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The mainstream diet dictocrats are at it again, swearing up and down that meat is the equivalent of Satan himself on your dinner plate. This week, social media has been on fire with the latest WHO report that red meat is probably carcinogenic and processed meat is definitely carcinogenic. Smug vegans and "health" aficianados are crying "I told you so" while Paleo bloggers are crying foul. The real question is: Are red and processed meats actually harmful to our health?

Today on the SOTT Talk Radio Health and Wellness Show, we look into the subject of meat. Is your delicious steak harmful to your health? Is it beneficial? What about bacon? Does the WHO report have any merit? How can we make choices in our meat consumption that provide us our ideal nutrition?

All this will be explored and more as we explore the subject of meat here on the Health and Wellness Show. Join us every Friday at 10am EST.

Running Time: 02:05:00

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