Ice Encases Cars Beside Lake Erie
Ice encases cars beside Lake Erie
After a heavy storm rolled over Lake Erie and through Buffalo, New York the area was blanketed in ice and snow.

The city of Buffalo got absolutely blanketed in snow this Winter. The recorded snow total for Buffalo has reached an eye-watering 133.3โ€ณ so far. That is 44.1โ€ณ above normal for Buffalo.

We are officially into Spring but there's always a chance of more snow like the heavy Lake Erie storm that turned cars into ice cubes last weekend. The massive lake effect snow storm his Buffalo on Saturday, March 18th.

The @BuffaloWeather Twitter account which tracks severe weather in Upstate New York from the Great Lakes to the Adirondacks shared videos and pictures that look other-worldly.

Suffice it to say a flamethrower might be needed to thaw this SUV out that was left parked too close to Lake Erie. It turned into a legitimate ice cube.

The ice buildup on Buffalo's Lake Erie shore looks like something out of a Disney fairytale. Truly. Or something from the original Star Wars films. Certainly not real life...

They also shared some videos of the front coming into Buffalo before that car above was completely enveloped in thick ice:

Like most people who live in an area prone to violent weather, I'm an amateur weather nerd. I've never experienced Lake Effect Snow or a Lake Effect Storm in Lake Erie but I'd love to witness it firsthand one day.

And I know that sounds insane as many people leave Buffalo to move to Florida (where I'm at). But seeing this unfold over the course of a day would be incredible.