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Sat, 21 Oct 2017
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Fairway sinkhole swallows golfer at Waterloo, Illinois course

© golfmanna.com
Hank Martinez , top, Ed Magaletta , right, Russ Nobbe , left, look into the sink hole that swallowed golfer Mark Minhal. Minhal is recovering with a dislocated shoulder from the fall.
Waterloo - It sure wasn't the hole-in-one Mark Mihal had in mind.

While golfing with friends at the Annbriar Golf Course near here Friday, Mihal, 43, a mortgage broker from Creve Coeur, abruptly dropped into the ground on the fairway of the 14th hole. It was the first time a person - and not a ball - has disappeared beneath the turf in the course's 20-year history.

It also was the first time in the memory of folks who study sinkholes in Illinois that a person has fallen into one.

"I was standing in the middle of the fairway," Mihal said Monday. "Then, all of a sudden, before I knew it, I was underground."

Mihal said he fell into the mud floor of an enclosure shaped like a bell, up to 18 feet deep and 10 feet wide. The rescue was precarious, he said, because no one knew whether the surface hole would grow or the enclosure would collapse.

A companion called the course's pro shop, where general manager Russ Nobbe gathered some rope and a ladder and rushed to the rescue. Mihal had dislocated his shoulder, so Ed Magaletta, a friend and a real estate agent, climbed down and put a rope around Mihal's waist so he could be hoisted to safety.

The rescue took less than 20 minutes, but Mihal said his mind quickly went to an incident two weeks ago in Seffner, Fla., where a sleeping man dropped into a huge sinkhole that opened beneath his bedroom. Authorities never recovered the body of that victim, Jeffrey Bush, 36.

"That certainly went through my mind when I was down there," Mihal said. "It looked like it was more room to go down (in the hole). I wasn't too happy to be in there."


Giant mosquito invasion scares Florida

© Image credit University of Florida
Entomologist Phil Kaufman shows the size difference between the invasive Asian tiger mosquito, right, and the native species Psorophora ciliata, sometimes called the gallinipper
You might want to think twice about your beach vacation this year: giant mosquitoes are expected to invade Florida this summer. The insects are 20 times larger than most other mosquitoes and their bites feel like stab wounds.

They attack fish, wild animals and pets. Their larvae are so ferocious they can eat small fish and tadpoles. With bodies the size of a quarter, the giant insects can bite through clothing and are known to attack at all times of the day.

"It feels like you're being stabbed," one Florida resident told Fox Orlando, describing the bites of the gallinipper mosquitoes. And these massive mosquitoes are predicted to plague Florida this summer.

The giant insects usually appear after significant rainstorms or floods. Florida already had a high number of gallinippers last year, and is anticipating even higher numbers this year. After Tropical Storm Debby produced torrential storms and dumped more than 20 inches of rain across some areas of Florida last June, the state's gallinipper mosquitoes were given the perfect breeding ground to lay their eggs. The massive bloodsuckers are expected to hatch in the Sunshine State this year, plaguing their victims with itchy and painful bites.


Dead birds fall out of the sky near Fort Worth, Texas - Second time in 5 months

Arlington Animal Services responded to reports from drivers Tuesday morning of about 150 birds lying dead on Pioneer Parkway.

The birds were found directly under an electrical transmission line starting at the utility pole just east of Walgreens at 2200 E. Pioneer Parkway and running north across Pioneer to the next pole.

The City of Arlington's contract veterinarian, Dr. Jani Hodges, performed an examination of one of the birds to determine the cause of death. The results, however, were inconclusive.

Winds gusts of 40 mph were reported Monday night and lasted through the early hours of Tuesday morning. Winds, coupled with the fact that the birds were found directly under an electrical transmission line, resulted in one theory for the bird deaths.

According to an e-mail from Arlington Office of Communication Director, Rebecca Rodriguez, "The transmission lines touched briefly, causing an arc which could have electrocuted the birds."

There were no reports of power outages or power surges in the area. There was also no evidence of electrical burns on the birds.

Comment: See also:

25 November 2012: Dead birds falling from the sky in Arlington, Fort Worth

Bizarro Earth

20 foot sinkhole forces Pennsylvania family to evacuate as multiple sinkholes open up across Bethlehem Township


It seemed like any other Sunday for Doris Jenkins. The Bethlehem Township resident got up bright and early to walk her dog. As soon as she stepped out of the house however, she immediately saw something that would change the lives of her and her family forever.

"I came around the corner and said, 'oh my God!'" said Jenkins. "My daughter's car was there. I woke her up and told her to get the car out of there!"

