Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne), yesterday. Flowers are left at the cashpoint where two soldiers were killed and another seriously wounded last Thursday.
One week after the murder of a soldier in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and three days after the death of two parachutists in Montauban and the serious wounds undergone by a third, investigations are continuing into the identity of the killer.

Investigators have in particular the testimony of one resident of Montauban who exchanged glances with the person who coldly and methodically unloaded bullets on three soldiers of the 17th RGP of Montauban in front of astonished passersby. The Montalbanaise described a rather corpulent man of intermediate size.

The killer hustled me, it was turned over and in the movement, the visor of its helmet was concerned a few centimetres, I then saw a tattooing or a scar on the level of his left cheek. I also foresaw his eyes through the visor. It had a cold glance of an alarming clearness. A glance which one does not forget, he told the Dépêche Midi and RTL.

On Friday, judicial authorities formally connected the murder in Toulouse to the double-assassination in Montauban, gathering files from the hands of the District Attorney of Haute-Garonne. The motivations of the killer remain a enigma and the investigators do not privilege any line of enquiry. Despite the absence of anyone being held in police custody or any arrests being made, the investigation continues.