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Mon, 30 Jan 2023
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Officially approved by the EU: Four insects hiding in your food

© AP Photo
EU citizens who do not want to unknowingly eat insects should be particularly careful: The EU Commission has already approved four types of insects in different forms as "edible insects".

The most recent approval was on January 5: From now on, after mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets, the grain mold beetle can also be used as an ingredient in foods such as bread, soups, pasta, snacks, peanut butter and chocolate products.

The mealworm received the first approval for a so-called "edible insect" in June 2021: The EU Commission's Implementing Regulation 2021/822 approved the placing on the market of dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor (meal beetle) as a "novel food".

The SAS EAP Group from France has submitted the application and is allowed to market the mealworm in the Union. It may be sold individually or with a maximum content of 10 grams in protein products, cookies, dishes made from legumes and pasta products.

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Bad Guys

'They just vanish': UK whistleblowers met by wall of complacency over missing migrant children

migrant shelter kids disappear britain hotels
© Andy Hall/The Observer
Hove, where unaccompanied asylum-seeking children have been disappearing from hotels.
As scores of youngsters are disappearing from hotels run by the Home Office and being trafficked across the country, sources claims warnings over their safety were ignored

On the first day of April, 17-year-old Wassim Hamam* disappeared near the bustling centre of Hove. He was never seen again. Days later another teenager, Burim Markaj, 16, vanished nearby. Within hours, a 15-year-old was also reported missing.

The disappearances continued. Four days later Alban Berisha, a 17-year-old whose portrait suggests a pensive, wary character, suddenly vanished from the streets of the Sussex coastal city. The same day, a 5ft 5in 17-year-old, Khalid Muha, was last seen wearing a black bomber jacket and white trainers.

Another child went, then another. Detectives investigating the disappearances quickly identified two facts linking the lengthening caseload: all were unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. And all disappeared after staying at the same hotel. But this was no ordinary seaside hotel. The children were staying in a residence run by the Home Office, the government department whose mandate is keeping people safe.

Comment: The Home Office reaction to this horror is to be expected. British politics has been riddled with pedophiles for decades. Rooting them out will be a monumental task.

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Twitter Files revealed growing government control - Matt Taibbi

twitter HQ san francisco
© AP / Jeff Chiu
A sign at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, December 8, 2022.
US federal agencies' influence over the platform was growing as the 2020 election drew nearer, the investigative reporter has told RT.

During his examination of the Twitter Files, investigative reporter Matt Taibbi discovered a pattern of increasing government control over the social media platform, he told RT's John Kiriakou on Saturday's episode of 'The Whistleblowers'.

Since purchasing Twitter for $44 billion in October, Elon Musk has released batches of documents shedding light on the platform's previously opaque censorship policies, enlisting independent journalists to break each document dump. Independent journalist Matt Taibbi was the first chosen, publishing communications that revealed a company-wide effort to suppress reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop - the contents of which implicated the Biden family in numerous foreign corruption schemes.

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RT France to close after accounts frozen

RT France final broadcast
© RT / Ludovic Marin
A screenshot of RT France's final TV broadcast on March 2, 2022.
The decision followed "five years of harassment" by the authorities, network head Xenia Fedorova said in a statement.

RT's French subsidiary will cease broadcasting after its accounts were frozen by the French treasury, its director, Xenia Fedorova, announced on Saturday. Paris claimed that it froze the funds in line with EU sanctions, which targeted RT's parent company.

"After five years of harassment, the authorities in power have achieved their goal: the closure of RT France," Fedorova said in a statement shared on Twitter. Earlier this week, Fedorova said that she had received a letter from RT France's bank indicating that the network's funds had been frozen at the request of the French treasury, rendering it impossible for the outlet to pay its staff.

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Trans-identified male at center of Santee YMCA controversy had previously sued a gym for access to women's facilities

christynne wood
The trans-identified male who allegedly exposed himself to a 17-year-old girl at a YMCA facility in California has stepped forward to reveal his identity in response to a January 18 rally held outside of the property. Christynne Lili Wrene Wood, 66, addressed a crowd of counter-protesters and stated, "I'm the scary transgender woman who that child misidentified as a man."

The Santee YMCA has become the subject of international concern after clips from a January 11 city council meeting went viral on social media. During the meeting, local teenager Rebecca Phillips became emotional as she told representatives that she had seen a nude male in the women's locker rooms at the YMCA.

