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Thu, 23 May 2019
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Judge gives green light to Pepe the Frog lawsuit against Infowars

Pepe the Frog & Alex Jones
© Pixabay/Jim Bourg
Pepe the Frog & Alex Jones
A Pepe the Frog copyright infringement claim filed against Infowars will proceed to trial, a California federal judge ruled Thursday after being unconvinced by motions argued by either side.

Matt Furie, who created the cartoon frog that became an internet meme and was co-opted by the far right, sued InfoWars for selling a poster of Pepe the Frog depicted alongside Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars founder Alex Jones and President Donald Trump. The posters sold for $29.95 apiece and generated gross revenues of over $31,000, the judge's ruling said.

District Judge Michael Fitzgerald ruled that InfoWars' did not provide evidence to back up its argument that Furie's frog was based on another amphibian from an Argentinian cartoon, El Sapo Pepe. He said Furie having access to the internet was not enough to prove he would have been aware of the Argentinian cartoon.

However, the judge said Furie's comments about his ownership of the frog are disputed enough to go to trial, ruling that a jury should determine whether the frog featured in the poster was Pepe or not.


The Great American Rail-Trail: Taming the wild forest

Hudson River domestic landscape
© Creative Commons
Hudson River domestic landscape from Andrew Jackson Downing’s” A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening,” 1841.
"People seem to have a greater interest in healthy activity," said Bill Rudge, veteran New Paltz-based supervisor of natural resources for the state Department of Environmental Conservation. "Many people seem to want to take a simple, easy route that makes the decisions they don't want to make." That's part of the explanation, Rudge said, for the increased interest in recent years - particularly by urban folks - in various recreational trails, both urban and rural.

Last week, a national group, the Rails to Trails Conservancy, announced plans for a trail between Washington, D.C. and Seattle. It may take a decade or two to complete the Great American Rail-Trail, but the group had detected substantial unmet demand from people itching to walk across America on railbeds from sea to shining sea.

New York State isn't waiting that long. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Empire State Trail from New York City to the Canadian border and from Albany to Buffalo, is scheduled for completion next year. To judge by the widespread support for these activities from politicians at every level of New York government, investment in trails has been widespread and continuing.

In Ulster County, several former railbeds have been or will be converted into trails. Since 19th-century railroad engines couldn't climb steep grades, those on Ulster County's trailbeds are gentle and sometimes meandering, allowing for the physically less challenging routes many people may prefer.


Facebook bans then un-bans Candace Owens over post on 'liberal supremacy' threat to black America

Candace Owens
© Reuters / Lucas Jackson
Conservative gadfly Candace Owens caught the wrong end of Facebook's ban hammer for questioning the threat posed by white supremacy compared to liberal policies. Though the ban was quickly reversed, reactions online were fiery.

"My @facebook page has been suspended for 7 days for posting that white supremacy is not a threat to black America," Owens tweeted Friday morning. The controversial Facebook post added that "liberal" policies were doing more harm to black communities.

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'People need to wake up': Arizona Congresswoman voices her opposition to the Equality Act

Rep. Debbie Lesko

Rep. Debbie Lesko
I'm Rep. Debbie Lesko from the state of Arizona.

The Equality Act-or I call it the Forfeiting Women's Rights Act-takes away women's and girls' rights that we fought for for years.

It requires organizations such as schools, churches, university dormitories, or nonprofit organizations to allow biological males in traditionally women's spaces like women's bathrooms, women's locker rooms, women's showers-even without any type of medical diagnosis or psychological diagnosis.

This really infringes on the rights of women and girls to have their privacy and to have safety.

The Equality Act would require doctors to give sex-change operations and sex-changing hormones to adolescents. Even if the parent disagrees and doesn't give permission. Women and girls who take these sex-changing hormones are then sterilized for the rest of their lives.

Comment: Why the 'Equality Act' is a setback not just for women but for all of society

Eye 1

Tech privacy report says widespread US face surveillance is an 'imminent reality'

surveillance camera
© Reuters / Regis Duvignau
Georgetown researchers are warning Americans about a sophisticated real-time face surveillance system that's about to become an "imminent reality" for millions of citizens across the country.

The 'America Under Watch' report is a warning that authorities in select US cities may soon be able to pick you out from a crowd, identify you, and trace your movements via a secret network of cameras constantly capturing images of your face.

