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Wed, 23 Jan 2019
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Amazon's Alexa robot is in on the 'chemtrail conspiracy'

amazon alexa
© AP Photo / Jeff Chiu
Alexa, the virtual home assistant developed by Amazon, seems to fall for conspiracy theories, or alternatively, she might have inadvertently blown the whistle on state authorities.

Video footage has emerged showing Alexa responding to the question, "What is a chemtrail?"

The robot replies that chemtrails "left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public by government officials."

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Matt Landman on April 8 and now boasts over 6,000 views.

Comment: It was subsequently removed from Youtube, but you can see it on the video below.

Comment: One probably shouldn't rely on Amazon's Alexa to do the thinking for them: Chemtrails, Disinformation and the Sixth Extinction

Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?


Stormy Daniels killed in Syrian airstrike

Stormy Daniels cartoon
© Steve Sack / The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, MN
Adult film star Stormy Daniels has been reportedly killed last night in a US led airstrike in Syria, WWN can confirm.

The controversial porn actress had apparently travelled to the middle eastern country on Thursday in what friends and family members are saying was an unusual move by the dead 39-year-old.

"We have no idea how she got there," a close friend said last night, "it's just not a country Stormy would ever visit on a whim, so we're all very upset and confused as to why she would go to such a dangerous place, considering the predicted missile strikes".

Investigators on the ground believe Ms. Daniels was apparently filming a documentary when over 50 tomahawk missiles accidentally hit the location she was at, obliterating her and a number of other American women who just happened to be there at the time.


"Do you want me to lie to you?!": US Weatherman rants at colleagues bemoaning that there's no sign of spring

It has been a longer winter for Fox 17's weather forecaster Garry Frank
Fox 17's Garry Frank weather forecaster has lost his temper with the seemingly endless Michigan winter in what has been described as a turbulent rant-cast.

His stormy forecast of yet another cooler-than-average period was mostly addressed to his co-hosts and anchors who were equally dispirited about the continuing cold snap.

Frank, feeling like the shot messenger, jokingly told them that it wasn't his fault that things were not warming up.

It has been a longer winter for Fox 17's weather forecaster Garry Frank

Garry Frank was upset that his colleagues seemed to blame him for the unending winter

Comment: His little tantrum is understandable, where is spring?! But the whole planet is suffering extended periods of cold and completely erratic seasons, yet he's more concerned with his deflated ego, for not receiving praise from his colleagues - if he was a farmer he'd actually have his livelihood at stake; and further down the line, there's the real problem of worldwide food shortages:


Zuckerberg upgraded with newer emotional chip!

Zuckerberg 3.1
© Trendsmap
Mark Zuckerberg is to be upgraded to 'the full range of human emotions' as Facebook attempt to defuse their ongoing problems.

Zuckerberg, who has expressed confusion as to why the humans have water coming from their eyes after discovering just what he'd been doing with their data, will be upgraded to Emotion 3.1 this weekend.

"You appear to be suffering from distress and hysteria," Zuckerberg told angry Facebook users. "Would you like to see some adverts for calming herbal remedies?

"Perhaps you'd find it helpful to reconnect with these people you have had no contact with for twenty years? I understand people enjoy and value friendship."


Traces of ministry-grade swerve agent "Govichock" in Boris Johnson's statements discovered by experts

humpty boris johnson
Experts at the Department for Sifting Truth from Lies (DSTL) at Porkie Down in Wiltshire, have been analysing Boris Johnson's statements made during an interview with Deutsche Welle on 20th March, to see whether they may contain any traces of truth. In answer to a question about how scientists were able to identify Russia as the source of the substance allegedly used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal, and whether the laboratory possesses samples, Mr Johnson replied:
"They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, 'Are you sure?' And he said there's no doubt. We have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken."
Social media users were quick to point out that his claims appear to be at odds with those subsequently made by Gary Aitkenhead, Chief Executive of Porton Down (not to be confused with Porkie Down), who said in an interview with Sky News that his laboratory had been unable to identify the origin of the substance.

Samples of Mr Johnson's statement were sent for analysis, and according to initial reports coming from the Porkie Down facility, experts have been unable to discern any traces of truth, but believe that they may have found traces of a substance known as "Govichock" - the name of a secretive Government programme aimed at confusing the public by cramming their official narratives "chock" full of inconsistencies and obfuscations.

