Floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, March 2023.
© Luciano Boeira / Defesa CivilFloods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, March 2023.
Severe flooding struck in northern parts of Rio Grande do Sul State in Brazil after heavy rain that began around 05 March 2023.

The hardest hit municipalities were Maquiné, Três Forquilhas, Três Cachoeiras, Itati, Terra de Areia, Dom Pedro de Alcântara and Morrinhos do Sul. One person died after a vehicle was swept away by the flooding of the Três Forquilhas river in Terra de Areia.

Homes, roads and bridges were damaged or destroyed. Classes have been suspended. The Civil Defence has been operating in the region since 06 March in support of residents and to carry out full damage assessments. Civil Defence has distributed relief supplies such as clothing, food and hygiene items.

Deputy Governor of the state, Gabriel Souza, conducted an aerial assessment of the damage on 07 March and conducted meetings with local government officials and Civil Defence.

"We are also planning the next actions, which involve the recovery of roads, bridges, schools and other damaged spaces. We received requests for an emergency decree from the municipalities and we will recognize them to ensure faster action in whatever is necessary", the Deputy Governor said.

"We are making every effort to support the region and ensure that the problems caused by the heavy rains are resolved quickly," he added.

The municipality of Itati has already declared a state of emergency. Maquiné, Três Forquilhas, Dom Pedro de Alcântara and Morrinhos do Sul are all likely to follow suit.