A sinkhole had opened up right in the driveway of her house, located on the 1500 block of 2nd Street. Doris, her daughter Inga Jenkins and her granddaughter Claudia Jenkins were forced to evacuate their house.

"I wasn't thinking that this was how I was going to be spend my Sunday afternoon," said Inga while in tears. "It's pretty upsetting to see your driveway start to fall into a hole."

Bizarro Earth

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 5.1 - Southern California

Event Time:
2013-03-11 16:55:42 UTC
2013-03-11 09:55:42 UTC-07:00 at epicenter

33.506°N 116.476°W depth=0.1km (0.1mi)

Nearby Cities:
19km (12mi) ESE of Anza, California
23km (14mi) SW of La Quinta, California
25km (16mi) SSW of Palm Desert, California
26km (16mi) SSW of Rancho Mirage, California
409km (254mi) W of Phoenix, Arizona

Technical Data


Red tide killing record number of manatees in Florida

© Photos.com
A red algae bloom, also known as Red Tide, is currently killing a record number of manatees living off the coast of Florida.

Last week, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) found an average of 10 dead manatees a day and some observers said the phenomenon doesn't appear to be receding. A toxin produced by the red algae affects the nervous system of the manatees causing them to drown.

"This is probably going to be the worst die-off in history," said Martine DeWit, veterinarian with the FWC.

DeWit noted that a confluence of factors has caused the animals to swim into a precarious situation.

"It's a very large bloom that persisted through the winter and there are lots of manatees in the same area," she said. "They all aggregated to the warm-water side, and that put them in the wrong place at the wrong time."

As of Friday, state officials had this year's number of manatee casualties pegged at 149, just two animals short of the record high mark of 151 set by a Red Tide in 1996.

Bizarro Earth

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.7 - ESE of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

Event Time
2013-03-10 22:51:56 UTC
2013-03-11 08:51:56 UTC+10:00 at epicenter

6.748°S 148.242°E depth=84.3km (52.4mi)

Nearby Cities
44km (27mi) ESE of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea
139km (86mi) E of Lae, Papua New Guinea
180km (112mi) ENE of Wau, Papua New Guinea
182km (113mi) ENE of Bulolo, Papua New Guinea
320km (199mi) NNE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Technical Details

Bizarro Earth

Massive dust storm engulfs Tokyo

Visibility in the capital deteriorated quickly as dry dust particles whirled through the air.

Meteorologists said the phenomenon was caused by a sudden cold front, and was not linked with the suffocating pollution that hung over the Chinese capital Beijing last winter.

"A rapidly developing low pressure system in the north was moving down south. It was bringing a snow storm in the north, and strong winds in Tokyo and surrounding areas," said a meteorologist at the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Ice Cube

Marcott et al claim of 'unprecedented' warming compared to GISP ice core data

The very first sentence of the Marcott et al (which is getting heavy press) abstract says:
Surface temperature reconstructions of the past 1500 years suggest that recent warming is unprecedented in that time
Okay, let's have a look at the claim. First this graph from the publication:

Seems reasonable when you look at that data, right? But let us examine a well known reconstruction from GISP2 ice core data in Greenland. Here's a section from Dr. Richard Alley's reconstruction:

Comment: For more information about the actual ice core data that shows the historic periods of Earth's cooling and warming, read also: Magnitute and rate of climate changes.

Snowflake Cold

Magnitute and rate of climate changes

The GISP2 Greenland ice core has proven to be a great source of climatic data from the geologic past. Ancient temperatures can be measured using oxygen isotopes in the ice and ages can be determined from annual dust accumulation layers in the ice. The oxygen isotope ratios of thousands of ice core samples were measured by Minze Stuiver and Peter Grootes at the University of Washington (1993, 1999) and these data have become a world standard.

The ratio of 18O to 16O depends on the temperature at the time snow crystals formed, which were later transformed into glacial ice. Ocean volume may also play a role in δ18O values, but δ18O serves as a good proxy for temperature. The oxygen isotopic composition of a sample is expressed as a departure of the 18O/16O ratio from an arbitrary standard

δ18O =

(18O/16O)sample ‒ (18O/16O) x 103


where δ18Ois the of ratio 18O/16O expressed in per mil (0/00) units.

The age of each sample is accurately known from annual dust layers in the ice core. The top of the core is 1987.

Comment: Man-made global warming is just a myth, which is promoted by the global elite through their scientists to cover for the fact that it is events like the recent meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk that have caused the rapid onset of ice-ages through the ages. Read the books: The Apocalypse: Comets, Asteroids and Cyclical Catastrophes and Comets and the Horns of Moses by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, for a better understanding of these events that plaque our Earth periodically, and have been increasing in occurrence the past few years, causing the climate changes that we are currently experiencing.