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Sat, 30 Jul 2016
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Light Saber

Real progress: Russian airstrikes destroy ISIS tanks, ammunition, and communication centers, all in one week


Alexei Danichev / RIA Novosti
It's been a tough week for terrorists in Syria. Over seven days Russia delivered over a hundred airstrikes at various jihadist facilities across the country, reportedly igniting panic among some groups.

Russia launched its air campaign in Syria on September 30, making 120 combat sorties that hit 110 targets in just over a week, according to the Defense Ministry. Among the objects destroyed are:
  • 71 armored vehicles
  • 30 other vehicles
  • 19 command facilities
  • 2 communication centers
  • 23 depots with fuel and ammunition
  • 6 plants used to make IEDs, including car bombs
  • several artillery pieces
  • several training camps

Cowboy Hat

Help on the way? Russia deploys helicopter gunships near Afghan border

© Sputnik/ Vitaliy Ankov
Russia's military said it will beef up its force in Tajikistan, which neighbors Afghanistan's Kunduz province, the site of a recent uptick in Taliban violence.

Russia's Defense Ministry will strengthen its grouping in Tajikistan with attack and military transport helicopters, the official representative of Russia's Central Military District Yaroslav Roschupkin told journalists on Wednesday.

The unit now includes Mi-24P attack and Mi-8MTV transport and combat helicopters. The helicopters will be stationed at the 201st military base, in the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan. Violence on the Afghan side of the border escalated in recent weeks after Taliban militants seized the city of Kunduz, prompting a response from US and Afghan forces.

"The military capabilities of the 201st military base <...> will be enhanced by helicopter aviation. The created aerial grouping will be based in the Gissar district of Tajikistan, at the Aini air base 30 kilometers from Dushanbe," Roschupkin told journalists.

Comment: Looks like Russia is preparing to fullfill Afghanistan's request for help: Afghanistan requests military assistance from Russia for its war on terror.


Highway to hell: US investigates Toyota into how ISIL gets its infamous trucks

© AP Photo/ Uncredited
Islamic State militants parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces vehicle on a main road at the northern city of Mosul.
Washington has opened an investigation into how the Islamic State has managed to obtain so many Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs, which feature in the jihadist group's propaganda videos.

The Terror Financing Unit of the US Treasury Department is investigating how Islamic State militants managed to acquire so many Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs; the vehicles constantly appear in the jihadist group's propaganda videos, media reports said.

Toyota, the world's second largest auto manufacturer, has already reportedly said that they are assisting in the inquiry, but that they do not know how their vehicles were obtained by the militants.

"We briefed Treasury on Toyota's supply chains in the Middle East and the procedures that Toyota has in place to protect supply chain integrity," Ed Lewis, Toyota's Washington-based director of public policy and communications, said.

Comment: Apparently the Terror Financing Unit of the US Treasury Department isn't aware of the CIA funding trail of ISIS. Will they be shocked if they find out?


Syrian army launches large-scale offensive against ISIS

© Michael Alaeddin / RIA Novosti
Multiple rocket launchers Grad fire at positions of ISIS militants near the border between Homs and Hama Governorates, Syria.
The Syrian Army announced a large-scale offensive aimed at retaking several key cities and regions from terrorist forces after a week-long bombing campaign by Russia targeting the jihadists. The government forces "have been keeping the initiative for several years," said General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub, the head of the Syrian General Staff, announcing the offensive. The offensive was made possible by the effort made by Russia in supporting the Syrian government militarily, Ayyoub said.

"The airstrikes of the Russian Air Force have damaged the capabilities of the international terrorist organization Islamic State and other groups," the general said. Russian warplanes began attacking terrorist targets in Syria last week, hitting over 100 targets throughout the country. According to Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad: 'Russia has produced significant results in several days that greatly surpass those achieved by the [US-led anti-ISIS] coalition in over a year.'

Comment: The US CorpGov and Saudi Wahhabi regime now stand exposed before the world as the real terrorists.

