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The victim’s parents claim supervisors at the school ignore violence and bullying.
The parents of a 9-year-old Florida girl, who was videoed being mercilessly beaten by two boys aboard a school bus, plan to pursue criminal charges against her attackers, according to reports.

Footage of the stomach-churning assault shows two boys ferociously and repeatedly pummeling the third-grader at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead as she desperately tries to fend them off.

No adults intervene during the almost 30 seconds of the attack that was recorded by a classmate.

The mother of the victim told Local 10 she will demand criminal charges against her child's assailants.

Comment: The disturbing footage:

She told the outlet that school administrators are overwhelmed by spiraling violence inside and around the school — and their response was to advise her to enroll her three children elsewhere.

The heartbroken mom noted her two older kids have also been bullied during their brief time at the school — and counselors and administrators have done nothing to address her complaints.

The girl's father took to social media to express his rage and vowed to launch protests in front of the school.

"I want to set up a rally and confront the school head-on," he wrote on Facebook. "The lack of security is unreal, and the lack of security on the bus is ridiculous ... The bullying must stop!!!"

Comment: Imagine needing security on a school bus.

In a statement, the Miami-Dade Schools Police said the offenders have been arrested.

"The safety and wellbeing of our students are of the utmost importance," it read. "This school district goes to great lengths to promote the values of restraint and respect as well as using social media responsibly. We ask that parents reinforce these principles at home."

Meanwhile, three female Florida high school students — two 17-year-olds and a 15-year-old — were arrested this week for their role in yet another violent campus melee caught on tape.

That footage shows five girls relentlessly punching a student at West Broward High School in Pembroke Pines on Jan. 24.

The victim in the case suffered a concussion, Local 10 reported.

After the video circulated, principal Brad Fatout warned that students who filmed fights would be disciplined in the future, arguing that the footage incites violence.

Comment: Partly true, but it's most likely because the principal doesn't want the evidence of just how bad his school is being broadcast.

An increasing number of administrators have sought to ban the filming of fights across the country, cautioning kids that they will face disciplinary consequences along with those who actually throw the punches.

Some parents and students have pushed back on that policy, contending the leaked videos are often the only window parents have into school safety.