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Sun, 24 Jun 2018
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Earth Changes


Dead whales are showing up bringing us a message the entire world should see

More people are starting to look at what we've done to this planet, especially since the birth of the technological revolution. Our oceans have been suffering for a very long time, with countless oil spills and toxic waste dumped into them every single day from industrial practices and more. Despite having numerous ways to operate in a fashion that is more harmonious with the planet, we continue to choose to destroy our planet on a daily basis, and we can't afford to do that anymore. Despite how much our planet is suffering, people everyday are starting wake up and realize that we really do need to look at, question, and change the way we operate here on planet Earth. This shift in perception alone can help springboard us towards change, and creating a new experience for us and other beings who we share the planet with.

Whales have been showing up dead on multiple beaches, bringing us a message with stomachs full of plastic. This has happened multiple times. In the summer of july 2013, a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a Northern island in the Netherlands. The whale swallowed 56 different plastic items that totalled over 37 pounds. In april 2010, a gray whale died after stranding itself on a West Seattle beach, it was found to have over 20 plastic bags, small towels, surgical gloves, plastic pieces, duct tape, and more in its system. In March of 2013 a dead sperm whale washed up on Spain's South coast which swallowed 17kg of plastic waste.


Rare whale species found dead on Cornish beach, UK

A rare beaked whale has been found on a Cornish beach - only the second time the species has been recorded in the UK.

The Blainville's whale, usually found in temperate and tropical waters, was discovered stranded on Kenneggy Beach, near Praa Sands.

Records from 1913 show the only other Blainville's beaked whale to reach UK shores was at Aberaeron in West Wales in 1993.

However, experts believe Blainville's will start stranding more frequently in Britain as water temperatures increase due to climate change.

A member of the public reported the stranding to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine Strandings Network as a porpoise on December 30 2013.

But when the Network's data officer, Niki Clear, received photographs of the animal, measuring 3.8m (12ft 5in) long, she recognised it as an elusive Blainville.


Dead pilot whale removed from Chatham beach, Massachusetts

© Cape Cod Times/Merrily Cassid

Necropsy planned for 3,000 lb. animal

A dead pilot whale was removed with heavy equipment from a Cape Cod beach on Wednesday.

The whale stranded on Hardings Beach in Chatham on Monday. Researchers tried unsuccessfully to return the whale to the water, but ultimately, it had to be euthanized.

IFAW officials said the 18-foot whale weighed about 3,000 pounds.

According to IFAW, pilot whale strandings are not uncommon on Cape Cod. Generally when a single whale comes ashore, it is likely sick or injured, IFAW said.

International Fund for Animal Welfare researchers brought the animal to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for a necropsy.

Cloud Precipitation

UK weather: wettest January since records began

Parts of southern England have seen the wettest January since records began in 1910, statistics from the Met Office show.

Large swathes of the country from East Devon to Kent and inland across parts of the Midlands have already seen twice the average rainfall for the month.

More than 175.2mm has fallen between January 1 and 28 this year in the South East and Central Southern England, beating the previous record of 158.2 mm set in January 1988.

Rainfall in South West England - where villages have been left devastated by persistant flooding since Christmas - and South Wales, reached 222.6 mm this month - making January 2014 the fifth wettest on record and the wettest since 1995, when 224.4 mm fell.

It comes just a day after the Government agreed to send the Army into Somerset amid fears of a further storm on Friday.

On Wednesday, following a meeting of the Cabinet Office's emergency Cobra committee, Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, agreed to send in the army to help families hit by the flooding on the Somerset levels.


9 members of same family killed in house fire, including 8 children, in Western Kentucky

Officials said nine people were killed in a house fire in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, including eight children.

The fire was reported around 2 a.m. Thursday at a home on Motes Lane, off Highway 62 in Greenville, about 35 miles northeast of Hopkinville.

There were 11 people inside the home when the fire broke out.

An adult and a child were able to escape and were being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. Both victims were transported by LifeFlight medical helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center's trauma center in Nashville.

The house was a total loss.

Chief Darren Harvey with the Greenville Fire Department said multiple fire crews on the scene. Police were also on the scene.

Details about the cause of the fire were not available.

NewsChannel 5 has multiple crews on the scene. Stay with NewsChannel 5 for more information as it becomes available.

Comment: We wonder if this house fire is related to the wildfire alert that is currently in place for Western Kentucky.

Also, two days ago a meteor fireball blew up over Kentucky.


Four hundred evacuated as third Norwegian wildfire blamed on 'faulty power lines and freeze-dried vegetation'

© Joakim Halvorsen / NTB Scanpix
The ruins in Hasvåg, Flatanger municipality, after the fire
A new fire has broken out on the coast near Trondheim, after tinder-dry heather was again lit by sparks from power lines.