It appears that Russia wants to stabilize the region as quickly as possible, preferably by next convincing Iraq to permit Russian airstrikes against the terrorists there. If and when that is done, the Saudis will find themselves surrounded by an alliance of countries that have essentially shaken the yoke of the US Empire.

Where previously there was war and chaos in the Middle East, hopefully there will now be a shared wish for peace and prosperity.

Snakes in Suits

Psychopathic Saudis strike again: Airstrike kills 15, injures dozens at Yemeni wedding

© Mohamed al-Sayaghi / Reuters
A Houthi militant stands outside al-Nour mosque in Yemen's capital Sanaa October 7, 2015.
At least 15 civilians were killed and 25 wounded in two Saudi-led airstrikes that hit a wedding party in Yemen hosted by a tribal leader, an alleged supporter of Houthi rebels, according to media reports. It was the second wedding targeted in two weeks.

The strikes hit the tribal leader's home in Sanban, located southeast of the capital, Sanaa, in Dhamar province, AP reported citing officials and witnesses.

The house reportedly belonged to Muhammed al-Sanabani, the Khaleej Post said. Three of Sanabani's sons were to be married off on Wednesday evening. The strikes hit the house as the brides were arriving at the ceremony, according to witnesses.

Comment: The blood thirsty Saudis will not stop firing their military hardware on civilians. Maybe a new leadership will rethink this war mongering policy.

Saudi king hospitalized for dementia: Power grab imminent?
Head of UNHRC Saudi Arabia forces the UN to drop humanitarian inquiry into Yemen atrocities
Trouble in the Kingdom: Unhappy prince calling for Saudi Palace coup

Light Sabers

Turkey's saber rattling on Russia and the NATO-Russia hot war in Syria

© Dmitriy Vinogradov / RIA Novosti
Russian Su-30 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria
So a Su-30 enters a few hundred meters into Turkish airspace for only two minutes over Hatay province, and returns to Syrian airspace after being warned by a couple of Turkish F-16s.

Then all hell breaks loose as if this was the ultimate pretext for a NATO-Russia war.

NATO, predictably, went out all rhetorical guns blazing. Russia is causing "extreme danger" and should immediately stop bombing those cute "moderate rebels" the coalition of the dodgy opportunists refuses to bomb.

But wait; NATO is actually too busy to go to war. The priority, until at least November, is the epic Trident Juncture 2015; 36,000 troops from 30 states, more than 60 warships, around 200 aircraft, all are seriously practicing how to defend from the proverbial "The Russians are Coming!"


State of Emergency in the West Bank declared by Palestinian Red Crescent Society

© www.maryscullyreports.com
Palestinians run past a bombed out ambulance to retrieve the dead and wounded.
The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has declared a level 3 state of emergency in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, following the serious escalation of attacks by Israeli forces and violent settlers against Palestinians, which has included assaults and serious violations against PCRS staff and ambulances.

Over the weekend PRCS crews found themselves under attack from Israeli forces and violent settlers:
On Sunday the 4th of October, Israeli occupation soldiers attacked a PRCS' ambulance in the line of duty in front of Al Quds University in Abou Diss, firing rubber bullets and tear gas grenades at it. On the 2nd of October, occupation soldiers attacked an ambulance in Al Eissawiyeh to the North of Jerusalem. They then proceeded to arrest an injured Palestinian from inside the ambulance. In Boureen (Nablus Governorate), settlers prevented a PRCS' ambulance from discharging its humanitarian duty and smashed its windshield.

The next day, five PRCS' paramedics were beaten up by soldiers in Jerusalem. That same day, another group of soldiers attacked with their batons another PRCS' ambulance in the Old City of Jerusalem Also on the same day, occupation soldiers severely beat another ambulance crew in Jabal Al Taweel (Al-Bireh), wounding two paramedics. They then kidnapped an injured Palestinian from inside the ambulance, firing tear gas grenades and rubber bullets at it.
According to the New York Times, PRCS has reported "some 500 injuries in recent days". This was published before "at least four Palestinians were shot by Israeli army live fire" last night, according to the International Middle East Media Center and countless more people will no doubt be injured in the coming days.

