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So my long-expected excommunication from the free speech platform, Twitter, has finally taken place. I have appealed to them as to which rules I broke on their free speech platform, because they haven't actually told me yet which rules I broke on their free speech platform. How's a chap able to amend his ways if he's not even told which misdemeanors he's guilty of?
twitter suspension
As far as I can recall, I only put out three or four Tweets in the last 24 hours, so it was likely one of them. One of them was speculating on the possibility that the leaders of the G7 nations might be agents of the Kremlin, since every time they put more sanctions on Russia, the Ruble strengthens. Another was an admonition of Elmo from Sesame Street for promoting a dangerous medical product to little children. Another asked the question of what one might expect to happen if millions of people were injected with a product that causes:
  • The depletion of the immune system by the destruction of T-cells
  • The expression of cytotoxins in billions of cells
  • Blood clotting in organs throughout the body including the heart and brain
  • Intracellullar reverse transcription
  • The accumulation of lipid nanoparticles in the sexual organs
I didn't give the answer, but I think it might be a 12 letter word starting with a "d" and ending with an "n".

But I think it was probably for the one where I linked to an article about babies having no immunity to illness and ending up seriously ill. The article described them as 'Pandemic babies', which is clearly not true, since there was no such phenomenon in 2021 after the year of the apparent pandemic in 2020. It is thus likely to be something to do with something that happened in 2021, which is why I stated that a more apt description might well be 'Pfizer Babies'. In fact, I think we shouldn't stop there, and I reckon we should talk about 'Pfizer orphans' and 'Pfizer widows', such is the utter destruction that that contemptible organisation has wrought.

The world appears to have diverged into parallel realities. On the one hand, there are those who despite all that has happened and all that is happening, refuse to even countenance the idea that something absolutely terrible is being carried out on a scale never seen before. 'Everything will return to normal,' is their motto, as they stand with their backs turned to the tsunami of deaths, inflation and food scarcity that is coming our way. Then there are those who study the data relentlessly, and/or listen to the anecdotes continually, and have no doubt whatsoever that we are living through a slow-motion global genocide, as well as the controlled demolition of the old socioeconomic order. A recent survey by Steve Kirsch's team calculates that more than 750,000 vaccine deaths have already taken place in the US alone; scoffers are more than welcome to take up his repeated challenges to prove him wrong.

But as if the blood clots, fibrous structures, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and chronic reinfections in the 'vaccinated' weren't enough, we're now starting to get extremely alarming data through on the number of births in the first quarter of the year. The data emerging from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Taiwan is all documented on this article, and as you will see the declines are significant - particularly Taiwan which has seen a 23.2% fall in births in May 2022 compared to 2021.

Yes, I know we don't know conclusively what has caused this, but I would say three things:
Firstly, the explanation that it is something to do with Lockdowns is obvious nonsense, since the most restrictive of those took place in 2020 - yet we don't see any decline in 2021 in those countries.

Secondly, the explanation that it is caused by Covid-19 is also nonsense, since Taiwan had hardly any cases and deaths attributed to that disease until May 2022.

Thirdly, if you were looking for the most likely explanation, wouldn't you be a teensy weensy bit suspicious about an injection that is known to cause lipid nanoparticles to accumulate in the ovaries, which has caused huge menstrual problems for millions of women, and which an Israeli study recently showed reduces sperm count?
Seeing people try to squirm away from even countenancing the most obvious (though as yet unproven) possibility is quite something. It all comes back to that parallel reality. How can a safe and effective vaccine possibly be responsible for causing infertility? They told us it was safe and effective. I mean, c'mon man.

Well, along with the reasons I mentioned above, it is precisely the claim of them being safe that ought to have alerted people everywhere to what was being done to them. How could anyone have known they were safe? The thing was impossible. Nobody on earth could have known that the long-term effects would be safe, since there were no long-term studies done. However, although the safety could not have been known by any one on planet earth, the dangers absolutely could. There's a reason lipid nanoparticle mRNA injections had never been used before, let alone on millions or even billions of people. Let the reader understand.

We live in inexplicable times. On the one hand, the overturning of Roe v Wade is a long-overdue cause for deep gratitude, and I pray that this (clearly constitutional) decision will see the practice of shredding babies come to an end peacefully in that country. On the other hand, the FDA in the same country just approved a medical product that the data screams loud and clear is extremely dangerous and will kill and maim many babies. It's almost as if there's a cosmic battle going on, and the sides are arraigned against one another. Which is of course the real reason that I and many others have been kicked off the free speech platform. Nothing to do with breaking rules against violence or hate or any other such thing. No, it's simply that the ghouls want a free reign to be able to do what they will, without the inconvenience of having their narratives challenged, their agendas scrutinised, and their lies exposed by real facts and reason. And they don't care how many people are killed or made infertile in the process.

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