This is the startling sight of a massive "landspout" tornado towering over the Saudi Arabian desert.

The terrifying tornado began as a thin funnel, but as it grew stronger, it quickly transformed into an hourglass-shaped tornado.

A light drizzle was falling in the area in the city of Duba as the landspout was captured on ominous video sucking up dust and shooting it toward the sky.

It's the first time I've seen a tornado this big in Saudi Arabia, according to worker Angelito Luna.

"It was rotating so rapidly."

Within a few minutes, the unusual weather occurrence vanished into a cloud of dust.

Weather warnings for torrential rain have been issued by authorities in a number of Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia.

Landspouts, also referred to as non-supercell tornadoes, are formed while thunderstorm clouds are still forming and have a narrow, rope-like funnel.

They resemble waterspouts, but they happen on land and vanish much faster than supercell tornadoes.

They are less powerful than supercell tornadoes, which are much more destructive and form from intense supercell thunderstorms.

Supercell tornadoes form from rotating supercell thunderstorms, whereas landspout tornadoes form from air being sucked up into a storm from below.

Strong damaging winds can be produced by either variety of tornado.

It was onе of thе largеst tornadoеs to еvеr hit Saudi Arabia whеn it torе through Al Jawf in 2020, according to mеtеorologists.