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Woke Boston mayor seeks to decriminalize theft, not punish thieves: 'What could go wrong?'

michelle wu
© Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty ImagesBoston Mayor Michelle Wu speaks to the media after riding the MBTA on Aug. 22, 2022.
Rep. Jim Jordan stated, "Boston's Democrat mayor says criminals should not be prosecuted for theft. What could go wrong?"

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has been revealed to support abolishing Boston Police's gang database and stating that charges such as shoplifting, drug possession, and trespassing should not be charged.

Wu, who has previously come under fire for holding a segregated holiday party for "elected officials of color," made this known in the 2021 Boston Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire form from Progressive Massachusetts, a nonprofit group that ranks the progressiveness of elected officials, according to the Daily Mail. Wu took office in November 2021.

On the questionnaire, Wu was asked whether she supports then-Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins' "do-not-prosecute list and expanded approach to dealing with such low-level offenses." Wu responded, "Yes."

Wu was also asked if she supported "shuttering the Boston Police gang database," to which she responded, "Yes."

Comment: Oddly enough, Boston's crime rate is actually dropping (for now), but it's not due to Ms. Wu's lunatic ideas, but to the decades-long efforts of realist community and government partners on the ground. Wu's policies are likely to damage or even destroy all that good work.
Today's drop in crime likely has many factors, including a higher-than-average homicide solve rate and an increase in anonymous tips. But these also point to the importance of the community ties built up in recent decades.

"We've been practicing community policing for a long time," Mr. Cox told The Boston Globe. "I think we're receiving the benefit of actually establishing a true partnership with the public like we had before, and this is the fruits of that relationship."


Former Boston Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who was famous - and infamous - for his "broken windows" strategy, once described community policing as getting out of the patrol car and walking the community streets, getting to know people's names. Most importantly, it's about forging partnerships with residents.

"It really comes down to dialogue. That's the key," says Jack McDevitt, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston. "You want to include the community in the decisions about how they are policed. You can give them feedback and really include them as an actual partner in your strategies.

"We learned in Boston a long time ago that the police can't solve the problem of violence by themselves. They need the community as a partner."

Ms. Smith of Mothers for Justice & Equality sees signs of progress in these areas.

The city has made great strides "around preventing and getting our youth off the streets," she says. "It's the community-based models that are doing better with educating our children. There are many more resources being put there."

The greatest success has been YouthConnect, a partnership between BPD and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. The program places licensed social workers in police stations to address the underlying causes of juvenile delinquency and, hopefully, prevent crime before it starts.

YouthConnect's approach is unique, compared with other social work models integrated within police departments. The duty of the YouthConnect social worker is to address the needs of the entire family, not just of the youth at risk.

Last year, YouthConnect made more than 2,500 referrals to other service providers. Those could be anything from connecting a family member to a job opportunity to helping struggling students engage with summer camp or after-school learning programs.

Nearly 85% of youth say yes to services when YouthConnect makes its calls to families, and the numbers of both YouthConnect referrals and "yes" responses have increased over time, showing mounting trust and effectiveness.

"Our social workers are working out of the clubs and building trusting relationships because people see them as who they are, and not just as social workers," says Robert Lewis, president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. "That's what works and why I think the number of referrals has increased. ... A lot of it has to do with trust."


Two more US officials resign over Biden administration's position on Gaza war

© Hassan Jedi – Anadolu AgencyPalestinians, including children, wait in line to receive food distributed by charitable organizations amidst Israeli attacks in Deir Al- Balah, Gaza on May 28, 2024.
Two more US officials have resigned over the Gaza war, saying that the Biden administration is not telling the truth about Israeli obstruction of humanitarian assistance to more than two million Palestinians trapped and starving in the tiny coastal strip.

Alexander Smith, a contractor for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), said he was given a choice between resignation and dismissal after preparing a presentation on maternal and child mortality among Palestinians, which was cancelled at the last minute by USAID leadership last week.

Smith, a senior adviser on gender, maternal health, child health, and nutrition chose to resign on Monday after four years at USAID. In his resignation letter to the head of the agency, Samantha Power, he complained about the inconsistencies in USAID's approach to different countries and humanitarian crises, and the general treatment of Palestinians.


Dublin refugee calamity could be the future of Europe

© Artur Widak/NurPhoto/picture allianceTents line Dublin's Grand Canal illustrate Ireland has an accommodation shortage
In the Irish capital, Dublin, a refugee and migration issue, made worse by the conflict in Ukraine, has fueled tensions. Ireland already faces a housing crisis, with tent encampments (repeatedly cleared by the police) having increasingly become part of Dublin's landscape, as detailed by a DW news report published last week.

An EU agreement allows Ukrainians to enter the continent without having to apply for asylum first, and a recent law in the post-Brexit United Kingdom (which enables London to deport illegal migrants) has also led to a rise in asylum applications in neighboring Ireland. The political climate is so bad that, since the end of 2023, there have been arson attacks against buildings that would be converted into refugee shelters, and riots. Moreover, a recent Irish Times poll reveals that 63% of the population wants stricter immigration policies. Slogans such as "Ireland is full", and "Ireland for the Irish", displayed on banners everywhere, are an increasingly common sight.

The issue goes beyond the UK and Ireland. The English Channel has been at the center of a migration crisis for a while, with people crossing it in small boats. In December 2021 I wrote on how it became a focus for tensions between France and the United Kingdom, which remains the case.

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Israeli airstrike on residential building in Syria severs infant girl in half, injures 10 civilians

Syria's defence ministry said an Israeli air strike Wednesday killed a girl and wounded 10 civilians on the coast, as a war monitor reported another raid killed five pro-Hezbollah fighters.

