Rainfall across Kuala Lumpur today has seen several areas in the capital to be flooded today, including Jalan Parlimen, Jalan Maharajalela, Jalan Travers and others, as well as Taman Connaught in Cheras.

Further north, the same also appears to have taken place in Kampong Sumpitan, Perak, where the flooding appears on video to be rather more severe (video for Kampong Sumpitan in embedded tweet immediately below).

If you had planned to leave to office or otherwise travel into or out of these affected areas, check your areas from your point of origin to your destination to find out if your route will take you through any of these affected areas; if they are, delay your journey if you can, and move your vehicle to a safer location where possible.

If you must get going for any pressing matter, be especially vigilant and not force your way through flooded zones as doing so can cause considerable damage to your vehicle.

Do remember to have Special Perils coverage for your vehicle's insurance policy if it isn't already included, as this is an optional add-on.

Opting in will add to your insurance cost, however it will be relatively small compared to the vehicle's insured value, and may well prove to be crucial for your financial protection should your vehicle get damaged in a flood. Going without will leave you to face any flood repair bills on your own, which can be very expensive.