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Tue, 23 Jan 2018
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Twitter Reacts: Killary gets ROASTED over title of her new book

Hillary Clinton book

A more accurate title?
The Gateway Pundit reports that Hillary Clinton has chosen to name her up-coming book "What Happened."

In the so-called memoir, the former Secretary of State will lay out all the reasons why she lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
It's rumored Clinton will do a lot of blaming, rather than accept the blame for the epic loss. However, not only can Hillary Clinton not assume responsibility for losing the election, but her legion of aides, consultants and advisors couldn't even help her select an original book title. As it turns out, "What Happened" is also the name of former President Bush's press secretary Scott McClellan's book.
AP reports...
Hillary Clinton is calling her new book "What Happened" and promising unprecedented candor as she remembers her stunning defeat last year to Donald Trump.

"In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I've often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net," Clinton writes in the introduction, according to publisher Simon & Schuster. "Now I'm letting my guard down."

Simon & Schuster told The Associated Press on Thursday that Clinton's book will be a highly personal work that also is a "cautionary tale" about Russian interference in last year's election and its threat to democracy.

"What Happened" is scheduled to come out Sept. 12.

Clinton's upcoming memoir isn't the first political book to be called "What Happened." Scott McClellan, a former White House press secretary during the George W. Bush administration, released a book with the same title in 2008. McClellan's memoir was an unexpectedly critical take on his former boss that became a best-seller.
Hillary Clinton got completely demolished on twitter after announcing her new book title.

Comment: Like a true psychopath, Hillary continues to deflect blame, play the victim, and exploit her fan base and position for more money.


Russia suspends use of all warehouses by US Embassy starting August 1

us embassy moscow
© Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev
Russia is suspending the use of all warehouses in Moscow by the US embassy starting from August 1, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

"The Russian side is suspending as of August 1 the use by the US embassy in Russia of all warehouses on the Dorozhnaya Street in Moscow and the dacha compound in Serebryanyy Bor," the ministry said in a statement.

The move comes following the US Senate's approval of a new set of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, which is yet to be signed by President Donald Trump. The bill limits Trump's ability to lift the restrictions on Moscow.

Moscow also offered to Washington to cut the number of its diplomatic staff by September 1 commensurate to the number of Russian diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry offered to the United States to limit the number of its diplomats in Russia to 455 people.

"We are offering to the US side to bring the numbers of US diplomatic and technical staff working in the US embassy in Moscow, in general consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok to reflect the exact number of Russian diplomats and technical staff who are in the United States. This means that the total number of employees in US diplomatic and consular agencies in Russia will be cut to 455," the ministry said in a statement.


Dissecting the lies in PBS' "Inside Putin's Russia" series

Vladimir Putin
Dissecting the untruths of state-funded US media one lie at a time

The US government supported Public Broadcasting System (PBS) recently ran a five part series dubbed "Inside Putin's Russia". With a different theme each night, it purports to give a realistic look at Russia today. The image conveyed is of a Russia that is undemocratic with widespread state repression, violence and propaganda. Following are significant distortions and falsehoods in the five part documentary.

Episode 1: "How Putin Redefined what it means to be Russian"

In this episode, the documentary:

* Claims that Russian identity is based on "projection of power". In reality, "projection of power" characterizes the US much more than Russia. For the past two centuries the United States has expanded across the continent and globe. The last century is documented in the book "Overthrow: American's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq". The US currently has nearly 800 foreign military bases in over 70 countries. In contrast, Russia has military bases in only two countries beyond the former Soviet Union: Syria and Vietnam.

* Ignores crucial information about events in Ukraine. Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine and Crimea are presented as examples of "projection of power". However, basic facts are omitted from the documentary. There is no mention of the violent February 2014 coup in Kiev nor the involvement of neoconservatives such as Sen McCain and US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. In a December 2013 speech, Nuland outlined her intense involvement in Ukraine including US "requirements" that Ukraine choose a "European future" since the US had "invested $5 billion to assist". Days before the coup in February 2014 Nuland was captured on audio planning the composition of the coup leadership.