The report claims both Detroit and Chicago purchased software from a South Carolina company, DataWorks Plus, that gives police the ability to scan live video from cameras located at businesses, health clinics, schools, and apartment buildings. Both cities say they are not currently using the technology.

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Quenelle - Golden

French rebellion: Yellow Vest movement marks 6-month anniversary with 27th straight weekend of anti-government protests

yellow vest protestor
© AFP / Francois Nascimbeni
A man stands stands near a burning site shack during a Yellow Vest demonstration in Reims, France on May 18, 2019.
Scuffles between police and protesters broke out in France's Reims as the Yellow Vest movement rallied on its 27th weekend in a row. The six-month anniversary demonstrations were peaceful in Paris and other cities.

Some 15,500 demonstrators have rallied across France, according to figures from the Interior Ministry. While the organizers claim the figure is just over 40,000 participants, it's still no match to the numbers the movement attracted when it started in November last year.

In Reims, multiple scuffles between law enforcement and demonstrators were registered. A heavy presence of the so-called 'black bloc' - far-left protesters, covering their faces and sporting similar black attires to make identification harder - might have contributed to the violence on the city's streets.

Comment: 6 months non-stop. In non-Western countries, foreign powers would long since have capitalized to foment a coup to their liking. But Western dissidents will find no international support; they must do it alone.

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Transgender powerlifting champion stripped of women's division titles for being male while competing

transgender weightlifter mary
© 75marylifts/Instagram
Mary Gregory
A transgender powerlifter who won multiple record-breaking world championships in the women's division while transitioning from male to female has been stripped of her titles after sports authorities ruled she was biologically male while competing.

The RAW Powerlifting Federation announced on May 3 that it had revoked the titles won by Mary Gregory in the women's squat, bench press and deadlift categories, as well as the "Masters total world record" she had earned for her overall weightlifting scores at the 100% Raw Competition on April 27, according to the Daily Mail.

Gregory's landslide victories - which included multiple world records she'd set for her age (she was 43 at the time) and weight categories - prompted automatic drug testing, per Raw Powerlifing Federation's post-competition protocol, said a statement released by the organization. It was then that authorities within the federation learned for the first time that Gregory was transitioning, they claim.

Comment: There are gender divisions in competitive sport for a good reason. Generally speaking, males have an advantage due to their strength, speed and stamina. This is a biological reality. Rejection of reality based on subjective feelings and emotions often leads to catastrophic consequences. And in the context of competitive sport, it is destroying many hard-working women's careers.

Could an able-bodied person compete in the Paralympics because they identify as a disabled person? Could a 25-year-old man identify as a 6-year old and compete in a 6-year-olds running race at school, celebrating his phenomenal win when he crossed the finish line first?

No, this is not acceptable because this would simply not be fair.


Plane crash in Honduras kills five foreigners

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Five foreign tourists, four of them Canadians, died on Saturday after a private plane they were traveling in crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from the island of Roatán, near the Atlantic coast of Honduras, local authorities said.


Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo donates $1.5 million to feed Palestinians in besieged Gaza Strip

Cristiano Ronaldo
© Ap / Luca Bruno

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has donated $1.5 million to feed the fasting people in the besieged Gaza Strip, Palestine, against the backdrop of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The Juventus star striker has never hid the fact that he is pro-Palestine, expressing his support for Palestinians several times in the past.

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has donated $1.5 million to feed the fasting people in the besieged Gaza Strip, Palestine, against the backdrop of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


Cash-strapped cities are turning citizens into surveillance-minded traffic and parking ticket vigilantes

spying on neighbors
Washington, D.C. plans to join a growing list of cash-strapped cities that turn citizens into ticket vigilantes.

According to a Fox5 News article, Bill B23-0288 would allow 80 citizens, ten in each of D.C.'s eight wards to print out parking tickets and citations.

These government shills will be tasked with spying on motorists and ticketing them if they park too long or violate parking rules.

Reason.com warns, "these new citizen parking enforcers would be accountable to no one."

If you think you had problems with your neighbor(s) before, just wait until they have the power to ticket anyone.

Apparently, turning your neighbor into spies (See Something, Say Something) is not enough for our government. Because now they want to turn your neighbor into a ticket vigilante, whose sole purpose is to collect money from everyone.