According to Estonia's Foreign Minister, most in Kiev believe these snipers disguised as police were hired by the new government to shoot at both protesters and real police.
Watch as senior Ukrainian Member of Parliament Inna Bohoslovska pleads with fellow deputies in Kiev last week for an investigation into who the mystery snipers were. She claims in the following video that she saw the snipers murder both protesters and the Berkut security forces. Note that she made this plea before the leaked tapes of a phone conversation between the EU's Cathy Ashton and Estonia's Foreign Minister on 5 March 2014, suggesting that it's being widely discussed in Kiev.

The new putsch government has said it will not investigate who was behind the shootings. Does it have something to hide?

"100 people were shot dead in cold blood by snipers. I saw Berkut members (Ukrainian security force) who clearly weren't from Berkut with automatic kalashnikovs shooting at people in the crowd, one after the other, at Maidan Square, and then they turned back and started shooting at Berkuts... we must investigate this."

~ Inna Bohoslovska