Snow falls on shoppers
© LiveLeak/DHACalm before the storm: Shoppers mill about on the High Street oblivious to the danger
This is the breath-taking moment a group of unwitting shoppers are felled by a MASSIVE snowfall .

The clip shows pedestrians milling about on a busy high street in Turkey.

Out of nowhere, a few flakes of snow begin to fall from the shop roofs above.

Then suddenly several tonnes of the white stuff descends from the heavens.

One man gets hit with such force that he collapses to the ground.

He manages to clamber to his feet, but the enormous avalanche continues and batters him back to the floor.

By the time the downpour stops, he is completely buried under a mountain of snow.

In the video, which emerged on Liveleak , stunned shoppers look around in shocked disbelief.

When they realise someone is trapped under the snow, a crowd rush forward desperately trying to dig the trapped man out.

Luckily they manage to free him before he runs out of air and suffocates.