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Tue, 23 May 2017
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Awakening? Earthquake swarm reported at San Pedro-Pellado volcano- eruption would be first in recorded history

Apparently, the SERNAGEOMIN has been monitoring an earthquake swarm at Chile's Tatara-San Pedro (also known as San Pedro-Pellado), possibly numbering in the hundreds of small earthquakes over the last few days. The reports are a little scant and the information coming from different parts of the Chilean government are contradictory: the regional governor of the area was quoted as saying that "it is of volcanic earthquakes, so we are on alert" while the regional director from ONEMI said "at first thought that we were facing a volcanic earthquakes, but known reports of the analysis has led to the conclusion that we were facing tectonic type earthquakes."
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San Pedro-Pellado volcano


Wild weather! Torrential rain and winds batter UK

© Sam Bagnall/AMA/Matthew Ashton/Corbis
A waterlogged Edgbaston, where relentless rain prevented play on the first day of the third Test match between England and the West Indies.
Met Office issues severe weather warnings for Wales, southern England and Midlands as Atlantic storm moves north-east

The UK faces a day of horrendous weather, with winds of up to 65mph battering coasts and torrential rain threatening flooding.

Severe weather warnings have been issued for Wales, south-west England, the Midlands, London and the south-east and eastern parts of the country.

The unseasonable weather has already seen a number of trees brought down, including one which crushed a car near Tavistock, Devon, on Thursday afternoon.

Crews from Devon and Somerset fire and rescue service used cutting gear to remove the roof of the vehicle and release a woman, who was taken to hospital.

A fallen tree also caught fire after it brought down power lines across the River Axe at Forde Abbey in Chard, Somerset, on Thursday night.

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Tornados and heavy storms leaves residents in Wyoming and Colorado standing knee-deep in hail

© AP Photo/ The Gazette, Christian Murdock
Steven Carpe sinks knee-deep in hail in the southwest parking lot of The Citadel mall Thursday, June 7, 2012, after a hail and rain storm hit Colorado Springs, Colo., Wednesday night. Snowplows were used in Douglas County to clear hail up to 8 inches deep.
Storms brought a tornado and golf-ball-sized hail to Wyoming that downed power lines, damaged homes and pushed some empty train cars on their sides Thursday, a day after thunderstorms pummeled parts of Wyoming and Colorado with 2-inch hail and heavy rain.

Five structures were heavily damaged by the tornado Thursday, and 10 to 12 other structures also have damage, said Kelly Ruiz of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

One person was treated at a hospital for a cut on the head, said local radio station owner Kent Smith, speaking for the Platte County Sheriff's Office.

A Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad crew reported the tornado struck a train that had stopped in the Wheatland area due to 55 mph winds and a tornado warning, BNSF spokesman Gus Melonas said. Five empty train cars derailed onto their sides, and another was leaning over, he said. No injuries were reported.

Some power lines also were downed, Ruiz said.

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Sinkhole swallows minibus in South China

© CFP/Dong Hua
A sinkhole engulfed a minibus Thursday morning in Guilin, south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, injuring the vehicle's driver. The incident was a geological disaster that happened around 4 a.m. on Fuxing Road in the city's Qixing district. It left a big hole which is 4 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2 meters deep. The driver, the only person in the minibus, was being treated in hospital.
© CFP/Dong Hua

Comment: Interesting that the Chinese recognise this phenomenon to be geological in nature, as opposed to Western media, which largely portrays it as man-made.

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Officials Investigate Fish Deaths at Blue Springs Lake

Missouri - Officials are investigating a smelly problem at Blue Springs Lake, where thousands of fish have died in recent weeks, causing problems for swimmers and boaters.

According to officials with the Missouri Department of Conservation, which oversees the fish population at the lake, thousands of common carp have died in recent weeks. Officials say that the issue, which first appeared shortly before Memorial Day, appears to be a disease problem affecting only carp, and not an overall water quality issue.

Biologists with the Department of Conservation are working to determine if the disease is bacterial or viral in nature - adding that the disease does not effect humans, so that there is no threat to the public.

Carp are not native to the lake, officials said, and the mass fish kill isn't necessarily bad for the overall health of the fish population.

However, officials did say that the thousands of dead fish could present an obvious, and smelly, problem for swimmers and others using the lake, which is owned by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and managed by the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department.


A Radioactive Nightmare

Article removed at request of author

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Tornado leaves 3 dead in Missouri

© Adam Vogler, AP
A donkey wanders through debris in the backyard of Loy Miller's home after a tornado passed through the area in Diehkstadt, Missouri on Tuesday
A man and his two adult sons died when a tornado obliterated a mobile home in southeast Missouri, officials said Tuesday.

The twister was part of a storm that struck Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky late Monday, but hit hardest in the tiny village of Diehlstadt, in Scott County, where the three men were killed.

Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter said the mobile home was smashed beyond recognition.

"The frame was probably 100 yards away from where it was sitting," Walter said. "It was just debris everywhere. It just obliterated it."

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Storm brings golfball-sized hail, tornado to Montana

A storm system that moved north through central Montana has brought hail and at least one tornado in the rural Hobson area, leaving behind downed trees and power lines.

Central Montana 911 dispatcher Dorothy Gremaux says there were no immediate reports of injuries Tuesday night, but cars, houses and outbuildings have been damaged.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Brusda says funnel clouds were reported near White Sulphur Springs. He says law-enforcement officers reported a tornado touching down in the Coffee Creek area north of Hobson and moving toward Big Sandy.

He says golf ball-size hail was reported in White Sulphur Springs, penny-size hail in Bozeman and pea-size hail in the Great Falls area.

The storms then moved across the Canadian border into Alberta, where at least one tornado was spotted near Taber.

Source: Associated Press

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Tornado touches down in Perth, Australia

A Mini-tornado has ripped through suburban Perth, ripping down powerlines and trees and leaving a trail of damage.

Several reports on Twitter described the storm as a "small tornado''. It is believed the destructive winds centred on Light Street, Dianella and Alexander Drive, and hit around midday WA time.

A real estate office and video store on Walter Road, Morley, has been damaged with the roof torn off and one wall collapsed.

Nobody was injured in the building collapse. Several cars may also have been damaged.

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed that a "tornado'' was reported in the Tuart Hill/Morley/Dianella area just after midday.

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Taber, Calgary damaged by tornado

© Shannon Reynolds, THE CANADIAN PRESS
Dust is kicked up as tornado touches down in Taber, Alberta on Tuesday June 5, 2012. A strong storm cell moving north out of Montana triggered several tornado warnings and watches between Coaldale and Taber.
o injuries but toll includes downed power lines, countless trees, smashed windows, minor flooding, torn-off shingles

Cam Cleland watched helplessly from his brick farmhouse as 25-metre-tall poplar trees were snapped over like dominoes as a tornado passed through the region Tuesday night.

Located seven kilometres south of Taber, his property would have likely been in direct line of the tornado that pulverized the southern Alberta town.

"I'm just glad it didn't snap all the big ones that would have fallen on my house," Cleland said Wednesday, adding 20 to 25 trees were knocked over in total.

Across southern Alberta, there were reports of severe weather that included strong winds, flash flooding, golf ball-sized hail and three unconfirmed reports of tornadoes near Brooks, Bow Island and Vulcan.