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Well, here in the UK we have a new, sorry, I meant Labour government, led by the charismatic Keir Starmer.

Likened to a dish rag, and not without good reason, Keir Starmer now commands the government with a whopping 170+ seat majority after nearly 80% of the British electorate didn't vote for either him or the Labour party.

This all makes sense because people imagine that representative democracy has something to do with democracy, which it doesn't. Still, who cares!

Government is a shit idea anyway so if we are going to be ruled by anyone, why not the man who went out of his way not to prosecute Britain's worst ever paedophile, necrophiliac pimp and was still listed as a "former" member of the Trilateral Commission in 2022 with their little explanatory note: "former members in public service."

He's not an active member of the Trilateral Commission. Honest, he's not!

Why should we care you may ask? Well, the Trilateral Commission that Keir serves...sorry, there I go again, "served," is just a Rockefeller owned — my mistake — aligned globalist think tank that promotes ideas like the "pursuit of the European unification" and brings together a global public-private partnership of policymakers, business leaders, media moguls and selected academics who have taken it upon themselves to decide what the "solutions to some of the world's toughest problems" are.

Sure, you voted to leave the EU but now you've elected to rejoin it. OK, so you didn't vote to have policy decisions forced upon you by some remote oligarch think tank either, but that's just too bad. If you voted in the UK general election, this is what you voted for so you don't have any right to complain.

Of course, the largest single group of voters didn't elect any government at all. With 60% general election turnout — with a turnout below 50% in 59 constituencies — Labour's paltry 34% of the vote was resoundingly trounced by the 40% of the UK electorate who couldn't be arsed to vote for anyone. The most popular choice in the UK is no government.

Whether it was apathy, the wet and absolutely bloody freezing July weather — global warming eh? — or just the terminally depressing prospect of having to partake in the state's quinquennial anointment ceremony, who knows? And frankly, who gives a damn?

The government was threatening us with violence if we didn't do as we were told yesterday — a threat it can certainly back up by the way — and the government is still threatening us with the same today. Yesterday the government was blue, today it is red, what's the difference apart from a wallpaper change? It's still the same government.

Globalist thinks tanks like the Trilateral Commission were controlling government policy yesterday and they still are today. Your "vote" meant absolutely jack-shit.

Still, It's nice to imagine you have some sort of democratic oversight, I guess. That is, of course, if controlling other people matters to you.

So what have we got at the end of the day?

About 20.4% percent of the electorate voted for their favourite gang to be the ones who will enforce whatever policies the oligarchs want to foist on everyone. The remaining 79.6% of voters either wanted a different gang to wave flags for or no gang at all.

A tiny minority, who certainly didn't vote, think the idea of forcing someone else to do what you want by sticking a cross in a box once every five years is not only — literally — a box-ticking exercise, but also an absolutely appalling and morally bankrupt thing to do.

With 34% of the vote Labour gets 64% of parliamentary seats because reasons. This means it doesn't have to listen to anybody at all for the next five years. Although it will certainly be listening to a bunch of parasitic oligarchs because that is who governments actually serve and always listen to.

The so-called UK government, which is really just a relatively minor "enabling" partner in the global public-private partnership, has absolutely no legitimate democratic mandate at all.

Which is yet another reason, in a very long list of excellent reasons, to ignore it completely.