"The Israeli enemy launched an air attack from the direction of Lebanon, targeting a central site and a residential building in Baniyas city in the coastal region, killing a girl and wounding 10 civilians," a ministry statement said.

Comment: The horrifying and extremely graphic image of the infant girl severed in half by Israel's airstrike can be found on X, here.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor also reported the girl's death and put the civilian wounded toll at 20.

Comment: It seems that, with a majority support from the people of Israel, and the governments of the West West, Tel Aviv is accelerating its apocalyptic greater Israel project, which, naturally (for them), involves the further expansion of the conflict, the hoped seizure of further territory, and an ever greater slaughter of innocents:

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French parliament interrupted as MP raises Palestinian flag

french mp
A session of France's National Assembly was brought to a halt on Tuesday after a lawmaker waved a Palestinian flag during a debate over whether Paris should recognize Palestinian statehood.

Sebastien Delogu, a member of the lower house for La France Insoumise (LFI), was suspended for 15 days and his parliamentary salary was halved for a period of two months. The politician was escorted from the chamber, while other lawmakers applauded him.

The incident occurred while Trade Minister Franck Riester was answering a question from another LFI member, seeking clarity on the French government's position on Palestinian statehood, and calling for economic ties with Israel to be severed.


Mexico city's Israeli embassy set on fire during anti-genocide protests, day after molotovs thrown at Israeli consulate in Turkey

mexico israel
The Israeli embassy in Mexico was set on fire during a chaotic "solidarity with Palestine" protest on Tuesday.

Videos and photos from the demonstration show about 200 protesters throwing rocks, breaking down barriers, and waving flags as the fire raged on the Mexico City embassy.

Riot police stood in front of the masked protesters and deployed tear gas into the crowd, Al Jazeera reported.

Security forces had created a barricade preventing access to the Israeli embassy in Mexico City's Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood.

Comment: Even Western mainstream commentators are acknowledging that Israel's crimes against humanity are turning it into a pariah state: Istanbul protesters set fire to vicinity of Israeli consulate following Rafah massacre


Massive explosion at US bank kills employee and injures 7 others, cause of blast under investigation

bank explosion
© WYTVIn this screen grab from a video, first responders work at the scene of an explosion in Youngstown, Ohio, on May 28, 2024.
A massive explosion blew out much of the ground floor of an apartment building, killing a bank employee and injuring several other people. Police and emergency officials initially blamed natural gas, but the fire chief later said the cause is under investigation.

The blast happened around 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, collapsing part of the ground floor of Realty Tower into its basement and sending the façade across a street where both sides had been blocked off by orange construction fencing. The 13-story building has a Chase Bank branch at street level and apartments in upper floors.

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, city officials said the state fire marshal's office was leading the investigation into the cause, and it wasn't known when a determination may be made.


US F-35B test jet crashes shortly after takeoff in New Mexico

us jet crash
© CopyrightThe crash occurred just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday after the jet took off from Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
An F-35B test jet crashed shortly after takeoff from Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico Tuesday afternoon, according to a statement from the base. The jet's pilot ejected and was injured.

The aircraft arrived at the base 1 p.m. on Tuesday, stopping over for fuel on the way from plane maker Lockheed Martin's facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, according to the Kirtland statement. It crashed at 1:48 p.m. southwest of Kirtland, which is in the Albuquerque area and adjacent to the city's airport. The fighter was on its way to Edwards Air Force Base north of Los Angeles, Kirtland said.

The stealth fighter's pilot sustained "serious injuries" after ejecting, Albuquerque Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Jason Fejer said in a video on X. Kirtland said the pilot was in "stable condition" as of Tuesday evening after being transferred to the University of New Mexico Hospital.

Comment: Western militaries have been plagued by accidents and errors, and particularly in just the last 6 months, which is alarming, albeit not surprising, and apt:


Field report: Accusations against Russia about ZNPP attacks are unfounded lies

Zap Nuke Plant
© TwitterZaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant
During a recent press expedition organized by the "Vashi Novosti" media group to the New Regions of the Russian Federation, international observers saw the reality of Europe's largest nuclear power plant amid the current conflict.

Since 2022, the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) has been constantly attacked. Drones and missiles hit station's facilities, raising fears about the possible leak of radioactive material. Moscow has repeatedly called on international observers to see the local reality, showing transparency and good will to resolve the situation, but Western powers still insist on accusing the Russian Federation of being responsible for the bombings.

Recently, the Russian press group "Vashi Novosti" organized a journalistic expedition to the New Regions of the Russian Federation. I participated in this trip representing the BRICS Journalists Association and had the opportunity to once again visit the conflict zone, this time passing, among other places, through Zaporozhye and its nuclear power plant.

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26 female nurses protest being forced to share women's changing room with transgender colleague: NHS chiefs face legal action

NHS nurses protst trangender worker
© Stock Image/GettyIn March, 26 nurses wrote to management saying that the transgender nurse 'has made no secret' of the fact that 'he has stopped taking female hormones and is trying to inseminate his female partner'
A HR manager at the hospital trust allegedly told nurses to 'be more inclusive'

NHS chiefs are facing landmark legal action after 26 female hospital nurses protested about being forced to share a women's changing room with a transgender colleague who is biologically male.

The women complained that the transgender nurse - who has not had gender reassignment surgery - had taken a 'keen interest' in female staff when they were getting undressed. They say they have found the situation 'intimidating and upsetting'.

In a formal complaint, the nurses say they were stunned after the 'sexually active' trans nurse admitted to trying for a baby with a female partner and had stopped taking female hormones.

But a human resources manager at the hospital trust allegedly said that the female nurses need to 'be more inclusive', 'broaden their mindset' and 'be educated and attend training'.

Comment: More fallout from the ideological capture of the UK's medical field: