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Sat, 26 Nov 2022
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NewsReal: Texas Terror: While Flooding Ukraine, US Govt Seeks Assault Weapons Ban

newsreal texas shooting ukraine
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US government leaders have called for tighter gun control measures in the wake of two major mass shootings in the space of two weeks. While authorities are still getting their story straight about how the atrocity unfolded at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Thursday, the government's message is that civilians need to be prevented from acquiring assault rifles.

Meanwhile, no one bats an eyelid as those same authorities dump vast quantities of assault weapons into Ukraine, where it's known that they end up in the hands of criminal elements who have no qualms about slaughtering innocents with them. No matter, the Russian military is steadily putting out the fire the US government started in Russia's backyard.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall try wringing some sense out of the variable Texas terror timeline(s) and Western 'globalist' designs in eastern Europe and elsewhere.

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Objective:Health - Globalist Food Takeover

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"Who controls the food supply controls the people" - Henry Kissinger

On today's episode of Objective:Health, we look into the globalist takeover of food. While sudden fires have been striking food processing, meat and fertilizer plants, when farmers are hurting, when supply chain issues from an orchestrated pandemic response and suicidal political sanctions are starting to be felt, an entirely traceable food infrastructure system has already been creeping in to cities around the globe.

The future of food looks grim. Traditional farmers are an endangered species. The system that's looking to replace them involve urban warehouses housing massive vertical farm infrastructure. Meat is either going to be lab grown, fake or simply non-existant. We're being encouraged to eat bugs. Gene-editing is ramping up. The stuff of dystopian science fiction is quickly approaching.

If the elites have their way, we're heading into a world where the idea of buying food directly from an independent farmer who you know and are happy to support is quickly coming to an end. The stuff in the supermarkets will be nothing but a simulacra of what we've always eaten.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health where we talk about the globalist plan for our food supply.

Article links:

Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control

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NewsReal: Monkeypox 'Pandemic', Primates in Power, and Global Famine

monkeys WEF schwab newsreal monkeypox
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As the WEF meets for another 'elite session' in Davos, the US president declares that we should all be 'concerned' about the spread of... monkeypox. The WHO has convened an emergency meeting. Western governments have begun buying up vaccines. Y'all know the drill by now; start needlessly panicking and stocking up on toilet paper!

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss (briefly) the latest 'current thing' (the monkeypox scare), the 'global famine' the US government is blaming on Russia, British monkey-business, the 'evacuation' of Nazis from Azovstal, Dubya's greatest-ever Bushism, and more signs and symptoms of the West's dizzying decline and decay.

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MindMatters: Critical Race Theory's Race To The Bottom

race marxism
Critical Race Theory did not come ready-made out of a box. What we see and know today as CRT has, as its basis, several schools of pseudo-philosophical thought and areas of academic study - one built and twisted on another. But these influences and the progression of these ideas can, for all their wrongheadedness, be traced and seen for what they are. Today on MindMatters we delve further into the ideological roots, conceptual frameworks, contemporary movements and ultimate end game of CRT as described in James Lindsay's new book Race Marxism: The Truth about Critical Race Theory and Praxis.

Other sources:
Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology
Arthur Versluis's New Inquisitions

Running Time: 01:29:13

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Objective:Health - The WHO Pandemic Treaty: Bad News for National Sovereignty

O:H header
Remember that time we all voted for the WHO to take on a dictatorial role over our countries to tell us what to do in the event of a pandemic under threat of punishment? Funny, neither do we.

And yet this is where we are. Allegedly 194 countries are poised to sign away their right to self govern in the event of a pandemic, completely giving up their national sovereignty, giving themselves over to the will of the World Health Organization.

Any country signing on to the legally binding pandemic "treaty" would be obligated to follow the dictates of the WHO any time they arbitrarily declare there to be a pandemic (or even the threat of a pandemic). No checks to their ultimate declarations, no questioning their instructions, no autonomy, no self-determination.

This isn't a 'conspiracy theory.' This is real, and it's happening right now while we're all distracted by celebrity trials, abortion debates and wars in far off lands. If all goes according to their plans the proposed "instrument" will be presented for adoption at the 77th World Health Assembly in May of 2024.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss the ramifications of the WHO's pandemic treaty. What does this mean for our planet?

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NewsReal: Buffalo Shooter a Nazi, like Azov Battalion in Ukraine

buffalo shooter azov sonnenrad newsreal
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Bad Nazis and... moderate Nazis?

This weekend, a teenaged lone gunman went on a shooting rampage in Buffalo, upstate New York, killing 10 Black people, ostensibly 'to save the White race'. Stamped all over his social media selfies are the same Nazi symbols stamped on the uniforms of Ukrainian Nazis currently enjoined in 'heroic' battle against Russian forces.

His methods, motivation and 'white supremacist manifesto', the media reports, were explicitly inspired by the Christchurch shooter in 2019, and the Norway terrorist in 2011. These whitey lunatics certainly share links, but those links aren't being explicated in the media.