Romania closes airspace to Russian passenger jet carrying deputy PM on board

Russian S7 airplane
© s7.ru
Authorities in Romania have denied access to its airspace for a Russian flight that was headed to Chisinau in Moldova. Russia's deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, was on board the passenger plane, which had to request an emergency landing in Belarus.

Russia's ambassador to Moldova, Farit Mukhametshin, who was waiting for Rogozin at Chisinau airport, confirmed to Rossiya 24 TV channel that Romania had denied access to the Russian plane on Friday.

Rogozin was headed to Chisinau to meet with Moldovan President Igor Dodon.


Judicial Watch files three FOIA lawsuits against acting FBI chief McCabe

Andrew McCabe
© AP Photo/ Jacquelyn Martin
Three Freedom of Information Act lawsuits are seeking information on Acting Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Andrew McCabe's political activities, travel and employment status, the watchdog group Judicial Watch said in a press release on Friday.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is quoted in the release as saying the lawsuits will help answer questions about the ethics and judgment about the top leadership of the FBI.

"Judicial Watch today announced that it filed three separate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the US Department of Justice seeking records for current FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe relating to his political activities, travel vouchers, and employment status," the release stated.


Russia isn't arming the Taliban, but the 'deep state' wants Trump to think so

© Sputnik/ Alexandr Graschenkov
The US' latest disinformation offensive against Russia is aimed at manipulating Trump into dispatching more uniformed troops to Afghanistan instead of going through with Bannon's PMC proposal, as both factions fight for control over who will receive the profitable right to ensure security for future American mining operations.

International media lit up in feverish speculation earlier this week after unsubstantiated reports emerged once again that Russia is supposedly arming the Taliban. Moscow struck back at these accusations by decrying them as baseless and part of a US disinformation campaign, which they are, but a few more words need to be offered about this provocative episode in order to place it into its proper context.

The US is aghast that Russia has taken the lead in organizing the Moscow peace process for Afghanistan, which has already seen three meetings hosted in the Russian capital involving all of the war-torn country's regional stakeholders.


Japan sanctions Chinese bank and firms to pressure North Korea

The 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel, the highest building under construction in North Korea, is seen in Pyongyang
© Bobby Yip / Reuters
The 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel, the highest building under construction in North Korea, is seen in Pyongyang.
Tokyo on Friday has announced the blacklisting of two Chinese companies for their connections with North Korea. The announcement comes as concerns rise Pyongyang is prepping for another missile test.

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said five entities, including two Chinese organizations, and nine individuals will be "newly subject to asset freezing" and other unilateral punishment.

According to Nikkei daily, China's Bank of Dandong, a Chinese shipping firm and a North Korean trading house dealing with coal and other commodities are among the organizations slapped with the new sanctions.

The Bank of Dandong has also been sanctioned by the US and is accused of money laundering for North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

"It is important to strengthen pressure so that North Korea should act toward denuclearization," Kishida told reporters as cited by AFP.

"We will urge North Korea to take concrete action toward the resolution of issues," he added.

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US orders embassy staff families to leave Venezuela citing 'unpredictable' situation

US Embassy in Caracas
© Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters
The US State Department has ordered family members of embassy personnel in Caracas to leave the country due to security concerns amid violent protests. It also issued a warning against traveling to Venezuela.

The State Department notification came on Thursday, warning US citizens of "social unrest, violent crime, and pervasive food and medicine shortages."

"This travel warning also informs U.S. citizens that on July 27, the Department ordered the departure of family members and authorized the voluntary departure of U.S. government employees from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas," it reads.

The embassy employees willing to depart the Latin American nation have been sanctioned to leave, while those who are staying had their movement within the capital and other parts of the country restricted.

