Jan Emeryk Rościszewski
© Serwis Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 PL)
Statement by its own ambassador during television interview forces Polish Embassy in France to issue denial Timo Kirez
According to Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski, a situation may arise in which Poland would have to directly enter the Russia-Ukraine war.

"It is not NATO, Poland or Slovakia that are exerting more and more pressure, but Russia, which has invaded Ukraine. Russia that is usurping its territories. Russia that is killing its people. And Russia that kidnaps Ukrainian children," the 57-year-old ambassador told French broadcaster LCI on Sunday evening.

"So either Ukraine defends its independence today, or we have to enter this conflict. Because our main values, which were the basis of our civilization and our culture, will be threatened. Therefore, we will have no choice but to enter the conflict," he added.

Rosciszewski's appearance forced his own embassy to issue a denial. In a statement on Sunday, the Polish Embassy in France wrote: "If you listen carefully to the entire conversation, it becomes clear that no direct involvement of Poland in the conflict was announced, but only warned about the consequences that a Ukrainian defeat could have: the possibility of a Russian attack or the involvement of other Central European countries - the Baltic states and Poland."

Comment: They're not really denying though, are they? Because they're still saying that if Ukraine loses, then Poland might become involved. Except in this new statement they're dragging the rest of Europe in with them.

The embassy stressed in its statement that Ambassador Rosciszewski made it clear in his interview with LCI that Poland is not currently at war, but was "doing everything it can to help Ukraine and protect itself" in Russia's war against Ukraine.

Rosciszewski took office as Poland's ambassador to France in April 2022. Previously, he worked in the banking and insurance industry.