Comment: Israel is out to destroy Palestinians without conscience or remorse. It never looks back nor has a moment of compassion. Genocide. Impunity. Really unfathomable is the mesmerizing effect Israel has on countries (that used to be at least humane, if not outright champions of the weak and suffering) to be able to place a chain around their necks and yank it at will. As lamented in the article: who is going to stop them? Hey there rest of the world...what is your plan?

Bad Guys

'ISIS used chemical weapons in Iraq in August': "Signatures of sulfur mustard" discovered in blood samples of 35 Kurds

© Thaier Al-Sudani / Reuters
A chlorine-tinged cloud of smoke rises into the air in the town of al-Alam in Salahuddin province
Islamic State militants used mortar rounds containing a mustard agent against Kurdish Peshmerga troops fighting in northern Iraq in August, Kurdish representatives said, citing the analyses of blood samples taken from 35 combatants.

"Signatures of sulfur mustard" were discovered in blood samples of 35 Kurdish fighters, who were exposed southwest of the regional capital of Erbil, Reuters reported, citing a statement by the so-called Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs.

Peshmerga are the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, which are managed by a separate ministry of the local government.

The troops sustained wounds characteristic of the agent, which is banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997, the statement added. The August attack involved 37 mortars "releasing white smoke and a black liquid" upon detonation.

The statement didn't specify the number of Peshmerga fatalities incurred in the attack or the severity of the wounds suffered by the troops.

War Whore

U.S. Senate passes defense spending bill that blocks Gitmo closure, allows aid to Ukraine and $612 billion for Pentagon

© Larry Downing/Reuters
Twenty-one Senate Democrats voted in favor of the NDAA, a controversial military spending bill the White House wants to veto, giving its supporters a 70-27 majority sufficient to override President Barack Obama's opposition.

In a vote Wednesday afternoon, the Senate adopted the Conference Report accompanying House Resolution 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2016. The bill authorizes $612 billion in Pentagon funding. The "conference report" is the final version of a bill negotiated between the Senate and the House of Representatives through a Conference Committee. Last Thursday, the House approved the NDAA with a 270-156 vote, 20 short of a veto-proof majority.

The bill was sent to President Barack Obama, who previously threatened to veto it. However, he may find it more difficult to do after it passed the Senate with a veto-proof majority.

One major issue Obama cited in his opposition to the NDAA is that the lawmakers sought to avoid the budget cap on defense spending by adding about $38 billion to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund, a special account reserved for bankrolling wars.

The second bone of contention is the lawmakers' refusal to allow the closure of the notorious detention camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

No to closing Gitmo

Subtitle D (Sections 1031-1040) of the NDAA blocks Obama's initiative to close down "Gitmo." It prohibits the use of funding to build facilities for Guantanamo inmates inside the US, their transfer to US soil, or release to countries of origin or third countries until a number of onerous conditions are met. One such condition calls for the Department of Defense to submit a detailed plan for all individuals held at Guantanamo, and for Congress to approve it.

Comment: Washington has had the U.S. in wars for about 13 years now. It's pretty obvious that Congress no longer represents the people, but corporations that profit off of the never ending war on terror. Had enough?

Gerald Celente launches National 'Occupy Peace' anti-war movement

Bizarro Earth

TPP Agreement: US's calling card for the death of sovereign nations, including itself

After five years of negotiations, this week in Atlanta the trade ministers from all twelve nations finally arrived at an agreement to the biggest economic treaty in human history, co-opting their masters' Trans-Pacific Partnership after hashing out their final bones of contention and bringing their New World Order one giant step closer to mankind. Sending their final 30 chapter product for each of the dozen national governments to now sign off and ratify, once that hurdle is navigated, enter the Brave New World Order of a one world government. Back in May US Congress already voted to give up its oversight role by handing its reigns of authority over to presidential dictator Obama to personally fast track it. To accomplish the passage of the May fast track bill, Big Business bribed US Senators to vote in favor by a 65-33 margin with a carrot stick sum of $1,148,971 between January and March 2015 when the bill was debated on the floor. This sadly is how business as usual gets done in Washington.

Comment: See also: