In South Korea, thousands of media and non-media workers have taken part in a rally against what they call media censorship, demanding their right to freedom of expression, Press TV reports.

Protesters rallied from the KBS to MBC broadcasters' headquarters in Seoul to bring attention to South Korea's pro-government media bias.

This is while media workers as well as unionists continue a national strike against censorship.

Those on strike have called for the resignation of the three CEOs of South Korea's major broadcasters, KBS, MBC, and YTN. The protesters say the three are close associates of South Korean president Lee Myung-bak.

"I think we need change. The core of the problem are parachuted CEOs who tiptoe around the administration's will and do just what they want. They must reflect and assume responsibility..." YTN Labor Union's Kim Jong-Wook said.

Before the strikes, polls reflected negative views of general programming.

They also accuse the broadcasters of omitting politically sensitive issues and overemphasizing on pro-administration issues and achievements.

Analysts say impartial broadcasting is most likely not possible.