12 March 2014 - Rob Davis, Prestwick, Scotland, 6:13am
2-3 seconds duration. I was facing Southwest, it travelled down steeply from high to my right towards the middle of my view. It was a large green body with a white trail. Very bright, same as a marine flare, but moving much faster. The sky was already bright and clear, with Venus clearly visible in the dawn sky. The meteor was distinctly bright green, much brighter than any other sky object at that time.
12 March 2014 - Dave Wilson, Portpatrick, 6:15:00
1 second duration. East-southeast direction, electric arc blue colour. It was as bright as the moon.
12 March 2014 - Scully, Wigan 6.13am
5 seconds duration. North/west direction. Brilliant white, as bright as Venus. Fragmenting around the edges.
12 March 2014 - Gus, Manchester, 6:10:00
1 second duration. Straight down, in a Northwest direction. Bright white ball of fire. As bright as the Sun, with a slight trail.
12 March 2014 - Emma Holmes, Chapel, Cheshire, UK, 6.10am
Approx. 2 seconds duration. I was facing Northwest and it was travelling in the same direction. White colour, bright white.
12 March 2014 - Mr Geraint Williams, Llandudno, Conwy, UK, 06.10am
5-10 seconds duration. Straight down. I was facing southwest. Green/white colour. As bright as Venus.