Meanwhile, as incipient global famine is being blamed by Western leaders on their perennial scapegoat, Vladimir Putin, major food riots have gripped Sri Lanka, where the government's attempt to implement 'green farming' has caused spectacular crop failures.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall expose the wilful destruction of Great Game geopolitics, and the deadly Nazi embrace at the heart of the Western moral matrix.

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MindMatters: Is Critical Race Theory Race Marxism?

race marxism
Today on MindMatters we delve into the first chapters of James Lindsay's new book Race Marxism: The Truth about Critical Race Theory and Praxis. Contrary to what you hear on the news or Twitter, CRT is not simply a legal theory taught in law school. It is a full-blown activist movement. Even some who consider themselves proponents might be shocked to learn what its central tenets are, as described in the movements foundational academic texts. Lindsay puts it all together for us in one comprehensive volume.

Running Time: 01:24:53

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Objective:Health - In The News: Pfizer Dump | California Doctors Lose License For Speaking Out

O:H header
Welcome to another episode of Objective:Health's In The News, where we parse the latest headlines and give you the Objective:Health take.

On this week's episode, we look into the latest Pfizer document dump. While the entire US, and to a certain extent, the world, has been efficiently distracted by a rehash of the same old abortion debate, Pfizer quietly released it's latest court-ordered document release. As a result, no one is reporting on this. Constituting over 80,000 pages of documents, the dump is a treasure trove of information that points to how both Pfizer and the FDA knew prior to the vaccine rollout how the shots were both ineffective and dangerous.

We also talk this week about a new proposed bill in California that is set to silence doctors from promoting "misinformation" about Covid under threat of losing their medical license.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we dive into all this and more.

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Георгиевская ленточка

For Victory Day: It's Time to Think About Finally Winning WWII

77 years ago Germany surrendered to allied forces finally ending the ravages of the Second World War.

Today, as the world celebrates the 77th anniversary of this victory, why not think very seriously about finally winning that war once and for all?

If you're confused by this statement, then you might want to sit down and take a deep breath before reading on. Within the next 12 minutes, you will likely discover a disturbing fact which may frighten you a little bit: The allies never actually won World War II...

Now please don't get me wrong. I am eternally thankful for the immortal souls who gave their lives to put down the fascist machine during those bleak years... but the fact is that a certain something wasn't resolved on the 9th of May, 1945 which has a lot to do with the slow re-emergence of a new form of fascism during the second half of the 20th century and the renewed danger of a global dictatorship which the world faces again today.

It is my contention that it is only when we find the courage to really look at this problem with sober eyes, that we will be able to truly honor our courageous forebears who devoted their lives to winning a peace for their children, grandchildren and humanity more broadly.

Comment: See also:

Георгиевская ленточка

Russia's Ukraine Operation 'Preemptive' - Putin at Victory Day Parade

Russian President Vladimir Putin
© Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel
Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a military parade on Victory Day in Red Square in Moscow, Russia.
Launching the offensive was "the only right decision," Russian President insisted at the annual Victory Day parade

Russia's military operation in Ukraine was a preemptive move against future aggression, President Vladimir Putin has outlined during his address at the Victory Day parade in Red Square in Moscow on Monday.

Putin not only praised the achievement of the Soviet people during World War II, but also addressed the Kremlin's reasons for the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev. Russia had to act because a large-scale offensive against the breakaway republics in the eastern Donbass region was being planned, he claimed.

"We saw the military infrastructure unfolding [in Ukraine]; hundreds of foreign advisers starting their work; there were regular deliveries of the most modern weapons from NATO countries. The danger grew every day," the president explained.

"Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression - this was a forced, timely and the only right decision by a sovereign, strong and independent country," he added, referring to the launch of the military operation.

Comment: Listen to the full speech - which may very well go down as one of the most important to mark the events of this time in history (approx 29 minutes in)

Comment: The staggering loss of millions soldiers (and many more innocent civilians) during WWII has left a deep scar in the hearts and memory of Russia. Today, victory over Nazi forces is celebrated and commemorated during today's massive 'Immortal Regiment' procession in Moscow:
Hundreds of thousands of people assembled for an annual procession through Moscow while holding portraits of their family members who fought against Nazi Germany and its allies in World War II as Russia celebrates Victory Day on Monday.

The 'Immortal Regiment' is a massive civil march held on Victory Day in which people carry portraits of those from their family who participated in the war.

More than one million people took part in the event in Moscow on Monday, the Russian Interior Ministry said.

The procession set off from one of Moscow's railway stations at 15:00 local time and traversed the seven-kilometer-long route through the city center to Red Square. President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin took part in the march as well.

The event was held online in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In addition to Moscow, 'Immortal Regiment' processions were also held in many other cities across Russia, including all of the country's regional capitals. More than 200,000 people took part in Novosibirsk and over 100,000 participated in the Siberian city of Omsk.

The Red Army's fight against Hitler's forces is often called the Great Patriotic War, which started for the USSR on June 22, 1941. In Russia, May 9 is one of the country's most revered public holidays.

The 'Immortal Regiment' began as a grassroots movement in the Siberian city of Tomsk in 2012. The idea was then quickly picked up by other cities. The processions are held on Victory Day all across Russia and in many places abroad, where Russian-speaking expats participate alongside locals.