Two pet dogs had a miraculous escape after plunging over a 150ft-high cliff after chasing a rabbit.

Excited playmates Sasha and Moby were enjoying a walk at Southerndown when they spotted the rabbit.

Owner Lyndsey Rudd was horrified to see the pair disappear over the edge of the cliff, which is known as a notorious suicide spot.

She feared the two dogs would be killed but the pair survived the fall.

Both Sasha and Moby were lying injured but were still breathing and are expected to make a full recovery.

Lyndsey, 28, lives in Oxford but was visiting her parents in the Vale of Glamorgan.

She was walking her spaniel-cross Sasha and her friend Dannii Thomas' border collie Moby, when the accident happened.

Ministry of Defence worker Lyndsey said: "One minute they were just walking along, playing and chasing each other.

"All of a sudden they both just bolted off towards the cliff, they must have seen a rabbit or something.

"We heard screams from below from walkers on the beach and looked down and saw the two dogs.

"Sasha was lying motionless on the rocks, and Moby limped his way towards the sea."

Her RAF operations assistant husband Matt, 34, scrambled his way down the cliff while the two dogs were being cared for by a couple on the beach.

"I was certain they would have both died - it is a miracle that they survived falling so far," said Lyndsey.

"I don't know how they landed safely but they were very lucky."

Matt was helped to carry the pets to his car as he and Lyndsey rushed them to a vets 30 miles away in Cardiff.

Nine-year-old Moby broke a small bone in his neck but is now up and walking again with the aid of a harness.

Six-year-old Sasha suffered five broken ribs and was kept in at a vets for five nights but is 90% recovered.

Optician receptionist Dannii, 27, of Llantwit Major, said: "I still can't believe the pair of them survived.

"I've seen the height of those cliffs and it makes me giddy just to think about what happened."