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Thu, 24 Jun 2021
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Barcelona mayor calls for rethink on lockdown evictions in wake of suicides

© Quique García/EPAStephen Burgen in Barcelona
Ada Colau has called on the Madrid government to drop its opposition to the policy of rent controls recently introduced in Catalonia.
Ada Colau, the Barcelona mayor, has called for a rethink on evictions after official statistics revealed that nearly 11,000 individuals and families have been evicted in Spain during the first three months of this year, in spite of a moratorium imposed in March.

During the last three months of 2020, when the country was in the grip of the second wave of Covid-19, 11,202 evictions were carried out in Spain.

Catalonia leads the eviction table with an average of 24 a day and a total of 2,437 in the first quarter, more than twice the number for Madrid. The majority, 1,635, were carried out in Barcelona.

Comment: Note also that many residents of Barcelona are heavily reliant on the tourism industry for their income and much of Europe has been locked down for well over a year now: Hundreds protest against harsher lockdown restrictions in Barcelona

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Pentagon UFO report latest - Lawmakers say unidentified flying objects pose national security risk after secret briefing

military ufo encounter
Congressmembers say UFOs pose major national security risks as the Pentagon's highly anticipated UFO report gets delivered to Capitol Hill.

Members of the House Intelligence Committee received a quiet sneak peak of the bombshell report explaining that while the existence of alien life is questionable, any UFOs pose a major threat to national security.

The unidentified objects could be espionage assets used by adversaries of the US, which means the abundant phenomenons in the sky prove alarming for how up to date the country is on foreign espionage tactics.

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People 2

'Trans Mission' exposes the fallacy of the gender transition narrative

trans mission documentary screen shot
There are two sides to the debate over transgender ideology and critical gender theory as regards children. The primary narrative that we hear from nearly all cultural outlets — from films and television shows to news stories and children's books — is that there is only one correct treatment for a gender dysphoric child. But there is another side that is emerging, a narrative voiced by people who underwent gender transition as teens who find, upon reaching adulthood, that their dysphoria was not solved by exacerbated by medical gender transition.

The new documentary "Trans Mission: What's the Rush to Reassign Gender?" digs into this divide. Produced by The Center for Bioethics and Culture, "Trans Mission" tries to understand the industry that has emerged around the concept of gender identity and medical gender transition of minors.

Why hasn't the medical community considered that medical treatment intended to change a child's reproductive system may not be care, but is instead a form of harm? Why haven't there been long-term studies to evaluate the efficacy of prescribing cross-sex hormones to teens, or to understand the long-term impact of so-called puberty blockers?

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Canada's treatment of religious communities is a prime example of using Covid as an excuse to bully just because they can

McDougall Memorial United Church
© Emil Muench/Archive Photos/Getty Images
The McDougall Memorial United Church outside Morley, a Stoney Indian Reserve in Alberta, Canada.
More and more religious services have been cracked down on by Canadian government officials. Police choppers have tracked down services that are forced to hide, while the premiers enjoy lavish dinners. This is an abuse of power.

Back in April, I wrote about Canada beginning to crack down on religious services. During that time, a pastor of Polish descent had said the country was turning into World War II Germany, branding police who raided his church 'gestapo'. Though plainly the nation has not reached those Hitlerian extremes yet, Canada's actions against religious gatherings continue to be concerning.

Recently, a Canadian police force was using a helicopter to hunt down religious services that are forced to be held in secret. After this, several arrests were made, despite Canadian law stating it will protect the right for religious gathering and practice. Crackdowns on both Jewish and Christian religious gatherings, and the virtual canceling of Ramadan for Muslims, have happened all over Canada, and property seizures on top of these measures are not uncommon.

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'How do I have two medical degrees if I'm oppressed?': Father blasts CRT in a passionate speech

Ty Smith
© YouTube/The Scoop
An Illinois father became furious Monday during a speech against Critical Race Theory (CRT) given at a school board meeting.

Ty Smith, a weekend radio show host, blasted CRT at a school board meeting, saying that it will lead children to hate one another and that his personal successes are proof that he is not oppressed due to his race, Faithwire reported.

CRT teaches that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches individuals to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue "antiracism" through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

"When you talk about Critical Race Theory which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other, how to dislike each other. It's pretty much what its all gonna come down to. You're going to deliberately teach kids 'this white kid right here got it better than you because he's white' and you're gonna tell a white kid 'the black people are all down and suppressed,'" Smith said. "How do I have two medical degrees if I'm sitting here oppressed?"

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US-owned Australian TV network tries to reel in ad money using 'social justice' pitch & 'progressive' viewers - reports

woke advertising
© Getty Images / Maskot
Hit by flagging ratings, Australia-based Network 10 has reportedly pitched itself as a voice for "social justice, equality and inclusion" and telling advertisers to "go woke" or risk going broke.

In a virtual presentation on Thursday, the network touted its "ability to influence culture" and "socially progressive audience" as qualities that separated it from its competition. Executives also spoke about its emphasis on "integrity" and the need for "purpose-driven" programming.

