food plant fire
A massive fire broke out at Feather Crest Farms in Bryan, Texas at about 5pm Monday
Huge column of black smoke rises over burning chicken farm in Texas as officials warn the inferno will take days to extinguish - with locals told to stop pulling over to take photos

A massive fire is tearing through a chicken farm in Texas sending a huge plume of smoke into the sky.

The blaze has since been contained between two buildings and tanks but officials have warned that it could take days to put the fire out.

It is unclear how the fire started and how many chickens were injured, but no injuries have been reported as the farm is located in a rural area with few homes nearby.

Comment: Footage showing the fire, at what is a relatively substantial facility:

Brazos County Sheriff Wayne Dicky said that Democrat Road was closed Monday but that all lanes on Highway 21 were re-opened. Authorities have urged people to stop pulling over in the area to take photos of the fast-spreading fire.

Fire officials said that it will take time to put out the tall fire as the building is made of metal.

When certain metals catch on fire there is a possibility that the structure could combust and maybe even explode, according to Australian General Engineering.

Comment: As of Jan 31st the fire has been extinguished.

Authorities said that the metal structure has also made it too dangerous to send firefighters into the building, but calm winds have helped to extinguish it.

Fire crews can be seen trying to put out the large and bright orange flames surrounded by thick black smoke.

Bryan Texas Utilities reported that 'approximately 140 customers' in the local area experienced power outages on Monday evening so firefighters could 'safely' battle the fire.

Power was later restored about 7.25pm as multiple fire crews responded to the blaze.

Firefighters from Brazos, Robertson and Madison counties had to haul water in from other areas as the water pressure was too low in the Kurten, a town about 15 minutes away from Bryan.

The farm itself has yet to make a statement about the fire, but a spokesperson is expected to release more information in the coming days, according to KAGS TV.

According to WATT Poultry, Feather Crest Farms was purchased by MPS Egg Farms in 2020 and allowed for the egg supplier to add around 1million hens to their operation.

Sam Krouse, the vice president of business development for MPS Egg Farms previously said: 'We knew of Feather Crest Farms by reputation - they are solid and well-respected within the industry.'

MPS Egg Farms is a family run business that has been 'involved with Feather Crest since the 1950s,' WATT Poultry reported.

The company produces white and brown shell eggs, cage-free eggs, and 'nutritionally enriched eggs,' according to its website.

'With 11 million laying hens, MPS Egg Farms produces 9 million eggs and delivers an average of 24 truckloads of eggs every day,' the website detailed.