Their Father's Day ended with a bang.

Nancy Passarella and her family found themselves picking up the pieces after their Martha Stewart Living glass top patio table suddenly exploded sending flying glass and food everywhere.

"All of a sudden we heard this loud explosion, and the table proceeds to disintegrate," Nancy told us.

The mother and grandmother took pictures right after it happened, and you can see the family's startled expressions and fresh injuries.

"My son and his girlfriend were cut by the flying glass," she said.

Passarella now believes the table she bought from K-Mart in 2008 or 2009 is unsafe. And she's not alone.

FOX31 Denver has learned that hundreds of people have filed complaints about that same table on There was also a class action lawsuit filed in 2005 accusing Martha Stewart Living of manufacturing defective tables.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission investigated the issue in 2006 and asked Martha Stewart Living to re-design the table to make them less likely to shatter.

We contacted a spokesperson for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and the company sent us a statement, which reads:
"We take product safety very seriously. We provide the aesthetic design for beautiful products. Because we do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products, we require all of our vendor partners to adopt and comply with product safety programs and reviews. If customers have any questions about these particular tables, they should contact Kmart customer relations at 866-562-7848."
The spokesperson told FOX 31 Denver it is K-Mart's responsibility to fix the problem.

Still, Nancy believes consumers need to be warned about the potential danger.

"If you have one of these tables, get rid of it, it is dangerous."