© Joel Saget/AFPElon Musk
The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has called the "massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth" the main factor.

The continuing influx of illegal immigrants into the US could mean that American citizens could cease to decide the outcome of elections in the country in the not-too-distant future, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has predicted. The South African-born billionaire claimed that the Democrats are wittingly refusing to address the issue, in the hope of skewing the balance in their favor.

Musk's recent comment came in response to Republican lawmakers passing the Equal Representation Act in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, which would require the Census Bureau to ask respondents about their citizenship in its ten-year surveys. GOP representatives want only US citizens to be counted when determining the number of congressional seats in each state.

House Speaker Mike Johnson argued:
"We should not reward states and cities that violate federal immigration laws and maintain sanctuary policies with increased Congressional representation. Common sense dictates that only American citizens should be counted for electoral apportionment."
Democratic Representative Grace Meng of New York described the initiative as "reckless, cynical, and frankly, illegal."

President Joe Biden's office was quick to state that it "strongly opposes" the measure, "which would preclude the Department of Commerce's Census Bureau from performing its constitutionally mandated responsibility."

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, Musk wrote:
"Unanimous Democrat opposition to requiring citizenship for apportionment of House seats and Presidential electoral college votes says it all. The Democratic Party goal is to disenfranchise US citizens by importing as many illegal immigrants as possible. Given the massive influx of illegals from every country on Earth, 2024 will probably be the last election actually decided by US citizens."

Comment: Drop off locations would be a clue.

Last month, he warned that a terrorist attack on US soil on a September-11 scale is "only a matter of time," considering the number of people who have entered the country illegally.

In February, Musk alleged that the Biden administration is seeking to import as many illegal immigrants as possible, legalize them, and "create a permanent majority - a one-party state."

According to some estimates, there could be as many as 16 million illegal migrants in the US at this point, including over 7.2 million who entered during Biden's tenure.

The issue of lax security at the US-Mexican border has dominated domestic politics in America for months, with Republicans advocating tougher controls and Democrats arguing in favor of a more liberal approach to the issue.