"How can we better promote and employ social justice, equality and inclusion? How can we represent all Australians and their stories? How can we raise the conversation and not lower the bar?" said Rod Prosser, an executive from ViacomCBS, the network's US-based parent company.

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Heart - Black

Dutch Siblings' Concerns Dismissed After Mother Dies Shortly After Covid Jab

© Arie Kievit
Annemiek van Eck is one of the 381 Dutch citizens registered as 'passed away after corona vaccination'.
On June 14th, 2021, a Dutch news site that carries news from eastern parts of the country published an article about the death of a 74-year-old woman from the city of Breda shortly after she received a covid vaccine. She is one of the 381 people currently registered in Holland as having 'passed away after corona vaccination'. On Monday April 19th, she was playing tennis and afterwards cycled to the vaccination location for her first Covid jab. In the evening, she sent a text to her son Jasper and daughter Femke, saying "Apparently, if they give you the vaccine at night, you won't even notice it."

That night, she passed away in her sleep and her son found her the next evening.

The first thought both Jasper and Femke had was that her death was likely linked to the vaccine. Jasper said: "that seemed the most logical explanation to us." The search for cooperation and answers from medical authorities, however, is proving to be very difficult, leaving the siblings feeling dismissed and alone.

The evening of their mother's death, they called a medical examiner, but he wasn't really interested in possible causes. Femke says: "When we said that we wanted to have a thorough investigation into what happened, the medical examiner immediately started talking about the transport costs and reacted very defensively." The examiner wasn't the only healthcare provider to show little interest in the cause of their mother's death. When they spoke to their mother's GP, he tried to convince them that the death of their mother was most likely a coincidence, and that there is little point in searching for a link with the vaccine. Jasper notes: "In the end, the GP did arrange for a pathologist to investigate the death further. But isn't it strange that you have to face so much opposition?"


Supreme Court rules Philadelphia can't force Catholic agency to serve gay foster parents

judges gavel gay foster parents
© Dragan Andrii / Dreamstime.com
No justices disagreed, but Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas object that the majority is sidestepping a debate over when laws can overrule religious beliefs.

Philadelphia officials were in the wrong when they tried to force a Catholic charity to ignore its religious convictions and place children in the foster homes of same-sex parents, the Supreme Court ruled this morning.

In a decision that saw no dissents, the Supreme Court justices determined that the First Amendment religious freedoms of Catholic Social Services were violated when the city of Philadelphia refused to renew a contract with the organization to handle the placement of foster children there because the agency would not place kids with same-sex couples. The refusal put the organization at odds with the city's anti-discrimination policies. And so, while the city still contracted with Catholic Social Services for other programs, it stopped doing so for foster child placement.

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Stock Down

Lebanon's Crippling Financial Crisis

lebanon crisis
Lebanon has been suffering the worst economic crisis in decades. In fact, it could be ranked as one of the world's three most severe financial crises since the mid-19th century. The latest newsletter from Father Daniël - who survived the attempted take-over by jihadis in Syria - included an interview with Sister Carmel van de H. who has been involved in delivering humanitarian aid in Lebanon. Since 1994, she has assisted Syria's sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. In 1994, she met Mother Agnes-Mariam, the founder of the Mar Yakub monastery, and together they founded the 'Son of Man Association' in 1996. She started providing humanitarian aid in Lebanon after the Beirut port explosion (likely caused by Israel) in August 2020. Since the explosion, they managed to "open three medical centers, provide hot meals for thousands of people, repair or rebuild hundreds of houses destroyed by the explosion and set up long-term agricultural trial projects".

On why the country, which used to economically support the entire Middle East, is currently in more need of help than Syria, she notes: "A plan to destroy Lebanon has been unfolding for two years now. After devastating Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Yemen, the West is now attacking Lebanon. Lebanon has the largest gas reserves in the world. Europe is dependent on gas from Russia, so they are attacking Lebanon together with the US to take out Russia. The port of Beirut was blown up and the next day the largest ships were in port to get gas; this is a masked world war. [...] The West has imposed a heavy embargo on our country and our people are starving. All this for gas."


Texas Governor Abbott signs anti-critical race theory bill

Gov Abbott
© AP Image
Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed legislation on Tuesday outlining how state schools can teach students about race and racism and forbidding schools from teaching that individuals bear responsibility for actions committed by people in the past because of their race.

It's the latest GOP-backed state bill to take aim at what is known as critical race theory, which examines how race and racism have impacted history and the present-day United States.

The Texas measure, House Bill 3979, doesn't actually use the term or address critical race theory, but it does echo other GOP arguments that have been used against it.

The legislation, which takes effect Sept. 1, mandates how the State Board of Education should frame its curriculum on history. It says that schools cannot teach that "an individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of the individual 's race or sex." Further, schools cannot "require an understanding of The 1619 Project," a project published in The New York Times Magazine that investigates the history of slavery and race relations in the United States.

The bill says that schools are not allowed to teach that "an individual, by virtue of the individual's race or sex, bears responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex."

Comment: History offers examples of actions and consequences - teachable moments. Some states understand this and put it in proper perspective.