indiana firefighter
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An Indiana firefighter has filed a formal complaint about an Evansville Police Department officer who he claims stopped him while he was riding his bike, handcuffed him and threatened him with a Taser.

George Madison Jr., 38, says he was stopped by two officers after he waved at them.

"The officer jumped out and says, 'What are you doing throwing your hands up at us?'" Madison said. "He is talking to me as he is coming toward me. I tried to explain, but I couldn't get a word in edgewise."

Madison declined to identify the officers, but it has been reported that they are EPD officers Darin Clifton and Jason Clegg. He called Evansville Police Chief Bolin to tell him what had happened and then met with the department's internal affairs division.

"I remember looking down the barrel of a Taser, because [the officer] was gritting his teeth and saying, 'Don't make me pull this trigger,'" Madison said. "It was literally maybe inches from my face. I immediately threw my hands in the air. What he asked me to do I was more than willing to do. I said 'Please don't hurt me.' The next thing I know I'm laying down the ground and they cuffed me."

According to a statement released by the EPD on Wednesday, an "investigation began this morning. In order to preserve the integrity of the investigation and to ensure fairness for all of the involved parties, the EPD will not comment on the incident at this time."

A cell phone picture of the incident has been shared on Madison's Facebook page, The Courier Press reported.

"It is experiences like these that people hold onto," Madison said. "I refuse to allow a bad experience that I have with one person or officer to change my perception. I just refuse to allow this experience to make me feel any different."

He added: "I don't want this man to lose his job or weeks of pay, but I have to look at it from the standpoint of I have a family to think about. I shouldn't feel bad for standing up for my own rights. The fact that I am a firefighter or preacher doesn't make a difference. All anybody wants is to be treated like a human being."

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