donbass ukraine shelling road damage
© Sergey Baturin/SputnikA hole is seen in the bridge's roadway after a recent shelling by Ukrainian Armed Forces in the course of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, in Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic, Russia.
I have a friend here named Rafi Jabbar, who I served with in 2015 in Vostok Battalion. Rafi earned his DPR and Russian citizenship in combat, where he was known as a brave and expert soldier until he got wounded by a boobytrap in early 2019.

And by "wounded", I mean both his legs were blown off. In 2023, he, like Gonzalo Lira, was arrested in a foreign country on bogus charges, but he was not tortured and he did not die, and in fact, was released in less than a month, on the orders of the very highest levels of the Russian government. Here's Rafi's story - compare and contrast with the horrific fate of Gonzalo Lira, who the latest reports from reliable sources (not yet, but I think soon to be 100% confirmed) was actually extorted for over $250,000 by agents of the SBU, with the the knowledge and connivance of the vice consul of the US embassy, and when Lira tried to contact a lawyer, was beaten and tortured to death in his jail cell.)

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Rafi was born in Afghanistan in the 1980's, his parents were killed by jihadists, and when the Russians withdrew, he was taken with them to be raised in an orphanage in Rostov. When war broke out in Donbass in 2014, he was one of the first to volunteer to join the DPR People's Militia. He served in Vostok Battalion until he was heavily wounded in 2019. Since then Rafi has worked for the DPR and Russian governments, helping other soldiers wounded in the Donbass War.

Russell Bentley and Rafi Jabbar
© Sputnik / Russell BentleyRafi Jabbar and Ukraine war correspondant Russell Bentley
In mid-2023, Rafi took a trip back to Afghanistan, as a private citizen, simply to visit his old home and look for friends and relatives. While he was there, he was arrested under suspicion of trying to recruit Afghan mercenaries to fight in Russian PMC's. He was held by the Taliban for 27 days, and never mistreated in any way, either by the guards or the prisoners. While he was detained, he missed his flight back to Moscow, and friends immediately became concerned. Calls were made to Russian special services, and to the Russian embassy in Kabul. Within a few days, his whereabouts became known.

The embassy relayed the info to the special services, and within a day, a call was made to the Office of the President of the Russian President. Putin himself was apprised of the situation, and having met Rafi before himself, and knowing his story, gave an immediate and very simple order - "Get him out and back to Russia." The Russian embassy contacted the Taliban administration, and relayed the order from President Putin. The Taliban were told to get Rafi ready to go immediately, and dispatched 6 cars of Russian spetsnaz to the jail to pick Rafi up. Which they did. Rafi waited at the embassy until his flight could be arranged, and when he got to the airport, Taliban representatives were waiting with gifts and well-wishes, even taking selfies with Rafi, all hugging and smiling. Rafi is now back in Russia, working, but he still has time to keep in touch with old friends. I had dinner with him last night, where he confirmed the facts above and gave me permission to publish them.

Compare this story to the horrific death of US citizen Gonzalo Lira, held and tortured for months in nazi captivity with nothing but the most depraved indifference from the US government. Despite the fact that Biden is a senile degenerate, he is still, at least nominally, the President of the United States. He could have, and should have, made a single phone call that would have gotten Lira immediately released. No more than any decent government would do to protect an innocent citizen jailed on bogus charges. But not only did the US government, from Biden on down to the US embassy in Kiev not make the call, they didn't do anything at all, and allowed the Kiev regime to murder an innocent US citizen with impunity.

The whole purpose of any government is to provide justice and security to its citizens. Some do, some don't, and it is perfectly clear who are the Good Guys and who are the Bad Guys, and which is which. Think about it, what kind of government do you want to live under, and what kind of government do you have? And if your government is not the Good Guys, what are you going to do about it?