GMO Technology
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Right now we stand on the forefront of intellectual battle against biotechnology giants such as Monsanto who seek to monopolize the food supply through the extensive use of their genetically modified organisms, but what about tomorrow?

It's crucial that we continue the fight against Monsanto and GMO ingredients within the food, but as many are busy campaigning against the visible roots of GMO technology, the unseen roots of the biotech industry have grown much deeper - deep enough to delay any debate over today's biotech initiatives until tomorrow.

It's a powerful technique to utilize within the media, and I will highlight the specific key points in how it is deployed. You see as we are hammering Monsanto day in and day out over their pollution of the seed supply, corporations like Dow AgroSciences are working overtime on separate and far more serious initiatives.

Initiatives are being set in motion to extend genetic modification to the human body at large. And it's no longer being done behind the scenes.

Drugs, Vaccines Grown in Crops

One such direction includes what is known as biopharmaceutical farming. which has already been done to the point in which it contaminated the traditional food supply. For starters, a biopharmaceutical crop is one that actually grows the components of certain drugs or vaccinations. This can include anything from widescale birth control and antidepressants to the latest vaccination being pushed on the public. In the case of the 2002 contamination that actually led to a criminal trial, a company known as ProdiGene decided to begin planting a ton of biopharmaceutical crops that contained ingredients for vaccinations like AIDS, diabates, and diarrhea.

These biopharmaceutical crops, as it turns out, were mixed with traditional crops and the farmers had no idea. Despite this fact along with a series of criminal charges and some bad press, ProdiGene declined to apologize. In fact, they continue to assert that biopharmaceutical crops are the answer. They were eventually hit with $500,000 in fines and some minor words from the USDA, but assert along with Dow AgroSciences that by 2014 they will manage to weasel in around $200 billion worth of biopharmaceutical farming. They even are claiming that 10% of the corn within the US will be biopharmaceutical by that time.

One company even suggested creating spermicidal corn used as a mass contraceptive on the population. In an AlterNet piece covering the issue entitled 'Spermicidal Breakfast Cereal', author Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero asks:
"What would happen if contraceptive corn or antibiotic wheat accidentally made it to the supermarket? Nobody knows, but that isn't stopping agribusiness from pursuing these crops."
GMO Humanity

Beyond crops, biotech scientists are already creating human hybrid experiments that go past any moral debate and into the realm of pure insanity. With the announcement of the 2045 program, which is essentially a 'public friendly, soft' PR version of a mission to create genetically modified 'super' bodies called avatars, these creations will 'replace the human body'. That's the intention at least.

Very few news sources have actually discussed projects like the 2045 program, which is absolutely one of the lightest of the many GMO tech adaption projects that sit under the label of transhumanism and Singularity (the final stage of the 2045 project in which the 'mind' of men is turned into a neural network). The project, which is being led by a Russian scientist, Dmitry Itskov, and his team of biotech associates, projects 'holographic avatar' bodies available by 2015. From there:

2015-2020 Plan

During this time period scientists are estimating to have created 'avatar' bodies which are controlled with a 'brain-computer' chip interface system - likely RFID in nature. This chip would be established to issue 'orders' to the artificial body and eventually interlink with the artificial brain that comes later.


This time frame involves the linking of the human brain and robot with an 'autonomous life-support system', giving way to a new field of transhumanistic developments and further turning the human body into a bio-electronic 'avatar'.


In this second to last period, 'human consciousness' is to be planted into an artificial carrier or 'brain' which will then accordingly create what scientists label 'cybernetic immortality'. Artificial intelligence will emerge with robots likely taking the role of all military, police, and others. These robots will have their own form of artificial 'consciousness'.

Year 2045

The artificial brain turns into something that has no substance, linking into an 'internet' of sorts in which the 'global consciousness' network is established. Humanity is set to "become a new species" and forfeit any form of physical materialization.

Ultimately, current GMO tech transforms through time with the final goal being a large scale override of the human race. The ways in which this technology can be manipulated for corrupt and malicious reasons is limitless, and even major players within the transhumanism realm agree that it is far too extreme and immoral. One top Singularity CEO even admitted that yes, Singulairty will not go well for humans. The result will actually be the GMO bodies devastating the human race. He stated in an interview:
"Unfortunately, the singularity may not be what you're hoping for. By default the singularity (intelligence explosion) will go very badly for humans... so by default superhuman AIs will end up optimizing the world around us for something other than what we want, and using up all our resources to do so."
So why let biotech companies allow us to get to that point? The reality is that we can resist it, it's just a matter of even acknowledging the existence of this threat. The future of GMO tech looms eerily above unnoticed to the general public - even to many GMO activists. There is a serious need to fight GMOs in foods on the front lines, but it's not too late to realize that their real Ace has yet to be played.