars: Shevcuk and Vakharchuk. Demonstrations in support of the American "march of millions" have taken place in many European cities, which is really reminiscent of the demonstrations in support of the Maidan and Bolotnaya. The first broken windows and beaten police have also already appeared, as have several dozen arrested whom the anti-Trump press have rushed to call political prisoners, peaceful protesters, and innocent children. As the American police have reported, baseball bats and sharpened wooden stakes brought out to the protests were confiscated from these "innocent children." Doesn't this also remind you of something? Literally every detail here - from the media defense of "innocent protesters" to baseball bats - are elements that we have seen on all three Maidans.

And now a few words about the most important aspect, the money. An ex-Wall Street Journal reporter conducted an investigation of those NGO's that have identified themselves as the organizers and "key partners" of the "march of millions." Among these NGO's were found 56 organizations officially receiving money from George Soros' agencies. This is public information. And now just imagine what's going on behind the scenes.

For now the new administration is holding up well. In fact, there were plans to disrupt the inauguration, but Trump's supporters organized an undercover operation to film the "activist workshops" on preparing massive riots in Washington and then leaked this information on the internet a few days before the inauguration. This could not but interest competent authorities. The plans of so-called "anti-fascists" involved blocking the capital's metro and creating traffic jams. In one of the footage samples of such a "workshop" for protesters, you can hear how the organizer says "a blow to the throat works."

Comment: The filming was done by Project Veritas

As pro-Trump journalists have reported, this information leak and exposure of plans forced the Clintonite mercenaries to greatly reduce their riot plans. The protests then turned out to be rather lethargic. But it must be understood that next time everything could go differently.

Now it is clear that the organizers of the American Maidan are ready to literally besiege Trump and batter-ram his administration until it is completely destroyed. They are looking for the same trigger that can turn protests into something massive, a main accusation which could allow a maximum number of people to be drawn out onto the streets.

For now they've tried to spin the take that Trump "hates women." This didn't work out so well. I am sure that there will be more attempts to organize protests of African Americans and Mexican immigrants and then attempts at uniting all of them together. The inevitable finale would be charging Trump with treason and working for the Kremlin, as was the case with how they brought down Yanukovych.

Comment: If filmmaker and left wing liberal extremist Michael Moore is any clue, the next attack on Trump will be over the release of his tax returns, which incidentally millions of voters that swept him into office don't care about.

I won't argue: this is a good plan. But there is one "but." Trump is not Yanukovych and, in the case of emergency, he really could call all of his supporters to Washington. There would be more than enough of them glad to lend him their armed support in the case that some security forces suddenly refuse to obey orders to disperse the American Maidan. In this case, blood - lots of blood - would flood American streets and the consequences would be unpredictable. This is bad for the whole world, as a Maidan in a country with nuclear weapons is a threat to the whole planet.

The only chance of avoiding a "Maidanization" of the US is if Trump and his administration rapidly and accurately begin depriving the key organizers of the American color revolution of all of their financial resources. The coming months will show whether the new administration has enough strength and courage to take such a step.