Snowflake Cold

Hot springs lower stress in Japan's bathing monkeys

snow monkeys
© New York Times
For the famed snow monkeys, a troop of Japanese macaques that live near Nagano, soaking in hot springs eases the stress of cold winters. But how did they come to adopt this habit?
The snow monkeys of Japan are famous, as monkeys go. This troop of Japanese macaques lives in the north, near Nagano, the mountainous, snowy site of the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Others of their species live even farther north, farther than any other nonhuman primate, so they are able to adapt to winter weather.

But the source of this troop's fame is an adaptation that only they exhibit: soaking in hot spring bathing pools. Their habitat is full of natural hot springs that tend to be over 140 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that is apparently uncomfortable for the monkeys.

Alarm Clock

Invasion of the time travelers

time traveler

They’ve come from the future for two reasons: 1) To save us from ourselves; and 2) to make YouTube confessionals
In the year 2000, a time traveler reportedly walked among us. He was from the year 2038, but he drove a 1967 Chevy Corvette. His sweet time ride disrupted gravity using a twin singularity system. This time traveler arrived in present day to stop a civil war in the U.S. He did so by contacting the U.S. intelligence community and convincing them to let 9/11 happen. And it worked. The civil war of 2008 was averted, and the history of the world hopped onto a different timeline.

This isn't the plot of a bad movie. At least, not yet. However, it's probably the most popular internet legend you've never heard of. Not to mention, it's definitely one of the strangest 9/11 conspiracy theories you'll ever come across.

But most of all, it's just the tip of a very weird internet iceberg: The Invasion of the Time Traveler.

In late 2000, in the forums for Coast to Coast AM, a late-night radio program dedicated to the paranormal, a man named John Titor began to post about how he was a time traveler. He claimed he was originally sent back to 1975 to pick up an IBM 5100 computer. His situation was a lot like the Bruce Willis character from 12 Monkeys. Instead of locating a virus, however, he was sent back to find a very specific early IBM portable, one that his grandfather had helped program and assemble. It was vitally important Titor retrieve it so government scientists from the future could use it to fight a legacy computer bug nicknamed "the year 2038 problem." (Which, by the way, is a real thing.)


'Get over it' says Netanyahu after the most recent killing of Palestinians

© Waterford Whispers News
In an effort to better explain the killings of at least 18 Palestinians attending a mass protest at the Gaza-Israel border, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu reminded everyone about how they got over the fact Israeli forces killed some children playing on a beach four years ago.

"Guys, honestly there's no reason to get so worked up about the slaughter of innocent people. Just look how we all moved on from a targeted airstrike on some kids playing on a Gaza beach. Let's save ourselves some time and energy and just skip to the 'getting over it' part," Netanyahu confirmed.

Although Netanyahu was visibly relieved to be taking a break from accusations of corruption and bribery, he also appeared vexed by the insistence in some quarters that Palestinian lives carry value that is on par with other, non-Palestinian human beings.


Story about an office lunch thief told in Tweets

working man
© YouTube screenshot
A working man posted a story about an office lunch thief to Twitter — and it has since gone mega-viral.
There's nothing worse than opening the refrigerator to find the food that had occupied your mind all day is no longer there. What's worse is when it happens at the office.

But one man's story about an office lunch thief has gone mega-viral - and it's absolutely hilarious. The story was so popular, in fact, that it garnered the attention of actors and play directors.

Here's the story:


Here we go again....Passage in the Bible predicts the world will end in 2018!

Horseman of the Apocalypse
© YouTube
Christian sects have been predicting the end of the world for millennia, continuing all the way up to the present day. It's humiliating when those predictions inevitably fall flat, especially when the prophets head back to the drawing board and cook up more bizarre calculations to find a new calendar date for Armageddon. For all that Bible-reading, they always seem to ignore Matthew 24:36: "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone."

In January, someone named Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue told The Daily Star that the world is going to end on June 24, 2018.

According to him, the date comes from a passage in the Book of Revelations that reads "And a mouth was given to [the Beast], speaking great things and blasphemy, and it was given authority to act forty and two months."

Combining the "42 months" number with the traditionally recognized number of the Beast, 666, as well as the "crop harvest and price" (it's still unclear what that means), he ended up with June 24, 2018.