Phillips said that she was showering after her workout when she "saw a naked male in the women's locker room," and became emotional as she recounted her ordeal.

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Light Saber

Hero doctor allegedly destroyed covid-19 vaccines, gave saline shots to children

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr.
A Utah plastic surgeon, his neighbor, and two others are facing charges after allegedly giving people fake vaccination cards and destroying government-provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58, and his neighbor, Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59, have been charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property, conversion sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

The Plastic Institute of Utah Inc., along with office manager Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52, and receptionist Sandra Flores, 31, faces the same charges.

According to court documents, Moore and his co-defendants allegedly ran a scheme out of Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah Inc. to defraud the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Comment: The CDC gets to lie and defraud the public but they don't like it when it happens to them...

The documents say Moore and Andersen were members of a private organization seeking to "liberate the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest."


Pfizer tried to 'bully' India - minister

india vaccination
© AP / Aijaz Rahi
A health worker administers a Covid-19 vaccine dose to a policeman at a vaccination center in Bengaluru, India, January 10, 2022.
New Delhi never approved the company's jab as the US drugmaker apparently wanted protection from lawsuits over adverse effects.

US drugmaker Pfizer attempted to "bully the Indian government" into granting it indemnity from legal action over its Covid-19 vaccine, Electronics and Technology Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has claimed. The vaccine shot was ultimately never approved in India.

"Just to remind all Indians, that Pfizer tried to bully the government of India into accepting conditions of indemnity," Chandrasekhar tweeted on Friday. The minister then accused three prominent opposition leaders of "pushing foreign vaccines during Covid."

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UK statistics regulator says official ONS data are biased towards vaccines and must not be used

UK national statistics
On November 11th 2022, we wrote a formal letter of complaint to the Statistics Regulator about the Office for National Statistics' (ONS) data on vaccine mortality. We said they were not fit for purpose.

Note that we concluded by saying:
The fact that these data are being used as continued justification for the efficacy and safety of the Covid vaccines is therefore now a matter of national concern and scandal... In the meantime, we call for

1. the public withdrawal of the ONS dataset and

2. the retraction of any claims made by others that are based upon it.

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Higher education reform in America's Red states: More of the same is not enough

University of Florida College of Medicine

University of Florida College of Medicine
Proposals to reform higher education have been bubbling around since William F. Buckley's God and Man at Yale (1951). As conservatives have founded organizations like ACTA and National Association of Scholars to reform our increasingly ideological, incompetent universities, things have only gotten worse.

The Left now holds these institutions with an iron grip. Administrators and faculty on the Left control budgets, policies, supervisory powers, professional standards, hiring, promotion, curriculum, and student life. They credential those who can serve in universities. Administrators are products of the system. Faculty self-select those within the system. Pay is great. Security is good. Accountability is affirming.

Leftist control comes in the form of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies. As I show elsewhere, diversity policies involve racial preferences for faculty positions and student admissions so that more minorities and fewer "oppressors" are on campus. Inclusion policies concern favoring some forms of speech (anti-white and anti-Western, for instance) and associations (LGBTQ graduations) while disfavoring other forms of speech (any speech that challenges the DEI hegemony on campus).

Comment: By their fruits: Rate of scientific breakthroughs slowing over time - study

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Blame game begins as MHRA passes the buck: "All the Covid vaccine authorisation decisions were taken by the government minister"

I have just received a very interesting MHRA reply to an FOI request about whether the Healthy Secretary delegated Covid vaccine decisions to the MHRA.

MHRA said "All the Covid vaccines and therapeutics authorisation decisions were taken by the Licensing Minister and were not delegated."

What makes this so interesting is the wider context. Under the Human Medicines Regulations, the Licensing Authority is the Secretary of State for Health. He or she delegates to MHRA all the work associated with that - licensing of medicines, pharmacovigilance, inspection of manufacturers, enforcement and so on.

Comment: In related news, on January 9th, UKHSA published a 'living document' which serves as "clinical guidance to support the detection and management of clinical cases of myocarditis and pericarditis associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination":

The BBC aired a segment with cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra who said that a likely contributory factor to excess cardiovascular deaths is the covid mRNA vaccines and the rollout should be suspended pending an inquiry:

And there were protests today outside the BBC on behalf of the vaccine injured with ex-Tory MP Andrew Bridgen.