© Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters
A friendly game between the German and Dutch national teams in Hannover has been cancelled, German media report, citing police sources. The stadium is being evacuated.

The match was cancelled due to "security reasons," police earlier told AFP.

The evacuation of the stadium is underway. Spectators that had already taken their places in the stands have been asked to leave the stadium via loudspeakers.

A "specific threat" has prompted the evacuations according to German BILD, citing police sources. Security services have received information about a potential terrorist attack "that should be taken seriously," according to dpa, a German news agency.

Police have reportedly found an ambulance car "full of explosives" outside the Hannover stadium, according to a local newspaper, citing police sources.

There is "an absolutely real" threat for all of Hannover, the city's police chief, Volker Kluwe, told NDR news, reportedly referring to a possible plan by terrorists to set off an explosion during the match.

Security services received information about a "planned terrorist attack" from foreign sources, German Tagesspiegel reported citing sources in security services.

The game, which was due to start at 8:45 pm local time (19:45 GMT), was supposed to be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other Cabinet ministers.

Some reports suggest Merkel was already at the stadium when the match was cancelled. Several cars with strobe beacons, possibly carrying high-ranking officials, have left the stadium.

Police in Hannover have also been evacuating the TUI Arena, where a music event was about to start, German media report.

Earlier, police had blocked the entrance to the stadium for half an hour due to a "suspicious object" that turned out to be a suitcase left without attendance, German media report. The police later said that it had not posed any threat.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, security has been significantly stepped up in Hannover, with police officers armed with machine guns patrolling the streets.