© Facebook/KJNAndreas Probst, retired CA police chief
As I write this on September 16, the New York Times has yet to mention Andreas Probst, the retired 64-year-old California police chief brutally murdered on August 14 in Las Vegas. The initial silence is understandable. Probst was killed while bicycling at about 6 A.M. along a quiet road. The assumption was that he was the unfortunate victim of a careless driver who fled the scene.

By August 31, the media had access to the video recorded in real time by the passenger in the vehicle. It is chilling. The driver and his companion, both males, had apparently stolen the Hyundai in which they were driving at high speeds.

The video picks up with the driver intentionally swerving into another vehicle and forcing it off the road. In that the two are juveniles, their identities have yet to be revealed. Based on available evidence, both visual and audio, it appears that the driver is white and his accomplice black. Upon hitting the other car, the passenger shouts out, "Bitch-a-- n----."

The driver then steers the car directly at Probst, who is biking in a bicycle lane, unaware of the car approaching him from behind. "Ready?" asks the driver. "Yea, yea, yea," says the passenger, now giggling. "Hit his ass." The car hits Probst dead center, and he flies over the hood. "That n----- got knocked out," says the passenger. "We better get out of here," says the driver.

On August 31, KLAS in Las Vegas was reporting that the driver, "a 17-year-old boy," had been arrested and was now facing an open murder charge. The police had found the incriminating video two days earlier. There was no mention of his accomplice. Despite the implications of the video, the local media fell back on bicycle safety as the accepted narrative.

For the next two weeks, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. I could find no mention of Probst's murder beyond Las Vegas, and the local coverage was embarrassing in its relentless focus on bicycle safety. They showed no interest in the motives behind the thrill kill or the potential racial angle.

Since the wannabe Leopold and Loeb did not use a gun, the major media have remained mum. That may change. The citizen-journalists of the alternative conservative media โ€” our samizdat โ€” have discovered the video. Unlike their betters in the major media, they would rather tell a story than bury it.