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Tue, 04 Oct 2022
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Fire in the Sky


South Carolina, US: Large boom heard in Mt. Pleasant

All afternoon, our newsroom has been flooded with calls, emails and twitter messages, about a loud boom heard in, and around, Mt. Pleasant.

We've gotten emails from Dunes West, Rivertowne Country club, Seaside farms, Hamlin Plantation, Brickyard, and even as far as Isle of Palms.

People who heard the sound described it as a loud explosion that started around 1:45pm, and only lasted for about 30 to 45 seconds. And many of you said your homes shook...


Iowa, US: Loud boom still unexplained

Mysterious booms heard south of Burlington Saturday night have many residents scratching their heads.

Law enforcement dispatchers said residents in Wever, West Point, Fort Madison and Keokuk reported hearing a loud noise -- strong enough to shake a house -- between 6:30 and 7 p.m. followed by other lesser booms at varying times Saturday night.

Law enforcement officials have theories about what caused the sounds but no concrete answers.

Comment: So many speculations, yet no one considers the possibility that the sound might have been produced by falling meteorites. After all, the Ursid Meteor shower happens around this time of year.


Hundreds Of Florida Residents Report Seeing Fireball In Sky

Numerous people reported seeing a big orange fireball with a green trail falling out of the sky in Palm Beach County on Thursday at about 5 p.m.


Minnesota, US: Dramatic fireball sighted by Twin Ports residents and others - more to come?

There are side benefits to creating a massive light display on Park Point. In this case, it meant Marcia and Zach Hales were outside at Park Point, looking toward the lake, on the night of Nov. 26.

The grandmother and grandson saw a bright white ball with a multi-colored vapor tail trailing behind it shoot across the sky from south to north. Zach says it disappeared over the horizon; Marcia thought it dropped into the lake.

It turns out they weren't the only ones to spot the fireball.


Cricket ball-meteor blazes across Western Australia

West Australia was treated to a rare show last night as a meteor blazed across the sky between Perth and the Goldfields.

Perth Observatory received dozens of reports of blue, green and orange lights in the sky between Perth and Leonora and east to Kalgoorlie just before 8.30pm.

Experts say the fireball was probably a meteor -- about the size of a cricket ball -- burning up as it passed through Earth's atmosphere.


Florida, US: Large fireball sighted in the sky

© Paul Skywarn
December 17th Meteor
Numerous reports of a large fireball in the sky were called into 911 dispatchers and our NewsChannel 5 newsroom Thursday evening.

Viewers reported a large green and blue fireball falling from the southern sky around 4:55pm.

Initial reports were a possible plane on fire in the sky but law enforcement officials confirmed no reports of aircrafts down.


South Carolina, US: Sunday's "boom" related to Tuesday's quake?

A number of people in the Lowcountry called News 2 to tell us about "a boom" they heard early Sunday afternoon.

Most of them live along the coast.

There is something known as the Seneca Guns.

It's the theory that there are cracks in the ocean floor and when gas escapes from those cracks, it causes a boom.

Nobody knows for sure if that's what happened.


Fireball '100 times brighter than a full moon' explodes over Colorado

© Cloudbait
Less than a month after a fireball meteor tore through Canadian skies, astronomer Christ Peterson of Cloudbait Observatory photographed a fireball near Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Fireball reported over Oregon skies

Some Oregonians from Bend to Portland reported a bright fireball flash across the northern sky Thursday night.


Meteor lights up the Thanksgiving sky

Seattle -- They say timing is everything. Boy, were we lucky.

Our Queen Anne Tower camera just happened to be rolling on air during KOMO 4 News at 5 a.m. and captured a meteor fireball streaking across the Seattle sky.

Just as anchor Mike Dardis was welcoming viewers back form a commercial break at 5:15, there went the shooting star right on cue.