Loving it: Tian Tian can't get enough of the snow in Washington DC
Heartwarming video has been captured of a panda absolutely loving its time in snow.

The panda rolls around with a beaming smile, almost basking in the snow.

The footage was taken at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, DC, after the heavy snowfall today sparked by Storm Jonas.

The animal in question is Tian Tian, whose name means 'more and more'.

He excitedly rolls and slides in the snow as he enjoys the weather that has hit the United States Middle Atlantic region, causing a shut down in the nation's capital.

Tian Tian is playful and happy as he throws the white stuff over him.

Basking in the snow: Tian Tian falls back and completely immerses himself
The 20-second clip has become a viral hit with more than 90,000 likes and retweets since it was posted by @NationalZoo.

The post reads: "Tian Tian woke up this morning to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it."

One person said: "Too funny, we should all be so happy when it snows."

Another said: "Seriously, there's little cuter than a panda in snow."