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Sanctions retaliation: Russia tells US to cut embassy staff and stop using storage facilities, US has temper tantrum

US diplomatic staff in Russia
© Valeriy Melnikov / Sputnik
Moscow has told the US to reduce the number of its diplomatic staff in Russia to 455 people, and is also halting the use of embassy storage facilities in the capital, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The retaliatory move comes after the US Congress approved new sanctions against Russia.

"The Russian side is suspending the use of all storage facilities on Dorozhnaya Street in Moscow, and a cottage in Serebryaniy Bor by the US Embassy in Russia as of August 1," the ministry said in a statement.

The number of US diplomatic service staff in Russia should be reduced to equal the number of Russian diplomats in the US by September 1, Moscow says.

"This means that the total number of personnel involved in the American diplomatic and consular institutions in the Russian Federation is reduced to 455."

Comment: The Ministry's official English statement:
On July 27, the US Congress passed a new bill on tougher anti-Russia sanctions. This measure is further proof of the Unites States' extremely hostile foreign policy. Hiding behind its own "exclusiveness", the United States arrogantly ignores the stances and interests of other countries.

It is common knowledge that the Russian Federation has been doing everything in its power to improve bilateral relations, to encourage ties and cooperation with the US on the most pressing issues on the international agenda including fighting terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, illegal drug trafficking, illegal migration, cybercrime, etc. Our understanding has been that we can only solve these global problems if we work together. We believe the majority of people in the world share this approach.

Meanwhile, the United States is using Russia's alleged interference in its domestic affairs as an absolutely contrived excuse for its persevering and crude campaigns against Russia. This activity contradicts the principles of international law, the UN Charter, WTO regulations and, simply, the common standards of civilised international communication.

The United States continues to pass more unlawful sanctions against Russia, to seize Russia's diplomatic property, which is formalised in binding bilateral documents, and to deport Russian diplomats. This is clearly a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and generally recognised diplomatic practices.

The adoption of the new sanctions bill is an obvious indication that relations with Russia are in thrall to the political infighting in the United States. Moreover, the new bill sets to a goal to create a dishonest competitive advantage for the US in the global economy through the use of political means. This blackmail aimed at restricting Russia's cooperation with its foreign partners threatens many countries and international businesses.

Despite Washington's constant outbursts, we have adhered to responsible and reserved behaviour and have not responded to express provocations until now. However, the latest events confirm that certain circles in the US are fixated on Russophobia and open confrontation with our country.

- Therefore, we suggest our American counterparts bringing the number of diplomatic and technical staff at the US Embassy in Moscow, the consulates general in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, into strict correspondence with the number of Russian diplomats and technical staff currently working in the United States, until September 1, 2017. This means that the total number of American diplomatic and consular office employees in the Russian Federation must be reduced to 455 people. In the event of further unilateral action on behalf of US officials to reduce the Russian diplomatic staff in the US, we will respond accordingly.

- Starting August 1, the use of all the storage facilities on Dorozhnaya Street in Moscow and the country house in Serebryany Bor will be suspended from use by the US Embassy.

Russia reserves the right to resort to other measures affecting US' interests on a basis of reciprocity.


Ex-Democratic staffer arrested for bank fraud hid stolen government electronics

DNC headqurters
© AP Photo/ Paul Holston
It was revealed on Thursday's episode of Radio Sputnik's Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan that electronics - including laptops, hard drives and Blackberries - stolen from the Democratic National Committee were found at a home owned by Imran Awan, a former DNC staffer arrested by the FBI while attempting to flee the country on Monday.

Awan was a DNC contractor while Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the head of the DNC. He has been the subject of a separate criminal probe since March for "committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network," with the help of four accomplices, Politico reported in March. "The five current and former House staffers are accused of stealing equipment from members' offices without their knowledge," the Politico report noted.

"I knew right away something was wrong since they had government markings," said Andre Taggart, a former US marine and a tenant at a property owned by Awan, referring to electronics equipment. Taggart told the FBI and Capitol Police that hard drives, which had been "pried open," were located at the house owned by Awan and his wife Hina Alvi. Independent journalist George Webb explained the findings on Thursday's episode of Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan on Radio Sputnik.