Floods in Amambay, Paraguay
© SEN Paraguay
Floods in Amambay, Paraguay after the overflow of the Aquidabán river, February 2023.
More heavy rain has caused further flooding in at least 4 departments of Paraguay over the last few days. The National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) said they have assisted thousands of families affected by floods in the Amambay and Concepción Departments. Meanwhile, the municipality of Puerto Casado in Alto Paraguay Department declared a state of emergency. Recent storms have caused severe damage to buildings and homes in San Pedro Department.

Flooding has affected areas of the eastern department of Amambay since mid-February after the Aquidabán river broke its banks .

Further downstream, the swollen Aquidabán flooded areas of Paso Barreto District in the department of Concepción on 20 February. Local media reported roads were cut and bridges damaged, leaving communities isolated. SEN said teams distributed food, mattresses and tents to affected residency.

Also in Concepción Department, the Apa River which runs along the border with Brazil broke its banks on 25 February, flooding parts of San Lázaro and Vallemí. Some residents had to evacuate their homes by boat. Local authorities said around 4,000 families have been affected.

The overflowing Apa river has also flooded areas of Bella Vista in the northern region of Amambay, affecting around 600 families.

SEN said teams had assisted around 2,000 families affected by flooding across areas of Concepción and Amambay departments in recent days.

In Alto Paraguay Department, the municipality of Puerto Casado declared a state of emergency after heavy rain and floods on 26 February. The homes of around 6,000 residents were affected, local authorities said. According to figures from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 138.4 mm of rain fell in the municipality in a 24-hour period to 26 February.

SEN also reported heavy rain and stormy weather caused damage to homes and buildings in the district of Lima in the San Pedro Department on 25 February.

Meanwhile, authorities are continuing to assist families affected by the long-term drought situation in Presidente Hayes Department. Last week teams from SEN distributed food kits and other relief supplies to residents of the San Fernando community in the Puerto Pinasco district.

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