On January 24th, 2014, a meteor fireball was seen by many above Oklahoma and Texas, with reports also coming in from Arkansas.

The following day, on January 25th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma thousands reported feeling and hearing a very loud boom. It was loud enough to be heard indoors and it shook windows and rattled doors.

Then on January 26th, in Claremore City, again near Tulsa, Oklahoma was another loud boom of unknown origin that shook buildings. Local police also received reports from surrounding communities.

So that's three celestial events in Oklahoma in three days: one visual confirmation of a meteor fireball and two booms loud enough for the tremors to be felt across wide areas. Actually, there may have been a fourth event...

Also on January 26th, another episode of 'strange sky sounds' occurred... guess where? In Oklahoma!

And the high strangeness doesn't end there. Despite the frigid mid-winter temperatures, wildfires have been breaking out in Oklahoma. On January 20th yet another industrial plant 'mysteriously' exploded in the US, one of many such incidents in the last year (search Google for "plant explosion"). In fact, there were two plant explosions in the US that day alone, one in Oklahoma and one in Nebraska.

So that's what's been going on in Oklahoma recently... but keep in mind that the pattern has been repeating across the US, and all over the planet...