Translated by SOTT

The mysterious design seems to have appeared two weeks ago in the middle of a wheat field. In the nearby village of Boigny, hardly anybody took notice.

On Thursday afternoon, the sky was black, thunder was rumbling and wind was blowing in the trees. The mysterious phenomenon appeared on this wheat field, in the village of Chécy, close to the school. Hidden and invisible from the road, it was impossible to locate without aerial photography.

A strangely perfect geometry

An incredible aerial photograph was provided to our editors by a microlight amateur. The picture was taken after a vertical dive. "I've been flying over the area for 10 years, said Armel Couette, and it's the first time I see this." A hoax was still possible so the crop circle needed to be checked on the ground. The field was located after a one hour drive, thanks to a fireman who knows the area well.

On the spot, the earth is slimy and flora is wet. The huge design - maybe 40m wide - holds on, in the middle of cereal stalks 70cm long. A triangle is enclosed within two circles.

The wheat is flattened, broken, spoilt. The design could only have appeared at night. By day, the alleged authors would have been caught. The main crop circle is made of flattened wheat spirals. 50 metres east, there's another one - an enigmatic circle.

Those strangely perfect geometric designs are raising questions. Who is responsible for this hoax? Is it some performance? A message to be deciphered? Or, as certain scientists claim, is it some UFO phenomenon? An extraterrestrial creation?

In the nearby village of Boigny, the owner of the Café des Sports is baffled by the photos. "Who did this? A cult?" He is probing his customers. One of them knew: "It appeared 15 days ago", the customer says in a detached way. "Must be assholes who didn't have anything better to do" is the general consensus in the café. Which doesn't seem to please the owner.

Across the town hall, the technical department's head, Christophe Picard, a land surveyor, points out that a "great mastery and skill was needed to create such regular designs."

The mayor of Chécy, who hadn't heard about the phenomenon, was contacted on Thursday and investigated the case personally. The field belongs to an old lady from Strasbourg, a find which was confirmed by the gendarmes. A complaint was filed on the 6th of June and an investigation has been opened.