Now that your government has made any calls for boycott illegal, I urge you to comply with the new law rather than risk financial penalties and even imprisonment. After all, Israel is a democracy, and every citizen should respect the outcome of the democratic process.

But I do not suggest you sit idly and abandon your strongly-held conviction that your country must be pressured to end the Occupation and grant freedom and equality to Palestinians. Instead I propose you modify your calls from the prohibited tactic of boycott to measures deemed acceptable by your government

To start, you could demand that foreign military forces seal off Israel completely and reduce the amount of food that enters the country to the minimum deemed necessary to keep the population alive. Anything in excess, including clothing, children's toys and notebooks, should be excluded as "luxury items." Of course, Israel's domestic food production might help to alleviate shortages, so chicken farms and flour mills should be destroyed. Construction materials must be strictly prohibited, because Israelis have been known to use them for shelters to guard against attack, a known military purpose. Israelis also should be allowed enough water to survive, but any surplus should be diverted to provide Palestinians with lush lawns, swimming pools and relaxing baths.

A system of hundreds of military checkpoints could be installed throughout the country to severely curtail domestic travel. Pregnant women should be urged to take up residence in close proximity to hospitals, because it is difficult and time-consuming for those manning the checkpoints to distinguish between genuine pregnancies and cleverly disguised suicide belts. As for international travel, no Israelis should be allowed out of the country for any reason, save the most dire emergencies, and even then, who knows?

To counter the problem of Israeli belligerence against others, foreign militaries should adopt a program of targeted assassinations. Any Israeli who is suspected of having provided any assistance at all for a past attack or to be planning for a future one should be summarily executed without warning, preferably by air strike. If an Israeli soldier is deemed to have fired any weapon offensively, his/her home town or neighborhood should be identified and flattened.

Such measures may seem harsh, cruel and even sadistic, but should not run afoul of the new law. In fact, I believe you can find legal justifications for their implementation in pronouncements of high government officials and spokespersons. And don't lose heart. There may be unanticipated casualties among the supposedly innocent Israeli civilian population, but they have been known to willingly sacrifice their sons and daughters for the PR value. Unfortunately these people do not respond to anything but force. Think of it as tough love. And do not fear that the international community would never tolerate these measures, especially over a prolonged period of time. There is abundant evidence to the contrary.