Prince Andrews
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Prince Andrew is photographed with Virginia Roberts in 2001. Roberts accused the prince of having sex with her
Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire child abuser friend of Prince Andrew , cultivated an extraordinary range of contacts - from President Bill Clinton to Mick Jagger - it is revealed today.

Court documents obtained by MailOnline disclose how Epstein kept multiple phone numbers, email and home addresses for the great and the good on both sides of the Atlantic.

The document was presented as an exhibit as lawyers sought a court's permission to take evidence from Bill Clinton and his staff, for whom Epstein had 21 numbers, all under the name of his former advisor Doug Band.

Epstein also had multiple contact details for a string of celebrities, including the Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger; Donald Trump's ex-wife Ivana and their daughter Ivanka; and a series of women recorded under 'massage' in the document, nicknamed 'The Holy Grail' by a former employee.

The contents of the document are disclosed by MailOnline as Prince Andrew, the Queen's second son, fights back against allegations that he had sex with Virginia Roberts - who claims she was kept by Epstein as a 'sex slave' - when she was a 17-year-old minor.

Jeffrey Epstein
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Friends in high places: The page from the records which shows the extent of his records for Bill Clinton.

There is no suggestion the presence of the names means that they are accused of any form of wrongdoing.

The document's existence was disclosed in a series of papers marked Epstein v Edwards at the Federal Court for Southern Florida.

The case was first filed in 2010 and in April 2011 supplementary documents disclosed the existence of 'The Journal'.

The list of names and addresses points to the vast reach of Epstein's social circle and takes on new light in the wake of the accusation leveled at Prince Andrew.

It includes a series of politicians in the USA, the UK, and Israel. There are numbers for Bill Clinton's office in New York, a Washington number, and a number marked 'do not use',

There are also home and car phone numbers for senior members of Clinton's staff, including Doug Band, his former White House 'body man' who was incorrectly named as Bands , and a number marked as 'do not use'

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has three separate telephone numbers. He is now serving a prison sentence for corruption.

Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair is recorded once, while his former cabinet minister Lord Peter Mandelson has ten numbers recorded, including one marked 'direct line' one marked 'home' and one marked 'country home'.

George Mitchell, the former American senator who was a key figure in the Northern Ireland peace process is also listed.

In total there are 97 pages of records, five of which appear to be notes made by lawyers or investigators before the records were entered into court records.

The list was cited as an exhibit - and therefore entered into court records - as lawyers for women who alleged they were abused by Epstein brought a damages claim against him.

They wanted to convince a judge to have Mr Clinton deposed. Their attempt did not succeed.

In the case, the lawyers wrote: 'Epstein's personal phone directory from his computer contains e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band), his schedulers, and what appear to be Clinton's personal numbers. This information certainly leads one to believe that Clinton might well be a source of relevant information and efforts to obtain discovery from him were reasonably calculated to lead to admissible evidence. See exhibits "B", "F", "AA", "DD".'

The extent of Epstein's contacts with Prince Andrew are also suggested.

There are 16 separate phone numbers for the Prince, including a mobile phone number, one marked Palace ex-directory, one for Balmoral, the Queen's private retreat in Scotland where Epstein was invited by the Prince and one marked Sand. which appears to be Sandringham, the other royal retreat where he spent time.

Epstein also recorded 18 numbers for Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew's ex-wife who today stood by him and said he was 'a great man, the best in the world'.

The extent of Prince Andrew's friendship came with Epstein was made public when it was revealed his ex-wife was once given $22,880 (£15,000) from the pedophile billionaire to pay off her debts.

The deal was struck in December 2010 after months of negotiations with the disgraced tycoon who insisted on helping with her financial troubles.

It came within days of the Duke of York flying out to visit Epstein in New York, fueling speculation he had smoothed the path for Sarah to take the money just 18 months after Epstein was released from jail for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls.

The Duchess of York later claimed her judgment had been 'clouded' by her desperation to get out of her £5million debt and vowed to repay the money.

But when asked today whether she had paid back the cash, her spokesman said: 'No comment'.

Other royal connections in the list include 'Charles Althorp', meaning Charles, Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, and Rosa Monckton, the late princess's best friend.

Eptein's contacts book is further referred to in court papers filed in court in Florida in September 2010.

It is stated that Alfredo Rodriguez, one of Epstein's household employees, took a journal that he referred to as the 'Holy Grail' from Epstein's computer 'that reflected many of the names of underage females Epstein abused across the country and the world, including locations such as Michigan, California, West Palm Beach, New York, New Mexico, and Paris, France.'

It claimed the journal identified 'among other Epstein acquaintances, females that Rodriguez believes were underage under the heading 'Massages'.'

Other contacts include Barbara Walters, Alec Baldwin, Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, Liz Hurley, designer Tom Ford, John Cleese, Minnie Driver, Dustin Hoffman, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Senator Edward Kennedy and Henry Kissinger and Maria Shriver.

Rupert Murdoch and models Janice Dickinson, Marie Helvin and Angie Everhart are also listed as well as Courtney Love - as are listings for five-star haunts such as Claridges Hotel in London, Beverley Hills Hotel and the Beverly Wiltshire as well The Plaza in New York, Cipriani restaurant in Manhattan.

Rodriguez was later charged in a criminal complaint with obstruction of justice in connection with trying to obtain $50,000 from civil attorneys pursuing civil sexual assault cases against Epstein as payment for producing the book to the attorneys.

Court papers state that Rodriguez argued he needed the money because the journal was his insurance property - as he feared that Epstein would make him 'disappear'. Because of the importance of the information in the journal to the civil cases, Rodriguez called it 'The Holy Grail'.

Rodriguez was later found guilty of obstruction of justice and served 18 months in prison.

Comment: This is more time than Epstein served for child prostitution. What is justice again?

Epstein alleged in court papers that the journal contained the names of people who had 'no connection whatsoever' to his litigation, including Donald Trump.