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Colorado police are investigating after the body of a Loveland man went unnoticed for five days in a Fort Collins movie theater bathroom.

66-six-year-old George DeGrazio's family reported him missing last Monday, the same day he'd gone to see a movie without telling them, and the same day - according to the coroner - he had a heart attack.

It happened inside a single-person bathroom that locks from the inside, according to the Larimer County Coroner's office.

"We didn't have any ideas," Dylan DeGrazio, George's son, said on Monday.

A missing person's report went out.

Days passed.

Police discovered George's car in the theater parking lot and asked around.

There was still no sign of George DeGrazio.

"We didn't know if he had a stroke, became confused, wandered off, fell into a ditch and froze," Dylan DeGrazio said.

On Saturday, the smell led employees to that bathroom.

"It's stunning in the long run - the fact that the bathroom got missed," Dylan DeGrazio said.

The coroner's office says a theatre employee had to break open a lock to get inside, where they found George DeGrazio slumped on the floor.

"I still get these images of what it was like, sitting in that restroom - just nobody around, nobody had any idea. And those are the images that stick with me, those are the things that I have a hard time with," Dylan DeGrazio said.

George DeGrazio had struggled with health issues for years.

"He had severe coronary artery disease," Dylan DeGrazio said. "George was not going to survive that heart attack."

Still, Dylan DeGrazio says no excuse can make up for what happened.

"Like - come on! You just had a human being pass in your facility. In your business establishment - and you can't even stretch your hand out to apologize to the family affected by it? That's poor ethics," Dylan DeGrazio said.

Dylan DeGrazio says his father was a retired art teacher who had taught at the elementary, high school and college levels.

He wants his father to be remembered not for the circumstances surrounding his death, but for his accomplishments in life.

Late Monday afternoon, Cinemark released a statement:

"Cinemark is working closely with the Fort Collins Police and Loveland Missing Persons Department on this case. As the case is ongoing, we are not able to discuss the details of the investigation at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the DeGrazio family during this difficult period as they mourn the loss of a loved family member."

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