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Tue, 17 Jan 2017
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Earth Changes

Cloud Lightning

Canada: Hurricane Ophelia Wallops Southeastern Newfoundland

This September 30, 2011 NOAA satellite image shows Hurricane Ophelia in the Atlantic Ocean.
Heavy rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia has caused flooding on Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula and the evacuation of some homes on the island's south coast, where a state of emergency was declared and then lifted hours later.

Belleoram Mayor Steward May told CBC News that his home was one of five houses that was evacuated.

"Heavy flooding started around 7 a.m. A neighbour woke me up. I just got myself and the dog out of the house," said May.

"At my house there was a heavy flow of rocks and water that was halfway up my front door. The homes have been very badly damaged."

Ophelia, which was downgraded in the early morning Monday from a Category 1 hurricane, doused eastern Newfoundland with sustained precipitation and is forecast to bring large waves to coastal communities on the island.

Four houses in the south coast community of Belleoram were evacuated because of flooding, but police said roads in and out of the community are intact.

Bizarro Earth

US: Pennsylvania gas drilling waste pumped under Ohio

© Unknown
Akron - Millions of gallons of drilling waste have been injected underground in Ohio, leading some to worry about possible ties to earthquakes.

The drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing uses chemically-laced water to free oil and gas from underground shale formations. Ohio has 181 wells to inject waste fluid underground.

The Akron Beacon Journal reported that nearly 50 percent of the drilling waste comes from Pennsylvania, which last year banned shipment of the liquid to state water treatment plants.

In contrast to Ohio, Pennsylvania only has eight injection wells, due to its underground geology.

In Pennsylvania, a drilling boom into the Marcellus shale is under way. Ohio drillers worry that the flood of waste fluid from Pennsylvania will crowd out space for Ohio waste as drilling into the potentially-lucrative Marcellus and Utica shale spreads, Tom Stewart, executive director of the 1,500-member Ohio Oil & Gas Association, told the newspaper.

Better Earth

Geologists Map Birth Of New Ocean

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A giant underground reservoir of molten rock has been discovered under the deserts of Ethiopia by British geologists, The (London) Sunday Times reported.

They targeted the Afar region in the Horn of Africa after a recent surge in volcanic activity and earthquakes plus the appearance of giant cracks in the rocky surface. Tectonic plates in the area are pulling apart and gradually creating a new ocean.

Now, the scientists have mapped the colossal underground lake of magma that lies up to 20 miles (32km) below the earth's surface.

"We estimate that there is 3,000 cubic kilometers of molten rock under Afar -- enough to cover all of London ... with around a kilometer of rock," said Kathy Whaler, professor of geophysics at Edinburgh University.

The reservoir is under such pressure that it has forced tongues of molten rock up towards the surface, producing eruptions and earthquakes.

Bizarro Earth

Indonesia: Anak Krakatau Raised To Highest Alert Status- Quakes Are Now Continuous, Warn Officials

© volcano.si.edu
Gunung Anak Krakatau
Indonesian officials have raised the status of one of its most dangerous volcanoes, Anak Krakatau, to a "standby" or level IV- the highest level.

The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), Surono said this is a rise in status that was set on Friday, September 30, 2011 evening at 24.00. The reason for the elevated status is because of the high-intensity level of earthquakes.

Today, for example. "On October 2, 2011, at 00.00 until 12.00, there are 2745 recorded seismic events," said Surono, when he was contacted by VIVAnews.com, Sunday, October 2, 2011. Earthquakes under Mount Anak Krakatau, Surono added, were even felt all along the island of Anak Krakatau.

"The swarm of tremors are continuous and although small, 2 on the Richter scale, they are cause for concern because they are felt constantly," he added. He explained, almost since 2007, Krakatau has been stirred by unrest. "In a moment, it stopped, and erupted in 2009. I think this mountain is always in danger of erupting," he added. - Viva News (translated)


CNN: A Massive Brown Dwarf Star Hurtling Through Our System

CNN has now openly admitted a massive brown dwarf star 4 times the size of Jupiter is in our solar system.
© Unknown
CNN says;
"There is a huge hidden heavenly body right here in our solar system."
This information does co-inside with our sources except for the distance - according to our sources which is much closer in the direction of Aquarius.

