Bags with chemical agents
Syrian national army has discovered Saudi-made stocks of chemical weapons in the recently liberated city of Aleppo.

The large supply of chlorine chemical agents originally belonged to militant groups that previously dominated the eastern parts of the city have Saudi marks on them, Al Masdar news site reported.

Based on the report, Syrian national forces discovered thesupply of chemical agents during a patrol in the Old Aleppo District on Tuesday night.

The bags filled with the chemicals were supplied to terrorist groups in Aleppo by a Saudi company named "Sachlo" that is based in Riyadh.

Bag with chemical agents
Aleppo was divided between militant and terrorist groups on the eats and national forces on the west for over two years. The Syrian national army, however, managed to liberate and reunite the whole city last month.

The victory was a great blow to terrorist groups that threatened to use chemical weapons on civilians as their last resort and even did use the weapon in some limited instances.

Saudi Arabia has been known for supporting militant and terrorist groups in Syria fighting to topple the government of President Bashar Assad.