If you've pulled the trigger on a new firearm this holiday season, join the club.

As in your neighborhood shooting club, because faster than a speeding bullet, guns are going out the door.

Well, not right away, of course - there is that 10-day waiting period, 11 here at TDS Guns in Rocklin, where Bob Norgard wasn't caught off-guard.

He's making his purchase today so he'll have his firearm under the Christmas tree as he joins a growing number of people who say they're simply "doing what they need to do to protect themselves and their family."

This surge in gun sales - the best holiday sales season in three years, according to the Firearms Dealers Association - got a shot in the arm on Black Friday.

"Black Friday sales were off the charts this year," a TDS employee said.

FBI stats show the number of background checks done on Black Friday three years ago pales in comparison to the number done this year - a 32-percent jump.

"People are just coming in to protect themselves," the employee said. "I think there's just a lot of things going on in the world that are getting people thinking."

More women are buying guns than ever before as criminals get more desperate.

Like break-ins while people are at home sleeping. It's happened twice in a few weeks in a Rocklin neighborhood.

TDS Guns says at least three women from the area have come in to buy a gun because as one victim told CBS13: "I'm gonna be ready for the next time."