One of the damaged apartments in Emanzhelinka, southern Russia
The following excerpts come from Russia news sources concerning an apparent incidence of 'Ball Lightning' a month ago on June 5, 2013, in the village of Emanzhelinka, which lies 50 km south of Chelyabinsk, site of the overhead cometary explosion in Russia on 15th of February this year.
Ball lightning appeared on Wednesday, June 5, at about 18:00 during a thunderstorm.

There was just one clap of thunder, after which a weird glowing light that could be seen from afar passed through several streets.

According to local police Chief Inspector Olga Fedorov, "people saw a burst of energy and a loud roar."
According to witnesses, residents of the village heard a clap of thunder. then a glowing ball appeared, which they took for a fireball. It then went through the roof of an apartment building.

As a result of the phenomenon, two apartments caught fire, a power outage occurred in surrounding homes, and one of the apartments was completely burnt out.

Passers-by on the street at the time heard one thunder-like sound before the ball of light appeared.
Lightning struck the roof of a two-story apartment building and burned an apartment on the second floor.

The storm that broke over Emanzhelinka on Wednesday, June 5, burned two apartments. A powerful bolt of lightning hit the roof on the two-storey building on October Street.

Ball lightning flew into the apartment and literally burnt out everything inside. The kitchen turned to ashes, leaving household such as the refrigerator and electric stove burned and charred. Fortunately members of the family were not at home at the time.

Another separate glowing ball of light apparently burned an apartment on Sovkhoznaya Street. No one was hurt.
According to a correspondent from local newspaper New Region, a powerful electrical discharge hit the roof of apartment block number 15 on October Street. Due to the sharp rise in voltage, the building's wiring caught fire, and many residents were left with damaged appliances.

"Fire started from the kitchen: first the refrigerator caught fire, then the fire instantly spread to the walls and furniture. Fortunately, there were no casualties. It's a pity that the owners only recently made repairs in the apartment," said the Chairman of the Board of Deputies Tatiana Burkova.

Immediately after the incident, the residence was disconnected from gas and electricity. The roof received significant damage and is temporarily covered with plastic sheeting. According to witnesses, ball lightning flew into the gaps between the roof and the house itself, resulting in the slate tiles "forming waves."
The tenant of the one-bedroom apartment still can not get over it: the ball lightning went past him when it flew low over the floor and out through the window.