Snow record Italy
© L'Italo-AmericanoSnow prevented people from leaving their houses during the day
In Molise, it has been snowing for almost two days and the situation became critical in Campobasso, where this morning the snow first reached 16 inches and later on the day 19 inches. In areas above 1000 meters, snow accumulations reach beyond 39 inches. At the end of the day, reports say the village of Capracotta had been covered by 78 inches of snow.

Capracotta is a tiny village in the Isernia area, with less than a thousand people. It is known that the first traces of human presence date back to the Paleolithic age, with some remains of the Neanderthal man whereas the first settlements come from the 11th century.

The name comes from Longobards who used to sacrifice a goat to honor their Thor god.

Record snow in Abruzzo, 5 and March 6, 2015