Funnel cloud in Montana.
© @isleyreustFunnel cloud in Montana.
Video captures views of a funnel cloud forming over Mission Valley in western Montana early Tuesday evening.

Recorded by Isley Reust, the footage shows a dark gray cloud hanging over the black, snow-laced mountains in the distance. From that cloud, a funnel extends below, appearing to kick up snow into the air.

Tornadoes rarely form over mountains, as conditions would not be optimal, according to the National Weather Service. They noted, however, that tornadoes have crossed the Appalachian Mountains and a 10,000-foot-tall mountain in Yellowstone National Park.

About 300 miles northwest of Yellowstone, the town of St. Ignatius was able to see such a unique sight forming over their own mountains.

"I'm happy I got to witness it," Reust said in a tweet.