The following is CNN footage;

Comment: SOTT finds this report to be a little iffy, but we are carrying it for research purposes. If any readers find scientific articles relating to this topic, please forward them to us.

Bizarro Earth

US: Millions of Bees Mysteriously Die in Florida

© Getty Images
Honey bees.

Micco - Florida officials are abuzz as to how millions of honey bees were killed in Brevard County.

Several beekeepers in the county have reported lost colonies this week. Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company told Stuart News Thursday he lost 400 beehives. He says the bees appeared to have been poisoned.

"I'll never get completely compensated for this unless someone handed me 400 beehives," Smith told Stuart News. "I lost the bees, the ability to make honey and the ability to sell the bees."

Smith told Florida Today that he lost $150,000 from the incident. State officials are testing the bees to determine what type of chemicals contributed to their deaths.

Experts say pesticides might be behind the lost beehives.

Bizarro Earth

US: Electrifying blue waves luring awe-struck crowds to San Diego beaches

By day, a red tide is unsightly and uninviting, with water the color of coffee. But at night, during this unusual phenomenon caused by a plankton bloom, the waves are a brilliant, almost neon blue. This wonderfully surreal scene has played out almost nightly along San Diego beaches for several weeks, luring spectators with cameras and video recorders.


Typhoons leave dozens dead in Philippines

Back-to-back typhoons left at least 55 people dead and rescuers scrambling on Sunday to deliver food and water to hundreds of villagers stuck on rooftops for four days because of flooding in the northern Philippines.

Typhoon Nalgae slammed ashore in northeastern Isabela province Saturday then barreled across the main Luzon Island's mountainous north and agricultural plains that were still sodden from fierce rain and wind unleashed by a howler just days earlier. Nalgae left at least three people dead Saturday while Typhoon Nesat killed 52 others in the same region before blowing out Friday.

Nalgae was whirling 124 miles over the South China Sea from the country's northeast toward southern China early Sunday with sustained winds of 81 miles per hour and gusts of 99 mph, according to the government weather agency.

Its ferocious wind set off a rockslide in northern Bontoc province Saturday, causing boulders to roll down a mountainside and smash on a passing van, where a passenger was pinned to death and another was injured, police said.

Evil Rays

Tennessee, US: Ground-shaking booms puzzle Louisville neighborhood

Louisville residents searching for the source of an unexplained ground-shaking boom can scratch another theory off the list.

A Loudon County resident speculated on Thursday that the noise could have come from maintenance on an underground pipeline (see previous story below). The Plantation Pipe Line Company operates a large liquid refined petroleum pipeline that runs from Knoxville to Macon, Georgia. The pipeline is co-owned and operated by Kinder Morgan.

Emily Mir with Kinder Morgan's media relations department contacted 10News on Friday morning and indicated there were no recent operations that would have created the noise. Furthermore, the pipeline in question is located around 10 miles from the Lashbrooke subdivision.

Original Story, Thursday, Sep. 29: Ground-shaking booms puzzle Louisville neighborhood

The Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock.


Propaganda? 'Comet-shaped' firecloud frightens residents in Arges, Romania

Frightening phenomenon in the sky of Leresti, a village from Argeş county, Romania. A cloud of fire shaped as a comet, appeared in the evening and terrified the locals.

Comet-like fire cloud appeared in the sky of Arges county, Romania. NASA: reddish cloud related to Elenin

Comment: "NASA suspected"? No link to anything which could verify that NASA even paid any attention to this cloud in the evening sky is provided by the author, so we are left wondering if his intention was to needlessly alarm people with more hysteria about comet Elenin.