Something fell from the sky today and landed on a mountain near the town of Gin-Gin in central Queensland in Australia. The object or UFO, described by witnesses as a fireball, set nearby trees alight. A subsequent search of the area failed to find any remains of whatever it was that impacted the bush.

Most are declaring the object to be either space junk or a very small meteor that had entered the earth's atmosphere, however others are not sure. Is it possible that it was a UFO of extra-terrestrial origin?

According to Australian ufologist Michael Cohen 'unmanned' probes sent by an extra-terrestrial civilization to explore earth and other planets are entering the atmosphere through specific UFO vortex exits located at various points throughout the world. These vortex exits are currently being studied by government scientists. No such exits are believed to be located in the skies above Australia; however the super-fast travelling probes that enter earth through them are exploring all continents.

'This incident might well have been caused by one of these UFO probes' Cohen noted 'It might have run out of energy, failed for other reasons or been struck by lightning. Much about this incident is similar to other confirmed UFO crashes that are known have occurred on other continents, such as Asia and South America.'

'The probes generally disintegrate on impact, however thorough forensic sifting of the exact location of the crash might yield debris. Locals should keep an eye on who appears at the site over the next few days searching for remains. If the event seems to be attracting more attention than should a pebble from space, start suspecting something more exotic' Cohen concluded.