The new fire, on the island of Frøya in South Trøndelag county, broke out hundreds of kilometres south of Flatanger municipality, where firemen have been fighting blazes around two historic villages since Monday night.

"Police are now evacuating people in the Sandvika area," the county police said in a press statement issued at 3pm. "The fire is not under control, and efforts to extinguish it are still continuing. In addition to the fire crews on the ground, there are five helicopters in the area to assist putting out the fire. Many of these have come directly from the operation at Flatanger."

According to VG newspaper, 300 people have already been evacuated as police fear the fire could envelop the main village on the island.

The mayor of Flatanger said at a press conference at 1pm that firefighters had finally put out the fire that ravaged two historic coastal villages in his community throughout Tuesday.

"We have very positive news in that it looks as if the fire is extinguished," Mayor Olav Jørgen Bjørkås said as he opened the press conference.

The fire destroyed about 90 buildings in the coastal villages of Hasvåg and Småværet, and forced the evacuation of 33 residents from the area.

Northern Norway has seen an unusually dry period, with no rain since December, which, combined with the intense cold, has had the effect of freeze-drying the vegetation, making it extremely vulnerable to fire.

On Wednesday, Norwegian authorities started warning people against lighting fires outside, or even leaving candles at the graves of relatives.

Comment: See also: Third 'winter wildfire' breaks out in Norway - Second in two days - What is going ON?!

Eye 2

California home found packed with more than 400 snakes

Several snakes were removed from a house in Santa Ana on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014.
Teacher arrested after police find bins full of snakes stacked to ceiling in his reeking home, along with 'cannibal' rats and mice

A schoolteacher has been arrested after hundreds of living and dead pythons in plastic bins were found stacked floor to ceiling inside his stench-filled suburban California home.

As investigators wearing respirator masks carried the reptiles out of the house by the score and stacked them in the driveway, reporters and passers-by gagged at the smell. Some held their noses or walked away from the five-bedroom home to get a breath of air.

"The smell alone I feel like I need to take a shower for a week," said police Corporal Anthony Bertagna. "They're pretty much in all the bedrooms everywhere."

Officers said they found more than 400 snakes at least 220 of them dead as well as numerous mice and rats, in the Santa Ana home of William Buchman after neighbors complained about the smell. He was arrested for investigation of neglect in the care of animals, Bertagna said.


Despite Arctic temperatures, wildfire torches remote building in Woodbury County, Iowa

Windy weather helped fuel the flames of a wildfire late Wednesday afternoon.

Crews throughout Woodbury County helped put it out.

The fire broke out a few miles north of Correctionville, Iowa around three.

A section of grass caught on fire.. but the flames quickly spread to a house and a Morton building.

"The house was vacant, nobody lived here since 1989. The owner of the property who lives just a little ways away saw the smoke and was the one that initially called it in," says Jeff Hill, Correctionville Fire Chief.

Ice Cube

Ice traps Chicago woman inside house for weeks

frozen chicago
© Scott Olson/Getty Images
Frozen Chicago
A Chicago woman has been basically trapped inside her home for weeks because her door has been encased in a block of ice.

River Bully told CBS 2′s Ed Curran that a neighbor's leaking pipe is to blame.

Since 1950, Bully has lived in her Fuller Park home. For weeks now, she has been a prisoner, her back door surrounded by ice from a neighbor's leaking pipe.

She called 311, and a worker with the Chicago Water Department responded, but it didn't bring results.


UK government sends army to make sandbags for flooded Somerset


Sandbags? Really?!
The government is to send in the army to help tackle the floods in the Somerset Levels.

The Ministry of Defence is to deploy equipment and manpower to help those in affected areas by delivering food, transporting people and distributing sandbags.

An MoD spokeswoman said : "We have tonight deployed military planners to help Somerset county council determine what support they might need."

She added they would be in the county overnight to assess what was required in time for first light on Thursday.

Speaking to the BBC, the environment secretary, Owen Paterson, said: "As we speak the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Local Government are discussing how we could deploy specialist vehicles which could help some of those villages which have been cut off, to help people travel backwards and forwards, to get fuel and food in and out, and to help with transport from dry land.

Comment: Do the locals really believe this will suddenly happen after "20 years of inactivity"? There are wars to be won and booty to be plundered in far-off lands; why would the British government care about protecting its own people from flooding? This is just a stop-gap measure to win short-term political support - the funds for long-term engineering solutions are needed for the wars and 'protecting people' against the terrorists created by the government.