bottled water
It's shocking when I'm in the store and see people loading cases of bottled water into their carts and paying hundreds at the register.

I talked to a friend who said she spends about 100 dollars a week on bottled water, as she doesn't trust tap water. I asked if she'd ever thought of reverse osmosis or water filters and she said it was too expensive. I then told her reverse osmosis starts at 99 dollars at their nearest hardware store, or even better Berkey filters are between 2 and 300 online.

She called me to day she got a filter, is saving a bundle, and so much simpler. She can also rest easy she won't have plastic leaching into her family's water. Nor will she be contributing to the pollution of this planet with millions of bottles thrown out every day.

Here is a full list of the names from this article on the recalled bottled water.

Niagra advises to not drink the affected water without boiling it first or use other bottled water.

The recalled bottled water products were sold under the following brand names:



Big Y

Best Yet



Nature's Place



Morning Fresh



Western Beef Blue


Wegman was just named the #1 grocery store by consumer reports in the US and even their water was recalled. Again, no matter how much you pay for bottled water, there might be E. coli in it- so perhaps you're better off spending a one time fee on a filter for you and your family.

You can click on the article link above for reference numbers to see if your bottles are affected. Personally I wouldn't drink any of it. I'd rather have my filter than drink "bottled E. coli" , but then again, that's just me.